Hunter's Legacy Reviews

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,395,547
    13 Mar 2017 13 Mar 2017
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    Hunter's Legacy describes itself as a "Medroidvania"-styled game on it's description page. This was enough to warrant a buy from me as I love these types of games.

    As far as "Metroidvania" goes, it does have elements to support the claim, but does so at a very simplistic level. The in-game world (as well as the game itself) is very limited. There are only a small handful of places that need backtracking and exploring. There are treasures and collectibles scattered around the worlds, but they don't require much imagination nor skill to hunt down.

    Having gotten that out of the way, the gameplay itself is enjoyable and, at times, presents a decent challenge. The level designs are solid and controls easy to learn and very user friendly. For the limited amount of time it takes to complete the game, the developers did a fantastic job of introducing new and unique enemies along the way to keep the game from getting stale. Also, boss fights require an equal amount of strategy and execution that adds fun and challenge to game.

    The story is kind of generic. A shadowy, evil villain steals a relic and tries to take over world, a warrior emerges to save the day, etc., etc. There is nothing extraordinary about the graphics or soundtrack, but for fans of retro styled video games, this game does a good job of recreating a nostalgic atmosphere. The achievements in this title(specifically the 'By my own paws" achievement) add a little extra challenge and a replay factor that doesn't feel like a complete grind or forced replay.

    Overall, I would give this game a solid 3.0 stars. There are certainly better games out there, but if you do decide to give this game a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.