Hungry Shark World Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the walkthrough for Hungry Shark World. HSW is the next installment in the shark survival-eat-em'-all game. If you've played Hungry Shark Evolution either for the PC or WP the game is similar to that, except this version has removed micro-transactions completely, which is both a good thing as well as a negative as it removes your chance to revive a run if you are close but happen to die.

The game is linear as far as the achievements are concerned. You will be working your way from one shark to the next making sure to complete all of the missions you can before moving on. The walkthrough will take you shark-by-shark giving tips and tracks as you complete each shark's missions.

Overall we are looking at a fairly easy game with about a 3.5/10 difficulty, and increasingly tiresome game as you begin to reach the final sharks and the mission requirements go absolutely bonkers. Nothing is glitched or locked which makes knowing what lays ahead of you manageable from the get-go. As a whole you are looking at a completion from start to finish of somewhere between 120-200+ hours depending on how well you manage your missions. Let's dive in with some tips, item info, and suggestions.

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