Hunter's Legacy

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Hunter's Legacy Achievements

Most Earned

Cleansing the kingdom32 (30)Defeated 200 enemies
Fancy money35 (30)Acquired all wallet upgrades
Me and my bow48 (40)Fired 300 arrows
Defenseless kobold96 (60)Made a Kobold drop its shield

Least Earned

By my own paws577 (170)Beat the game without a single upgrade
Hoarder kitty478 (170)Achieved a 100% game completion
Mine depleted350 (140)Found all the ore in the game
The Legacy Archer73 (30)Acquired all bow upgrades
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Hunter's Legacy Review

Is there anything more annoying than when the bad guy steals something from you, then you have to spend the whole game trying to get it back? Join Ikki in Hunter's Legacy and find out.

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