Hungry Shark World Walkthrough

2. Tips, Tricks, and Basic Information

In this section of the walkthrough, you will see some of the general tips, tricks, and information that will be useful for completing the game as efficiently as possible.

Lingo & Terms

  • Gold Rush - Your special ability that makes you invincible and makes all creatures drop gold upon being eaten/defeated.
  • MEGA Gold Rush - When your gold rush bar becomes completely full it will turn purple and you will unleash a MEGA gold rush. This lasts longer, gives higher multiplier, and allows you to eat everything in the level.
  • HUNGRY - The six letters, found randomly around the map, necessary to unlock an enormous size version of your shark. You move at high speed and can eat anything in this HUNGRY form.

Tips & Tricks

  • Usefulness of Arab Princess - One of the biggest tips I can give you is to maximize your experience potential by using the Arab Princess items. These give you additional experience which will allow your sharks to level up faster becoming stronger, quicker, and more resilient making missions easier. Anytime you level a shark to 10 though you should swap the Arab Princess items off for something more useful to complete the missions you have left.
  • Completing Missions Early - Finishing off missions as soon as you can, will help you progress quickly through the sharks. Missions most of the time give valuable experience which is necessary to unlock items, but some sharks give coin missions which will give you a much needed early boost to purchasing pets, protections, and item sets.
  • Fossils and the Best Source for Finding Them - Drenrab's Youtube channel is by far the best resource for finding the locations of ALL of the fossils for each shark. I will be linking to the videos as we move through the walkthrough section. All credit to this amazing resource goes to Drenrab and his hard work!

The full list of sharks is as follows.

  • Porbeagle - First Shark
  • Blue Shark - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Thresher
  • Sand Shark - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Bull Shark
  • Smooth Hammerhead - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Goblin Shark
  • Mako
  • Megamouth
  • Heidi - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Great Hammerhead
  • Tiger Shark
  • Basking Shark
  • Whale Shark
  • Great White
  • Spike - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Megalodon
  • Big Momma
  • Echo - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Killer Whale
  • Atomic Shark
  • Zombie Shark
  • Drago - Unlocked through fossils.
  • Buzz
  • Mr Snappy - Final story mission before the end boss.
  • Heltip - Unlocked after defeating the Kraken.
  • Jo Jo Sparkles - Unlocked after defeating the Kraken.

In addition to the built-in effects of the items, below are the set bonuses for wearing a complete set of items. The full list of items and prices can be found in the buy all items achievement. Refer to that for prices. This list will simply contain outfit bonuses.

  • Arab Princess Set - Gold Rush time +10%
  • Aviator Set - FLYING PETS!
  • Bunny Set - Start every swim with a MEGA GOLD RUSH!
  • Caveman Set - Shark attack damage +50%
  • Chef Set - Health +20%
  • Evil Clown Set - Giant Pets
  • Genie Set - All edibles give +20% BOOST
  • Hula Set - Survival Bonus +10%
  • Mariachi Set - Gold Rush time +25%
  • Pirate Set - GOLD MAGNET Distance +110%
  • Punk Set - Death Explosion Radius +5
  • Royal Set - Earn 30% extra gold!
  • Santa Set - Detect GOOD JUNK
  • Sporty Set - Boost refills 50% faster.
  • Tourist Set - EAT STREAK Time +10%
  • Warrior Set - Swim Speed +50%
  • Witch Doctor Set - Hypnotise radius +50%
  • Witch Set - Can attack GHOST sharks!
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