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    *This one is dedicated to Cracker Muncher, the achievement booster who got one hell of an adrenaline rush sprinting in this game*

    Oh god no, not this one again... Like a war veteran having flashbacks I'm dreading talking about this one, but hell there are crappier games... right?

    Sort of.

    Hour of Victory (Victory is an ironic word but we'll go with it) is YET ANOTHER first person shooting game, made by some company I never heard of, is set in the "last great but embarassingly overused war," AKA world war II. Like every WWII game it's all about kicking nazi ass and nothing much more.

    Heres a hook though, you can play as 3 different dudes. The sniper, the stealth guy, and the commando. All of them except the commando are useless however due to the fact you can take about as many hits as you can in reality. The damn commando can take a few magazines before he gets a simple wound.

    But that's the overview in a nutshell, now for the game... It's a a pure disaster. Glitches here, AI stuck in walls there, guns not appearing, axis and allied soldiers having staring contests, this is embarassing. It looks decent when standing still but in motion it's second only to Big Rigs as one of the most technologically broken games on the planet. Who playtested this game, the blind, or animals?

    At least the controls work... It's not a tough game either. I played through it on Normal and had no issues, (except for a specific part, which if you played the game you'll know) and if you try it on Veteran you're just an idiot. Then again you're probably an idiot if you payed more than 3.83$ for this "game".

    As I mentioned, the commando is a bulletsponge, but the health regeneration is busted in this game. You have to STAND STILL to regenerate. You heard me right, STILL. It's more realistic I suppose, but if I got shot I could probably bandage myself up while moving to cover at least.

    There's a stealth mission too. Thank god you can just kamakaze your way through it, eleminating the actual "stealth."

    Then there is the tank mission. This mission has pissed off everyone who has played it, I guarantee it. You have to escape a castle in a tank as durable a house made of bread in a rainshower. The tank doesn't regenerate, moves like a 400 pound man in quicksand carrying a house, and someone must have used too much superglue on the damn turret. If you jump out to pop off shots at the guys with rockets, the tank just dies for NO REASON. How I beat this remains a mystery to this day...

    Prior to the tank mission you have to escort what i think is a scientist (3 gaming strikes already... stealth, escort and vehicle) through the castle before the damn tank. Like the stealth mission, this is impossible to fail because the guy doesn't die. You can even shoot at him and he'll just say "STOP THAT! "

    I didn't fight in the war but I can honestly say that the average IQ of all the soldiers was probably higher than 40.

    The multiplayer is trash. It's all the glitches you expect but you need 5 "friends" to do it with. Deathmatch, CTF, and some call of duty demolition ripoff are your only options. At least the achievements are easy.

    The achievements in this game only get there difficulty from the state of the actual game. You have to play through many levels using all 3 characters, (BOO) get a certain amount of kills, and some online stuff which as I said is easily boosted.

    So heres a recap for you:
    - Slightly more polished than Big Rigs
    - Controls technically work
    - Multiplayer is pointless
    - Looks good standing still
    - Bad AI and glitches may be good for a laugh
    - Tank level = worst level in gaming history
    - Achievements not hard
    - Drugs or alcohol will NOT make the game fun

    With stuff like Hour of Victory, it's no wonder Midway went down the crapper. The game isn't even in its Alpha stage when it came out, and they never patched it. We likely won't remember all of WWII shooters that came out, but we'll sure as hell remember Hour of Victory... for not only pissing me off, but mocking nazi intelligence, blatently dodging "quality control," and for being the fastest developed game since ET for the Atari 2600, and that was done in 3 weeks.

    I have to assume Hour of FAIL was done in about 3 hours... at most.
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    TheBozBoz84made me laugh! this game is pure dog shit avoid like bad aids..... on a more serious note, i lend' t it of a friend so had an awful experience for free at least :)
    Posted by TheBozBoz84 on 24 Jan 10 at 12:32
    Pedle ZelnipNeeds more sarcasm.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 25 Jan 10 at 02:05
    jacky rooster- Drugs or alcohol will NOT make the game fun

    Posted by jacky rooster on 25 Jun 10 at 01:20
    aps42i love this, nice job
    Posted by aps42 on 25 Jul 11 at 15:49
    LFC madnessThis could potentially be the worst game I've ever played, except maybe blazing angels that one was damn rough around the edges!
    Posted by LFC madness on 12 Jun 12 at 21:45
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