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Posted on 19 August 19 at 01:01
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Hue is a simple puzzle game, that tries to be deep and emotional, some kind of “art game”. The game focus on an innovative gameplay, different puzzles, and an emotional story to try to catch the player’s attention.
The game’s mechanics are pretty simple: you jump, and you select colors using the right stick. Each time you select a color, the background changes to this color, and any element that had this color disappear. For example, a blue block disappears when you turn the screen blue, but it will reappear again if you turn the screen red. This allows the player to temporary vanish obstacles and dangers, so as to solve puzzles and progress through the levels.
Simple, yet innovative and nice. The puzzles aren’t very hard, and most of them can be solved with just a couple minutes of thinking. Some of them can even get a little boring, because you will see a solution relatively fast, but the execution can take a while. However, as you progress through the levels, new elements are added, such as lasers, balloons and others, which succeeds in keeping the game interesting.
Even though the game is simple, it has its flaws. In a few levels, where you need to be quick in selecting the next color, the right stick is not the best option and you will probably die for selecting the wrong color by accident. Also, I strongly recommend playing with the colorblind mode turned on: there are two or three colors that can be easily confused.
The graphics are perhaps the game’s weak point. Even though you don’t need great graphics for a game like this, for an art game I was expecting a little more. The colors are very nice, for sure, but the drawings are somewhat simple. The music, however, is just as good as it would be expected from a game like this and helps a lot in setting the mood.
The story is the supposed to be one of the game’s main attractions. And it goes really well, until close to the end. The story is deep, but the end is somewhat too mysterious. It looks like the developers wanted to make a surprising, deep, with a plot twist end. However, in my opinion this led to a hard to understand end, which is just way too open and unexplained. This is really a pity, because until this point it really is a touching, deep, and emotional story.
The game also has some collectibles. They can be somewhat hard to find, and especially boring to look for. One of the worst things in the game is that sometimes you have to go back to an area later in the game if you want a collectible, because when you first reach that area, you don’t have the color you need. This means doing a lot from the puzzles again, just to reach that point. The same thing happens if you miss a collectible and has to go back for it.
In the end, HUE is a nice art puzzle game, which is worth playing. However, it is just not good enough to be a classic or a “must play” game, mainly because of some small details which end up having a big importance. For that, I give it 4 stars.
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Kosmik Volfe
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Kosmik Volfe
TA Score for this game: 1,371
Posted on 19 February 19 at 02:45
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The game presents you with nice dialogue and the story is pretty short and sweet. For the gameplay it's fun and challenging as you progress with harder puzzles. Along the way you can collect beakers some being hidden and require later colors. Tho the game once you complete it and go back for collectibles missed there's nothing else.

The game has two major problems that frustrated me. One is what I believe to be terrible control design. Several times I picked the wrong color because you use a thumbstick for the color wheel. While it can be good sometimes and early on, but when you need to switch quickly it's awful. And times where I clicked a color that should have not made the box disappear. As if the game had a mind of it's own.

What could have been better is probably using the d-pad up being red right being orange and so on to green. Then have LB as cyan RB as blue LT purple and RT as pink.

Another issue is the color hues are poorly picked. I'm not color blind and aware there's a color blind option with symbols. The colors are sometimes to close like purple and pink or orange and yellow. If orange was darker and more of an actual orange or pink being magenta to differentiate from purple. Maybe there would be less of a problem.

Why they went with pink instead of magenta is weird when they have cyan and yellow. If you're going to have two of the CYMK colors then why exclude magenta?
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Posted on 04 March 18 at 08:59
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Hue, the only game to make slomotion and cool physics go together perfectly!

The aesthetic of the game is amazing, it fullfills the colourful idea of switching back and forth between them to complete the puzzels. Not only does the colours play a role, the timing between jumping and hitting the correct colour is epic

The game can get a bit annoying, so play the cards right and there will be no issues. If you are colourblind, there is a setting in the menu that has symbols that combine with the colours

The game is overall amazing, I suggets that it's worth the money!
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