Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Win 8) Reviews

  • Owen H BrownOwen H Brown340,982
    26 Apr 2020
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    This review is just notable differences between this version (2012) and the Xbox 360 (2010) version:

    Xbox 360 version is backwards compatible. 3/15 of the achievements come from a DLC pack. Active online multiplayer allows rapid XP gain and therefore unlocked tracks speeding up the "bronze in all races" and "100,000 XP" achievements. There are two achievements for collecting hidden packages as 30 of the 110 packages come from the 3 DLC levels. An achievement will pop at 80 packages found, giving some short term reward if you're going for the full 110. The Japanese level is called Tsunami Bowl.

    Windows 8 version has only 12 achievements. This is a reflection of there being no multiplayer. This is of course a fun element lacking, but the lack of rapid XP gain means a slow progression to unlock all tracks and earn XP related achievements. If you have a friend with low ghost scores you could grind out easy XP this way, and will at least get to enjoy at least some kind of online aspect of play. As DLC is included, it is likely that 11 races must be won instead of the 8 in the Xbox 360 version in order to win the "Bronze in all races" achievement. The fact that the TA ratio for this achievement is way lower on PC than 360 to be indication of this for now, as I have not unlocked all tracks yet. As all 11 tracks are considered part of the base game, there is no achievement for finding 80 packages. It appears the Fukushima disaster in 2011 caused developers to change the Japanese level's name to Thunder Bowl.