I Am Alive Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough


As explained in the overview of the walkthrough, this page will contain a complete walkthrough of the game: including the items, enemies and victims of the game. Feel free to use the map/videos, instead/along with the text description if they're provided, since they represent the same routes. Remember that you can zoom in/out the maps by using CTRL and +/- (or the scroll wheel on your mouse) if a resize is needed.

Whenever necessary, at the beginning of every Episode there will be a summary about the Victims, giving you an idea of which items you want to reserve from that Episode onward. For example, if you get an item which is unique/rare and needs to be given to a Victim in that/a later Episode, I'll warn you not to use it. Please keep in mind that most of the Victims can be helped in multiple Episodes, but it's advisable to assist them as soon as possible.

This page will be completely spoiler-free, so don't worry about reading: nothing related to the story will be mentioned.

Remember to set the game on Survivor when you're starting your run, so you won't need a second playthrough for an achievement. Let's go!


Episode One - Return

This is a "tutorial Episode" on the Stamina mechanics, and there isn't much else to do other than learning how it works.

Proceed on the street until you have to turn left.
On the broken bridge, check the right pillar and climb atop it by moving LS_Up. Then move on the right side until the game prompts you about climbing up with A. Do so, and you'll get to stand on your feet thus recovering the consumed Stamina.
Drop from the metal structure when you're told to do so (press B), and then proceed on the bridge again. Make a run-jump (that is to say, jump with A while running with RT+LS_Forward), and then climb up another big metal structure to your left.
On your way to the top, you'll have to move left/right too, in order to find borders/pipes/anything which you can grasp to continue climbing. You'll also be taught the "Stamina-Jump", that is to say a jump with A while climbing (you have to do three of them upwards, but they can also be done left/right in other situations), to reach structures which you wouldn't reach otherwise. The game warns you that these stamina-jumps will consume your Stamina, and I can't help but repeat the sentiment: use them only if necessary, i.e. if you can't proceed without them.

After a temporary break on a larger edge, you'll continue climbing. Before the end, you'll be out of Stamina, and the first situation of Stamina being burnt will occur. You'll notice how the game tells you to tap RT rapidly. Do so, and continue climbing to reach the top and finally rest again. Please note that in most of the situations this is not an advisable procedure. Using the "critical-status climbing" (tapping RT to be able to continue) is recommended only if you're very close to an edge where you can rest. If you're not, it will be always a good idea to use an item like the Soda Can, which restores a bit of Stamina consumed, or other more powerful items like that (depending how far you are from the next resting spot) instead of burning Stamina with the "final effort" of the critical climbing. As a matter of fact, items recovering the Stamina burnt are less frequent than those which can recover your consumed Stamina.

Anyway, at the top of the structure, use a Water Bottle (open the inventory with LB) to recover your Stamina Capacity, and continue by jumping on the rope on the right side, and then sliding to its bottom.
After dropping down, run-jump forward from the middle of the broken bridge, to continue with a rare situation of climbing with hands only. On a side note, while climbing with your hands, you can turn back and return to the bridge by making a swing-jump (move LS_Forward to swing, then A to jump) towards the bridge. It's quite funny how far this guy will jump in this context, if you try.
Back to our business. After the hand-climbing, stay on the right side of the broken bridge, and use the ladder of a fire truck to go down.
Keep following the way on the left then, learning about the back-slide as you go.
Once you reach the Sewers, go right, and then check your left to find a shiny "door" which is where this Episode ends.


Episode Two - Home

Map of the area

Victims notes: There is a Victim in this Episode--requires First Aid Kit (obtained in this Episode).

You start in the sewers. Go forward to reach a fork. A man is camping on the left side, and he's a "protective" type of enemy. If you approach his territory, he will shoot you; if you draw your weapon, he will shoot you; if you walk away, he won't hurt you. Against these enemies there's only one thing to do, as they're not guarding anything anyway--avoid them, and go the other way (in this case, proceed right).
As you continue on the only possible way, you will eventually see the path going left towards a giant crater (in front of you there's a small dead end), and a short cut scene will trigger. Since you can't go that way, check on the opposite side of the crater (on your right) to find an opening up some debris. Climb them up to return on the street. Before crossing the bridge, on the left you can climb up the pillar, and on the right to find a PAINKILLER.
From where you emerge on the road, you may go forward and see some people on the opposite side of a broken street. There's nothing you can do about it, so ignore them.
From where you emerged, go left (East) and then right (South) between some buildings. You will come across a Retry, just before a fence you will climb after picking up your first item.
After climbing the fence to the opposite (South) side, go right (West) towards a locked gate. A cut scene will trigger, and your first real enemy will appear.

Here you'll be facing one of the two possible enemies--the "machete" guy. These guys will attack you as soon as they see you, but you can intimidate them as long as you're pointing your gun against them. The game will teach you how to deal with these situations: press LT to draw the pistol, and push back the enemy by pressing X to intimidate him. Once he's near the edge of the hole, approach him and press X near him to execute a strike which will take him out (in generical situations, this will either kill, or permanently stun the opponent. Either way, threat suppressed). Note that you may have to find the "correct" position near him before being able to hit (sometimes you're as close as possible, but you can't hit him. In that case, just move left/right a bit and the command should become available). The situations where you can find extra help from the environment (holes or fire to use at your advantage to push enemies there) are quite rare actually, and you'll usually have to deal with them in some other ways, as we'll learn.

After getting the machete from this first enemy, use it to open the gate on the West side. Just past it, two more enemies will spawn. Another machete guy, and a gun-wielding opponent. The latter takes priority of course, and the game explains how to deal with these situations again. Wait for him (the one with the gun) to approach, and surprise him with a silent execution (press X when he has come close enough to you); you will immediately get the bullet from his gun (most of the times it's just a single bullet). Once the main threat is gone, deal with the rest of the opponents. In this case, since there's just another machete guy, simply point the gun against him (don't shoot!). He will partially surrender, however if you lower the gun, he will attack you "forgetting" that you had a pistol a second ago. If you keep your gun aimed at him (hold LT) while approaching him, you have an easy opportunity to trigger a variant of the Strike with X. This variant consists in a "Struggle Kill"--after using X, you have to tap RT a few times to win the conflict machete-to-machete against him, and finally defeat him. It's not a problem (a light and slow-paced tapping is more than enough) by its own, but the extra time it takes compared to a quick strike will make the difference in other situations; we'll see how soon.
So, to sum up: Surprise-Kill the guy with a pistol, and then Intimidate-Struggle(Kill) the machete guy. For your first surprise-kill, you will unlock:

First Machete quick kill in I Am Alive
Perform your first Quick machete kill while being bullied
  • Unlocked by 48,836 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 48,982

Right after this fight, two more gangsters will appear. They both have a machete, and therefore you can't wait for one of them to come close to you and perform a surprise attack. You can't assault them with the machete either, because you would trigger a Struggle which would keep you busy with one of them while the other one assaults you. There's only one thing to do here: Shoot one of them, and then Intimidate-Struggle the other.

Once you learn how to deal with these two basic situations, you'll know how to deal with most of the fights of the game (there will be different combination of enemies, but these basics will always be your fundamentals). There's just another aspect of the fights which is yet to be introduced (some groups will have a "leader"), but we'll see about it in due time).

Anyway, back to our Haventon, there's a Painkillers item to get from the ground behind the wooden fence from where the second couple of enemies broke out.
After getting it, return on the main street and proceed to your right (South), down a broken street. You will come across a First Aid Kit. This is the first Victim-related item you find, and although you could use this item for yourself, you want to leave it for the Victim # 1 whom you will find very soon.
Go East from here, and then turn left (North) to reach an item on the ground. You may have already spotted this Soda Can earlier (in the area where you fought the first enemy with a machete, on the opposite side of the crater where you were), and now you can get it.
Then continue South to find the first Victim.

Victim # 01/20
The victim is just on your main way--a couple sitting on a bench needs a First Aid Kit. Lend them the one you found just a moment ago, to help them and get an extra Retry. You will also unlock:

My first rescue in I Am Alive
Help or rescue your first victim
  • Unlocked by 41,318 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 48,982

Once this is done, there isn't much else to do. Turn left (East) after the alley, avoiding the lady with the gun on the left, and then proceed North on a pipe to go past another crater. Afterward, go left (West) again to reach your destination.
Inside the apartment, you can get Fruit Cocktail if you turn immediately right, into the kitchen. Then check the Southeast corner to find a letter: read it to trigger a cut scene (there's nothing to get upstairs).
After the scene, head outside and follow the events by going North, inside a small playground. Turn left (West) then, and use some boxes to climb up a fence (the boxes weren't here before the scenes in the house). Then keep running on the only possible way--North first, then turn right and jump on some blocks of street to the East side, and then go South when you can't go East anymore. In the alley South, check on the left (East) to find a fence to climb.
After climbing this second fence, there will be another cut scene, and you'll have to face a group of three enemies consisting of two gun-wielders and a machete guy, a very typical combination. To deal with them, Surprise-Kill the first one, then immediately Shoot the second with a gun, and finally Intimidate-Struggle with the last one (be very quick with your Intimidation against the third one, or he'll head where his shot mate is to get the gun before you). Remember that you can change your target with RS, and make sure you get the bullet from the enemy you shot, in case you don't do so by passing there accidentally. You should end the fight with a bullet left which will come in handy in the next Episode, so make sure you don't waste it to shoot the third opponent (who can die in a more "conservative" way). Another scene will trigger afterward.

At this point, you have to make your way to the big Shopping Mall. From where you are after the scene, go Southeast to force the lock of the gate of this area, and then go immediately right (West) to climb up a box in order to climb a fence (from East to West). Past the fence, ignore the dead end on your left, and continue on the road. Then turn left (South) when you can't go any farther West, and then take the first turn left (East) again to proceed straight East to the entrance of the mall. This ends this Episode.


Episode Three - Shelter

Episode Three Video

Map of the area

Victims notes: there's a Victim in this Episode--requires Inhaler (obtained in this Episode).

With extra weight on your back, you can only do one thing: reach the Safe Area on the fourth floor. There's just one way to go right now. On the first floor, take the first stairs leading up (the Basement, which you can reach, doesn't have anything worth seeing).
On the second floor, stay on the West side to reach a room where you will find a Piton on the ground. Then jump on the wall West of the Piton itself.

The Pitons are very important items which allow you to make a temporary recovery point while you climb. They're items you can stick in the wall a single time, so try to be very conservative about them, or otherwise you will pay the lack of them with extra Stamina loss. To use one, press RB while climbing a wall, and then just stay there. Of course you should only do this when you have almost no Stamina left, to optimize its recovery effect. Note that after a few seconds, your character will automatically get off the Piton (he will still be climbing the wall, but not in a "stamina-safe" position anymore), so make sure you don't just leave him hung at the Piton you stuck in the wall and then go get something to drink, or he'll be dead by the time you return. This doesn't mean that you can't use the same Piton multiple times: you can climb away from it, and then come back to it, and your character should (if you're in the correct position) use it again to rest.
To sum up: a Piton can be used to create a recovery point by sticking it in the wall with RB. Once stuck in the wall, you can't take it back. You can't hang from the Piton forever. You can, however, go away from the Piton you just used, then return to it, and make use of it again (as many times as you want) to recover your Stamina again.

To climb the wall opposite where you get the Piton you will need to use the Piton itself. Some stamina-jumps are required to move up/left/up at first, and they will quickly consume all your Stamina. Once it's all gone (or almost all gone), use the Piton. After recovering the Stamina, keep climbing until you reach the next floor.
On the third floor, go South to go up some debris which take you quickly to the fourth floor.
On the fourth floor, finally, enter the "Safe Area" (ignore the man asking for help as we'll deal with him soon) for a cut scene.

A map would probably confuse you because of the multiple floors; here's one if you want to follow the next steps with it anyway.

After the cutscene, make sure you get another Piton and a Soda Can in the same room as the Safe Area. Then exit out of the room.
Now that your back is free again, you can go directly forward (East) of the safe area, and drop from the edge of the floor (press B near the edge) to start using pipes and edges to go up/down the elevator shaft (note that there's two of them, and they are not equally available on every floor).
Before doing so, first make sure that you have enough Stamina. If up to now you didn't burn more Stamina than necessary, a Fruit Cocktail should heal your Stamina gauge completely. Either with this item, or with any other, make sure you have a full gauge (if possible, of course) before continuing or you will have less Stamina than necessary to continue.
When you're ready, start your edge-pipe climbing by going upwards first.

First of all, you want to reach the sixth floor by climbing up the Southern of the two elevator shafts. From the edge of the fourth floor, go left first, and climb up as much as you can. Once you can't continue anymore, slide to the right side, where you will find more pipes to climb. At the top of the last pipe, slide to your right to move on some borders, and continue upwards using them. Then you'll have to stamina-jump to your right and at this point, you probably need to use a Piton to recover your stamina. Once you have your strength back, continue with a couple of more stamina-jumps to go upward, and then move on the left to find more borders to finally reach a floor where you can relax.
From here, continue forward (you will naturally pick up another Piton as you continue), and then drop from the edge on the opposite side of where you came. Gently climb down some borders, and then drop below to reach the narrow edge of the building--slide forward from here.
Now you are on the sixth floor. Follow the path left, then forward, then right, and you will be in a larger area with a lot of stuff spread out everywhere. You may already spot the shiny light of your story-related targets, near some windows, but we have some other things to do before operating those machines (which would lead you outside the building for a while).
So, from this larger area, check on the left (West) side, behind a counter to find Painkillers.
Then go far East, proceeding on a wooden ramp, and press B to Crouch and get a precious Food Can behind some debris (just in front of the wooden ramp).
Continue on the only possible way then. You'll have to back-slide at one point. After that, you will certainly notice Soda Can on the ground, just in front of where you landed, on the fifth floor.
Continue on this floor by crossing a "bridge". Once you're at the opposite end of it, go immediately right to find Fruit Cocktail. Then proceed left, and check the right wall (as you go) to find another "room", where you will find Inhaler. This is a Victim-related item, don't use it.
At this point you can only proceed with the Northern elevator shaft (available on the fifth floor, unlike the Southern one) and make your way down to the third floor (you know when you're there if you see/hear the man, which was coughing earlier, calling for you), finding the "right" way down. By "right" I mean that you could, but you shouldn't, drop from edge to edge. If you do drop from an edge to an edge too far down below you, you will get hurt once you reach the lower edge (if it's "too too far" you will simply be unable to drop at all, if you didn't notice this "free fall saver" feature earlier).

Victim # 02/20
Give the man the Inhaler you got on the fifth floor, and you will rescue him, getting the usual Retry in the process.

You should also spot a locked gate behind the man. If you have a bullet (and you do, if you didn't waste it from the last fight of the previous episode), you can shoot the lock and then raise the gate. In the room behind the gate you will find a Painkiller and a Retry.

As you may guess, since you haven't hit a checkpoint yet, it's theoretically possible to "farm" Retries in this place, like in many other situations. The method would be simple: do the above process to get 2x Retry (one from the Victim, another from the locked area), then pause the game and select "Retry Last Checkpoint" (-1x Retry). You got two, you spend one, you earn one. To be honest, the game is simple enough without it, especially when you know where to go. I'm mentioning this as a possibility, but I don't suggest farming the Retries as it would take a lot of time, and you wouldn't really make the game easier (it's not like you're farming Stamina-recovering items or bullets, or like there are hours of game-play between each Episode's save point). Do as you wish, though.

Anyway, from the third floor with the coughing Victim, you can access also the Southern elevator shaft. Use it to climb back up to the fourth floor, and return from where you originally started here (that is to say, directly East of the "Safe Area"), just to recover the few Stamina points you lost to get back here from the third floor. Then repeat the climbing you did earlier and make your way back to the sixth floor.
On the sixth floor, check near the windows (North) to find a telescope; operate it for a scene. Then just a bit on the left of the telescope, look for the shiny Jerrycan on the floor, near the elevator platform which you'll be able to operate thanks to the Jerrycan itself. Once you set the item in position, you will automatically take the elevator out of this building, ending the current Episode.


Episode Four - Dust

Episode Four Video

Map of the area
Note: the light-blue circles represent pipes you can climb up/down. The light brown/whitish structure in the middle of the streen is the railway.

Victims notes: there's an item (Bottle of Wine) required for a Victim you can't reach in this Episode. No Victims are available though.

You start from the North side of the wall market, without being able to go back there in this Episode.
There's only one direction to go: North of the elevator you used to go down, check on the left to find Painkillers. Then look forward to find a spot where you can back-slide down. The game will hint that you can hold RT to slide more slowly, but there's no point in doing this (not now that you just have to slide straight ahead).
At the end of the ride, climb up a pipe (it's not very visible, but it's there just in front of you when you land) to return on the street. Before back-slide again, turnaround, go the pipes, climb up the ledge, on the right you will find PAINKILLERS. At the top, go right to back-slide again.

The dust will be introduced now. Representing with no doubts the most annoying element of the game, the dust will continuously reduce your stamina in the areas affected by it, basically making your exploration a completely timed opportunity where it will be crucial to know exactly where to go, and when to take breaks. The breaks here will be given when you climb up some high structure (for instance, the railway in the middle of the street) high enough to not be reached/affected by the dust itself.
This first example of dusty area is not particularly brutal, but later we will encounter wider areas which will be hardly explorable entirely without taking a lot of breaks and even using stamina-recovering items.

Anyway, the first thing you want to do here is to get out of the first dusty area (at the bottom of the second back-slide run) by climbing up a pipe on the right side. You'll be at the top of a railway.
The railway continues North, and that's where you will proceed. On both the sides of the railway in its Northern portion, you can spot three pipes leading down.
First of all, climb down the Southeastern-most of the six pipes (the one closest to a train cart). You will be near a Soda Can and a Water Bottle, both close to the edge of the street.
Now quickly run (don't fast-run by tapping RT, just run with RT held down) on the East side of the street, and look for a bus stop. On its bench you will find a Fruit Cocktail, while just Northeast of it there is a Painkillers item. At this point, make a break by climbing up the nearby pipes back to the railway (the closest one is the Northeastern-most pipe).
From here, now climb down the Northwestern-most pipe, and speed up to go West (there will be a short cutscene meanwhile).

Do not head to your destination yet (which is about straight up from the first pipes you find), or you will end this Episode and be unable to get the other items for a while.

As you go West, look for another bus stop bench, where you will find Fruit Cocktail and Painkillers. Just a bit West of these, there's also a Food Can worth picking up, behind a car/truck (not available on Survivor difficulty). Then, near the edge of another piece of broken street, you can grab an extra Soda Can.
Look for a wooden ramp on the North side of the street, a bit more West than the first pipes you come across (it's really near the wall of the building), and quickly loot another Soda Can on the ramp.
Then use the pipes near this ramp (there are two, other than a third one more right of them, the two near the ramp can both lead to your goal, but the left one is closer/better) to reach the left ledge of the building where you're supposed to go next. Your destination is on the right side, but go left first (use a Soda Can to recover your Stamina before it runs completely out. You may or may not need to use a second one too, depending how quick you've been). On this ledge, you will find a Bottle of Wine. This is a Victim-related item, so stay sober! You'll meet the recipient of it only in later Episodes though. While you're on the ledge, you will also recover your Stamina.
If you want, you can also go back on the street and head farther West (a light pole is serving as a bridge to cross the broken street) to get a Fruit Cocktail, but you will end up using it on your way back, since it's quite far from you. You may very well just leave it there, as I did in the video.

Once you got all the goodies, you can climb the pipes back to the top-right and end this short Episode.


Episode Five - Skyscraper

Episode Five Video

Victims notes: there's a Victim in this Episode that requires First Aid Kit (obtained in this Episode). You can also obtain the Oral Rehydration Salts in this place, which are a rare item which will be required by other Victims in future Episodes. Spare it, unless you absolutely need it.

This Episode takes place in a building where there will be a lot of climbing, and the items are easy to find. For this reason, a map would really do more damage than good, so we'll stick with text/videos.

From where you start, climb on the pipes to your left to reach the upper level. Then back-slide on the right side, and hold RT to make sure that you grab the pipe at the end of the sliding; use the pipe to continue. In case you fall down by mistake, look for a pipe which can take you back up.
After going back on the floor, check to your left to find some piled-up wooden objects--on one of them there's a Water Bottle.
You will come across two stairs now. One goes up, the other goes down. Take the one which goes down first, and check just behind the stair itself to find Painkillers.
Back on the stairs, now take those leading upward, then proceed on the left to back-slide again. During this back-slide, make sure that you roll (A+LS) to the left, so you reach a portion of the platform where you're sliding that ends with a pipe. As usual, hold RT also to grab the pipe automatically once you reach the edge of the platform, then make your way to the right side, and then go up some more pipes.
Once you reach solid ground again, you'll come across a gang of enemies. It's a group of two gun-wielders and a machete guy--you should know what to do. Surprise-Kill the first one that approaches you, using the gun, then immediately aim and Shoot the other gun-wielder, then immediately aim the gun (empty by now, but your enemy doesn't know that) at the machete-guy. Finally finish this last one off too with a Struggle-Kill (if you want, you can also push him into the fire, but anyway). You should end the fight with a bullet left, which will find its place in someone's body very soon. Also, this should be your third Surprise Kill so far, and therefore you should unlock:

Machete quick kill, the third in I Am Alive
Perform 3 Machete quick kills while being bullied
  • Unlocked by 27,895 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 48,982

Note you may hear some "help" requests after the fight, but you can't reach this Victim yet, so ignore him for now. Even the guys you shot may ask you "don't let me die here", and similar things, but they are not real "Victims". You can simply ignore them as well, or finish them off by going near their agonizing body, and pressing X for the finishing hit.

After the fight, look for a "shiny" rolling shutter, and raise it with X followed by some tapping of RT.
You'll be outside now. Immediately on your right you will find a metal structure which you can use to climb up higher.
Once you reach the new floor, in front of you there will be some more wooden piles, and on their right it'll be easy to spot a Retry too (not available on Survivor difficulty). Grab it, then go up the wooden piles to continue (past them) on the opposite side.
Another gang attacks you here: this time there are four enemies, two for each of the weapons. The strategy is still very similar to the usual one, so let one of those with the guns come close, so you can Surprise-Kill him; then immediately Shoot the other with the gun. At this point there are two machete guys left, and as you did during your second "real" fight in the game back in Episode Two, you have to sacrifice a bullet to Shoot one of them, and then Struggle-Kill the other one. You should end the fight with a bullet left (if you don't, make sure you grab it from the corpse of the second enemy who was using a gun).

Afterwards, find the only possible way to go, and you should reach a part of the building which has a broken wall facing the street (there's also a staircase nearby). Check behind one of the pillars by the edge of the building (where the missing wall is), and you will find Painkillers.
Then proceed upstairs to find another rolling shutter: raise it, and you'll be facing another group of enemies.

This last gang introduces the final extra feature of the fights--the "leader assault". Some groups of enemies, including this one of course, have a "leader". If you kill him, the other opponents will surrender (they give up completely, even if you're not aiming a gun at them) soon after that. The leader isn't displayed clearly on the screen, but you can guess who is the boss by listening to their speech. In this particular case, you want to reserve your bullet for the guy in the middle (the one with the red bandana and light hair). Since they're all wielding a simple machete, take your time and aim from far with LT to scare them all and keep them away, then Shoot (after making sure that your target is the leader; once again, you can change the current target with RS) the leader. Once he's gone, you can enjoy looking at the other two kneeling before you, ready to receive a Strike.

When this fight is done for too, look for yet another rolling shutter to continue.
After this last shutter, proceed forward a few steps, and then check on the left side, near some wooden piles covered with a blue sheet, to find a Piton.
Keep going near a sort of bridge between this building and the opposite one, and a cutscene will trigger.
On the sides of the bridge there are two pipes you can use to go down. The left one, however, doesn't end anywhere useful. Climb the right one instead, and then continue using another pipe to go right. You'll be able to reach an area where you will find a First Aid Kit. This is a Victim-related item, so don't use it. Return to the bridge afterwards.
Back on the bridge, proceed forward, and then left. You'll pass by a red elevator cabin which however requires two Jerrycans to operate.
Continue past the elevator cabin, and check the wall to find a pipe: climb it up to reach an upper level.

Now you're inside a building with many climbing spots. There's a couple of dead ends, but they pretty much lead you easily to your final destination. This part starts at 3:48 in the video.
Anyway, start by back-sliding forward. Left from where you land there will be a Water Bottle.
On the right side there are some borders you can use to climb up higher. Do so, and then proceed left a bit (while still climbing on the borders) to reach a ledge large enough for you to climb up on it and stand (so you can recover Stamina). From this ledge, check the right side to find a red pipe leading upwards (it's on the same column on which the previous borders were) and when the pipe continues with a border, make a stamina-jump to reach another ledge, then go left again to go up the next ledge.
From here, keep going left until you need to make another stamina-jump to the left, thus reaching solid ground with Painkillers on it.
Then keep following the way by dropping off a smaller ledge (because a pillar passes just through it, preventing you to walk on it) and reach its opposite side.
At this point, there are two possible ways where to go by climbing various borders and pipes in front of you. Start by going right, and then follow the pipes and borders all the way down to reach the floor again. Here you will find a Jerrycan and 2x Piton (very close to each other).
Then climb back up the borders/pipes (when necessary, make a stamina-jump to continue upwards). When you're at the top again, go left this time--you will reach a broken platform where the second Jerrycan is standing.
To make your way back, drop off the edge of this platform and return near the pillar from where you came (the one which could lead you either left or right), and this time look for its top-most borders (you need a couple of stamina-jumps to get to them). Use them to continue to the left side and you'll reach the platform just above the one with the second Jerrycan (you may have already been here if you took this path instead of the lower one, a few moments ago). From here, make a run+jump (press A while running with RT held) to return where you originally came from (you may also just drop from the edge, anyway), and finally return to the elevator.

Use the two jerrycans to operate the elevator. During a cutscene, you'll most likely notice an object on the top of the elevator. We'll get it soon.
Once the elevator reaches the top, drop from its left edge, and proceed left on several pipes. This part starts at 6:41 in the video (it's fast-forwarded, since it'd be at a quite slow pace otherwise). Anyway, there are three main paths you can follow on your way to the top, and three deviations you can make on the way. The deviations are all to the right side. You'll need to use a Piton on the way too, to recover stamina (use it as late as possible).

The first deviation possible leads you (right, again) to some pipes which can take you all the way to the top of the elevator cage. Here you can get the item which you saw in the cutscene: a Soda Can.
Return to the pipes, and pass by the already-stuck Piton to recover some stamina (it should be just before the spot where you headed right, to continue on the pipes leading to the elevator cage). Then continue upwards. You will probably see the light of the spot which you have to reach, but ignore it for now, and instead keep going farther upwards. The next deviation is above the part where you can reach your destination. Look for the highest pipes leading right, and follow them to reach the other side of the building. Carefully go down some more pipes from here, and you'll reach a Food Can (which is standing on some pipes; you get it as you pass by there). Finally, go down/drop from the borders near this last object, and you'll reach your destination.

- Save Point -

Episode Five Part Two

This second part is more enjoyable than the first one, don't worry. Start by getting a Water Bottle, and then climb up the borders on the wall near this item. Make your way to the right, and you'll reach some red pipes. Keep going right and one of them will break, causing you to fall on a back-sliding platform.
The one where you're falling is the first of several back-sliding platforms. Since it doesn't have any pipe waiting at its edge, make sure that you roll left to reach a spot where there is a pipe, and grab it. Be very quick, and follow it all the way right. When you can't go right anymore, proceed up the borders as much as you can, and then take a rest by using a Piton.
Keep following the borders, using a couple of stamina-jumps to the left, then more borders leading upwards, and then another stamina-jump to the left, before reaching a solid ledge where you can rest.
From this ledge, before proceeding right, it's a good idea to go left for a moment first, and position yourself so that you are at the top of the second back-sliding platform. On its surface, just by another border, there's an handy Piton you don't want to miss (you should see its light easily). To get it, back-slide from the ledge, and hold RT to grab that border. When it's done, if you didn't get the Piton when you grabbed the border, move left/right a bit until you acquire the item. Then make a stamina-jump to your right; then back-slide again from this border, and do your best to roll on the left side too, so you can reach the previous bunch of borders again.
Once you reach the top of the ledge again, follow it to the right this time, drop from it to back-slide from as far right as you can go, and then follow the way up some pipes to continue.
If you don't have many Pitons left, you might be able to find an extra Piton up a floor reached with the pipes. From this floor, you can jump on other pipes to continue climbing farther up.

The next section starts at 2:25 in the video. It's just the ending of this skyscraper climbing, but before heading right to your destination, you want to make a quick detour on the pipes leading left to reach a somehow hidden very small ledge, where a Bullet is standing. Quite rare, and definitely worth getting. On the way to it you will need to use a Piton (as usual, use it as late as possible) to rest and recover some stamina. Just for your information, there's also a Soda Can on the right side, on another somehow-hidden ledge, but to reach it you would probably have to sacrifice another Piton, so it's better to leave it there.
From the ledge with the bullet, return on the pipes, and follow them all the way up/right. Before reaching some borders, which will ultimately lead you to the crane, you'll need to use another Piton to recover your stamina. You'll probably be close to your goal, but don't feel sorry about using it--if you need it, use it. Once you reach the crane (a stamina-jump from the closest border is required), a cutscene will trigger, and you'll automatically get the Hook.

As the game explains to you, the Hook is a device which can be thrown to some specific (and in-game-marked) grips, allowing you to swing while hanging on it (with LS), and reach distant locations (a sort of extended jump function). Just what a Hook does, after all.
Use the hook to continue, then use it on another grip. While hanging from this grip, you could proceed forward, but check the right side instead, as you'll see a broken platform which you can reach with it. Drop down from this platform to reach the lower broken platform, and get Inhaler here.
Back on the previous (the second) grip, now go left to continue. You'll come across another couple of grips. Use the hook on the closest one to reach a wall with some borders on it and jump to them. From these borders, throw the hook on the last grip of the area, and swing to continue.
You'll reach a back-sliding platform, and at the end of it, on the right, there will be a Piton to grab (not available on Survivor difficulty).

From here, there's only one thing to do. After dropping from the edge of the building, continue to its left to go down a pipe and then drop to the platform below. Finally, drop from this platform, and start the epic back-sliding sequence on the skyscraper. Although there are many pipes which you can grab to check the situation (where to go, etcetera), you don't have to grab them all if you know where to go, so feel free to "free-slide". In any case, you'll have to stay on the left side first, then move to the middle, and finally land on the right side. If you don't follow this generic route, especially at the end, you'll end up falling through holes instead of landing on the next solid (horizontal) floor.

Once you succesfully land, go right for another short cutscene. You'll see the grip for the final hook throw of this Episode just on the right side too so use it and reach the other building from here.
You should land on some borders on its external walls; drop down to get back on your feet. Then proceed right, on a small ledge, above a man asking for your help and you will reach Oral Rehydration Salts. This will be a Victim-related item in future Episodes, so avoid using it unless you absolutely have to.
Drop down from here, and reach the agonizing man. Grab Bullet near him (not available on Survivor difficulty), and then assist him with the first aid kit you got a while ago.

Victim # 03/20
This victim is originally heard when you encounter the first group of gangsters in this Episode, but can only be reached after the long back-sliding sequence near the end of the Episode. After giving him the First Aid Kit, he'll thank you and give you the usual Retry. Being your third rescued Victim, you will unlock:

Three victims helped in I Am Alive
Help or rescue 3 victims
  • Unlocked by 16,594 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.71) 48,982

Then you only have to end this Episode, so head back up, and proceed left; find the blue metal structure (it's the shaft of the external elevator), run-jump on it, and then drop repeatedly to reach its bottom and end this Episode.


Episode Six - Mei

Episode Six Video

Map of the area
Note: the light-brown/whitish areas are not only railways, but also some arches where you can climb. They are all safe areas (i.e. no dust there). The light-blue line near number "3" is the edge of a building which you can use to reach 3.

This Episode can be quite long and annoying if you go after every item available. The map should list them all. You can't see the Inhaler "u" in the video, because it's not available on Survivor difficulty, but it's just on the edge of the railway, near a wagon, and I've skipped a couple of common objects (Z and f*), but the rest are there. Getting all the items can be a dangerous task because - and here's why I said "annoying" earlier - the dust will make you consume a lot of items, even if you plan a strategical route with several stops in the "safe areas" to recover your stamina. On the other hand, the multiple Victims available make this a rather easy spot to farm more Retry if you really want.

Victims notes: there will be plenty of supplies which will make the exploration possible, but make sure that you save these items: Food Can, Cocktail Fruit, Inhaler, Soda Can, Meat, Bottle of Wine, First Aid Kit. You'll also need a Bullet for one of the Victims. I will highlight the fights available in this Episode, just in case you want to know how to use as little bullets as possible.
For later Victims, it'll be also important to save 2x Oral Rehydration Salts (you can get more by the time you have to give them, but it's not a bad idea to conserve them; you can find one in this Episode) as well as 2x Food Can (you'll get another one by the time you have to give it) and other supplies which can be found later too. In any case, make sure you save at least the items I underlined.

The text guide here becomes hard to write in full details, so I'll write the most essential parts only. You should be able to succeed easily if you combine the map with the text, and use the video if you need some extra assistance to locate important items. The map's letters, representing items as usual, are in the order of a possible good route to take. The text will follow the same route, and the video follows the same route again. All synchronized, so to speak. All right then, let's begin.

From where you start, go immediately left to find an Adrenaline Syringe at the bottom of some stairs; use it as soon as your Stamina is going down, and then proceed Northeast, past the part of the railway which has fallen on the street (on the way, try to grab a couple of Soda Cans below the railway, and Fruit Cocktail near a bus stop).
At one point, you should be able to spot an arch where you can climb up and rest to recover your stamina (at about 0:19 in the video). Do so, and then jump from the top of it to a pipe located on the side of the building South of it. Climb it up and you will reach a rooftop.
On this rooftop, there's a Battery. This is a Victim-related item (not like you can use it for other things anyway).
Cilmb down from the rooftop (use the pipes), returning to the previous arch, and go a bit Northeast of it to find the Victim who needs just this battery.

Victim # 04/20
This Victim is located East/Northeast of the bent-down railway, and the Battery required to save him is on the rooftop of the building just South of him. See video at about 0:30.

After saving this guy, quickly loot the items nearby (Fruit Cocktail, Soda Can, and also Water Bottle if you want), then quickly return on the arch and jump again on the rooftop which had the Battery.
From here, continue East and drop from the edge to land a bit below onto a metal staircase. Go down a ramp to find a Water Bottle.
Then return upstairs, and jump farther East to the top of another building. Before continuing East, check the Southwest part of the Western edge of this building, and you will find a pipe which you can use to climb down. Do so, and you'll reach an area where you can loot a Piton and Adrenaline Syringe at the opposite sides of a tent. Return to the rooftop.
On this rooftop now you can spot, East, a couple of characters who need a Bottle of Wine. You should already have one from Episode Four. If you don't, another one is available in this Episode, not far from here. I'll assume you gave them the one you already had anyway; if you didn't, remember to give it to them later.

Victim # 05/20
These Victims are located on the rooftop of one of the buildings Northeast of the Golden Garden Condominiums, Northwest of the Harbor Center. They want a Bottle of Wine, an object available in Episode Three but also in this same Episode. In this Episode, the Bottle of Wine is located in a small camp directly East of this building. Their location is found at 1:50 in the video, while the second Bottle of Wine is shown at 4:35 in the video of this Episode. In later Episodes there will be also a third Bottle of Wine available, just to let you know. Being your fifth rescue, you will unlock:

Five victims helped in I Am Alive
Help or rescue 5 victims
  • Unlocked by 13,836 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.87) 48,982

After helping these folks, look for a collapsed container Northwest of the rooftop. Climb up a ladder, and follow the path to find a long back-sliding platform which allows you to reach the East side of the road.
Once you land, you can go left (North) to immediately find a Soda Can, and a bit farther from it also a Food Can.
Then you can proceed all the way East to loot a bunch of goodies. None of them is particularly noteworthy, but they're all quite close to each other. You'll find most of them if you stick to the right (South) side: Water Bottle, Soda Can, Piton, Soda Can, Food Can, then Adrenaline Syringe near another bust stop bench, and near some burnt cars you can also find another Soda Can (far East) and Fruit Cocktail (a bit Northwest of the last one).
Finally, North of this street rich with items, there's also a fenced area which leads to a sort of gallery. Although not particularly important, this gallery is a safe area without dust, and therefore it may save you some recovery items if you stop by there many times while collecting the items, instead of using Soda Cans to survive.
Return to the main street (the one which goes North/South, where you landed after back-sliding) and check its East side to find the precious Meat. This is a rare Victim-related item, so make sure you don't use it, unless it's for the next Victim!
At this point, you can run just past the Meat to find, on the left side (East side of the street, on the side of a building) a pipe; climb it up and you'll see on your right, a balcony. Jump on it, and rest. We're at about 3:07 in the video.
On the balcony there's also an Inhaler to be grabbed. Afterwards, return on the edge of the balcony, and proceed farther right instead of returning left. At one point, you'll see another pipe (at the corner of the building where you're climbing)--use it to climb down and reach the next demanding Victim.

Victim # 06/20
To rescue the Victim isolated Northwest of the street, you'll need these items: Food Can, Cocktail Fruit, Inhaler, Soda Can, Meat. After giving him one of each of these, in this order, he'll finally stop asking for your supplies, and let you get away with your Retry. This Victim is found at 3:35 in the video, and you may see him as a walking shadow in the fog from the West side of the street. As already stated though, he can only be reached via pipe-edge-pipe climbing from North.

In addition to the Retry, a Shotgun will appear on the table in the room where he is. He lets you grab it (it has five bullets), so take it before leaving. You can switch the currently equipped weapon with RB. The shotgun isn't particularly important, to be honest, considering that every enemy dies in one shot anyway. It is still an extra weapon, and sometimes it may be useful to have an extra set of bullets, especially on Survivor difficulty. It can also kill multiple targets at once, if they're close enough, though given the scarce supply of it, I wouldn't recommend you get used to it. At this point it's also worth telling you that you can use manual aim if you press RS. This is usually not recommended (later it'll be required for some enemies), but if you're using the shotgun, it should be easy to aim manually between two enemies close to each other, taking them both out at once instead of using the automatic aim which would probably just shoot one of them.

Return back to the balcony which had the Inhaler, recover your Stamina by resting for a couple of seconds, and then return on the street with the pipe which you originally used to reach this balcony in the first place.
From the pipe, go barely South to reach an alley, and follow it. On the way you will find a Water Bottle, and then you'll enter a camp.
Although relatively big, the camp doesn't have many items available. There's a Soda Can somewhere Northeast, but most important there are also two tents which you can explore (one is Northwest, the other about in the middle. They respectively contain Bottle of Wine and First Aid Kit. The former doesn't have any use if you already helped Victim # 05 a few minutes ago, but the latter will be necessary for the next Victim.
Exit this camp, West, to return on the street. From here, go South and cross the broken street on a pipe.
After crossing it, check on the right side to find another Soda Can, and then look for the pipes on either sides of an arch. Climb up there, and recover your stamina for the next long walk in the dust.
Once you've recovered, climb down on the street again, and quickly proceed South, staying on the right side/center.
On the right (West) side, at one point you'll come across some stairs which lead underground (about 5:19 in the video), where another First Aid Kit is located. Although you already have one, save this Victim-related item too for other future Victims asking for it in the Episodes to follow.
After getting it, return upstairs, and do your best to locate some items located on the bus stop nearby (Painkillers) and on its left (East) (Fruit Cocktail and Rat Meat; the latter is missing in the video).
With or without these items (seriously, don't waste too much time if you can't find them), now proceed forward and right. Check the left side (while you're on the West side of the street) of the broken street, and you should eventually see a platform where you can drop below. It's at about 5:45 in the video.
Before dropping there, you can proceed as forward and right as possible to find and loot another Rat Meat.
Then drop from the edge of the broken street, and proceed on the large pipes to reach a tent where a Victim is camped. On the way you will easily spot and get another Adrenaline Syringe and Soda Can.

Victim # 07/20
This victim is found inside a tent (which is a safe area without dust) located on the broken street. He can be reached by finding a passage leading to him from the edge of the street. It's about Southwest of the Harbor Center, anyway. He's demanding the First Aid Kit you've retrieved from either of the two possible locations earlier. Make him happy, and walk away back on the street.

From the street, now go West and try to locate Painkillers at the Southeastern corner of a building. Then proceed South of this building, in a small alley, and check its right (North) side as you go West. You'll find Soda Can and Water Bottle.
Then move to the left side, and do your best to locate a ladder (on the map it's a light-blue circle; it's not a pipe, again, but a ladder). Opposide the ladder, near the rear of a car, there's a Soda Can. Then go up the ladder.

First Enemy - You'll reach a rooftop, where a lonely machete-enemy is found. You can entirely avoid this encounter. Just aim at him with your gun, and walk away from him. Or, if it's not his lucky day, Struggle-Kill him after approaching him with your gun.
On this rooftop you can also find a Water Bottle (Northwest corner) and, if you head East, inside a tent, another yummy Rat Meat. Near the tent there are also two guys which are Victims you can't help right now. They're asking for Tomatoes, which can't be found at this point (you'll get them in Episode XIX and hand them over in Episode XX).
Ignore them, and return back to the street with the ladder you used earlier.
Now go near the South side of the building opposite the one where you've just been, and look for a pipe in its Southwestern corner. Climb it up to reach a safe area.
From here, there will be some pipes right ahead of you. Before taking them to climb higher, go right and follow the path which will lead you to some stairs, below which you can find a Water Bottle. You're probably hearing a female shouting out loud "Anyone? Help!" while you're here, but ignore her for now.
Before taking the stairs to go upwards (they lead just to the same place where the pipes I told you to ignore would lead), near the bottom of the stairs, you will probably notice another Victim asking for your help. As for the last one you ignored, this one has to be ignored too. The Cigarette he's asking for is not available at this point (we'll get them in Episode VIII, and give them to him in Episode X).
Past this Victim, still ignoring the stairs, you can jump to a platform and then reach the Eastern part of the rooftop of this building from here.
In this Eastern part you'll find Painkillers and Oral Rehydration Salts. The latter will be a Victim-related item, so save it.
Back on the stairs, now finally proceed to the other, main, part of the rooftop. We're about at 7:32 in the video.

Second Enemies Group - On the West side of the rooftop of the building West/Southwest of the Harbor Center, there's a gang of three members with a leader and a "coward" enemy in there. They are all using a machete. To get out of this situation with only a bullet spent, shoot the black guy (leader) first of all. Then, while still holding your gun, aim it at the guy with the glasses (if you can't find him, watch out: he sometimes hides on the left - Northwest - side to surprise you) so he immediately surrenders, becoming harmless. At this point, approach the third and last member of the gang, and Struggle-Kill him. If you want, you can also Strike down the one who surrended, anyway. If you're on Survivor and you only have a Bullet available on your pistol, use the shotgun to kill the leader instead of the pistol. If you're lucky, you'll kill two of them in the process, saving a bullet of your pistol to rescue the Victim.

Victim # 08/20
After defeating the three enemies just described, shoot the handcuffs of the girl on the bench to rescue her. This will cost you a Bullet.

Your route is almost complete now. You can proceed back to the street by climbing down the previous pipes, and returning (West/Northwest) below the railway. There are still some items to pick up on the street, but none are worth mentioning.
Once you're ready to leave, climb back up the railway, and proceed South. We're at about 8:50 in the video.
Once you reach the part where the railway is interrupted, climb up the train carts on its South side, and a quick scene will show you a grip where you can throw your hook to continue. Do so, and you'll be able to swing and reach the Southern half of the railway. Please note that this process can be a bit tricky, because the jump with the hook sometimes fails even if you do it good. If you want, there's a safer way of crossing the street (if you fail, the last checkpoint is probably on the roof where you got the Battery!). Go back to the rooftop where the people asking for Tomatoes were. Then drop from its edge to reach the small ledge which you reached from the street thanks to a ladder, earlier. Then drop from its edge on the right, and follow it to the South until you spot some borders below. Drop from them (light-blue arrow in the map) to go down. You'll grab a Fruit Cocktail too in the process, although you get hurt a bit from the "high" fall (nothing special anyway). I'd recommend this path.

Anyway, from the railway on the Southern end of the street you have to backtrack all the way South on the railway. At its far South end, another grip will be available (this time it's a light pole), allowing you to reach solid ground again.
From where you land, go right and climb up the pipe (it's the only thing you can do, really), and at the top of the pipe go immediately left to find some other platforms/pipes/whatever.
From them, go left until you can climb back up on the street.
Finally back! Well, almost.

Third and Fourth Enemies Groups - There's a lonely machete-guy waiting for you here. If you want, spare his life; if you don't, Struggle-Kill him. There's also a Painkillers item where he's standing, but anyway.
Proceed up a wooden ramp to the East side, and you're really almost back to the Wall Market. Just before that, a gang of four members will surprise you. Two come from the right side (near a tent), and two more from left/forward (two of them have a gun, the others a machete). Retreat with your back near the ramp from where you came, and wait for the first one with the gun to approach you. Surprise-Kill him, and you'll get 2x Bullets (probably just one on Survivor difficulty). Immediately Shoot the other one with the gun afterward. Now aim at the two with the machetes. One of them should be very close to the fire by now. If that's the case, you can push him so close to it, that a simple Strike will send him to burn on it. Finally, Struggle-Kill with the last one.

Return to the Elevator which you used at the end of the Third Episode to proceed with the story, ending this intense Episode.


Episode Seven - Mei - Part 2

This is a very short Episode where you have to reach the Basement to continue. From the "Safe area" on the Fourth Floor, go left and a close-up will show you a grip. Use the Hook to reach it, and swing forward to an area you couldn't explore earlier.
After that, follow the way around to Northeast, and you will come to a pillar with a pipe attached to it.
Run-jump on this pipe, and climb it up to the Fifth Floor (again, another area which you couldn't reach earlier). Go right as soon as you're up, and you will find a Piton.
After getting it, slide on the pipe all the way down to reach the Basement; go East to end the Episode.


Episode Eight - Line 4

Episode Eight Video

Victims notes: the first Victim can be helped without using any item, but you have to act quickly to save him (see below). For another Victim you'll need a couple of Bullets (technically only one, but practically at least two). For the third and last Victim you will need 2x Food Can (three are available in this Episode on Normal difficulty; one is only on Survivor Difficulty; one of them requires a Bullet to be reached). You will also find the Cigarettes for a future Victim.

Go forward, downstairs, and a gang will attack: one has a gun, three have a machete. Surprise-Kill the first with a gun; then you can Shoot the bald guy (he should come from the left side, as you go). At this point one of the other two (the one with a hood) will surrender if you aim at him (Strike him afterward, so he drops Painkillers), and the other one will receive the usual Struggle Kill. Note that the first one approaching you will probably be a guy with a machete, so walk slowly to the right side and make sure that you're performing a Surprise Kill on one who has a gun. You may be tempted to avoid using bullets by pushing them in the fire, but this shouldn't work very well if you're not quick since after a while (even if you keep your gun aimed at them), they realize that you have no bullets (even if you have them) and decide to attack you anyway. This should be also your fifth Surprise Kill, so you should unlock the last of this series of achievements:

Fifth quick kill in I Am Alive
Perform 5 Machete quick kills while being bullied
  • Unlocked by 17,124 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.68) 48,982

Then proceed down the stairs, and approach the people near the fire, being ready to act. You need to draw your gun and aim at the guy with the machete. By doing this, you will save a Victim.

Victim # 09/20
This Victim is found on your main path, and a cutscene will introduce him. You have to aim (no need to shoot) at his opponent to save him.

You may notice a gate and something shiny behind it, on the left side; we'll get that "thing" later (it's some Bullets). On the right, before the fire where you rescued the last Victim, there's also Food Can (not available on Survivor difficulty). Once again, save it for the upcoming Victim, which will require two of them.
In any case, locate a gate on the left side (left if we call "forward" where the fire is, as you enter), and raise it with X followed by tapping RT. You'll reach the proper subway after some stairs.
On the opposite side of where you are, there's a fire lit and a couple of people. Go there to grab Meat and Rat Meat. Go behind these guys, then go left to proceed upstairs. Follow the way, crouching with B when necessary, and get a Water Bottle as you go. Then proceed past the part where you had to crouch, and you'll reach the Bullets I mentioned earlier. There should be two of them.
Back to the subway, now open your map and make sure you're heading South. The path seems blocked, but if you check the left (as you go) (East) side, you will see the entrance of a side room.
In here there are two gangsters with machetes: Shoot one down, then Struggle Kill the other one. After the fight, Shoot the lock and raise the gate to rescue another Victim.

Victim # 10/20
This Victim is found in the subway tunnel, Southeast. You probably need two Bullets (technically only one) to rescue them. This should be your tenth Victim, and therefore you will unlock:

Ten victims helped in I Am Alive
Help or rescue 10 victims
  • Unlocked by 9,351 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 48,982

In the room where they were held, make sure you grab Cigarettes and Rat Meat. The former is a Victim-related item (besides, it hurts in the game like it does in real life or in Metal Gear games), so don't use it.
Back on the subway, proceed all the way North, then crouch behind some debris and reach the outside.

For the next part, if you aren't doing this already, I suggest to watch the video (this part starts at 3:32 in the video) to understand where to go more easily.
From the beginning, drop down the edge and go all the way down. When you can't go down anymore, go right and you will reach a pipe. Slide down from the pipe (not to the bottom; stop a bit before then), then go left. You'll reach a Food Can, which by now I'm sure you remember being a Victim-related item to be used soon.
Back on the rocks to climb, return to the pipe, and proceed past it (on the right) without using the pipe to go any higher/lower from where you already are. Go down a bit when the grips let you do so, and you'll reach a solid rock where you can drop to stand and recover Stamina. Do so, then jump back on the mountain, and keep climbing to your right. Stay as low as possible (at one point you could go up or down--go down), and it will seem like you can't proceed any farther to your right.
At this point, a hint will prompt, teaching you a "super stamina jump": hold A, move LS in the direction where you want to jump (right in this case), and then release A after a second or two. This consumes a lot of Stamina, but when it's necessary, you have to use it.
After the super stamina jump, drop below to reach another standing rock.
From here, go forward on solid rocks, and soon on your left there will be some metal grips attached to a giant broken pillar, or something like that. Anyway, jump on those metal grips, and go all the way up on this first pillar. From the highest point, make another super stamina jump to your right.
Now you could go up, but go down instead, and follow the path to reach the shiny objects you certainly noticed on your way here. If necessary, use a Piton/Soda Can to rest on your way there.
The first item you will reach is a Bullet. Then, after using the hook on the grip in front of you, you will reach the two other items nearby: Piton and Water Bottle.
Back on the previous grips (the metal ones), this time go up to continue.
You will reach another gallery, which has a narrow passage available on the left; it leads just to a Soda Can.
After taking it, look for some borders where you can jump (by the external edge, they are on the same side as the narrow path).
Once you're up, turn around and look for some more pieces of mountain where you can climb. Run-jump to them, and make your way to the left side (a super stamina jump will be necessary). When you can, climb up inside the wagon.
The wagons are empty, so keep going forward and you'll reach a vertical cart. At this point, drop and hang at its edge, then move down a bit. Go left/right to reach a long pipe which will take you all the way down.

You're back in another subway. Go left as soon as you can, and you'll find a gate with a lock to shoot with a Bullet. Do so, and you'll gain access to a room with Battery, Food Can and Bullet. Good deal.
Go to the opposide side of this room (on the right, from where you entered) and you'll reach another room. In here you can place on your right, the Battery. Do so, and the door of the nearby elevator will open, letting you reach a First Aid Kit. Once again, this will eventually be a Victim-related item, so spare it (though to be honest there will be more of this item by the time you need it). You can also crouch below a green shelf to reach Painkillers on the other side of the room.
Now follow the tunnel as three gangsters will surprise you all of a sudden. They will immediately attack you, so locate the one with the gun (middle one) as soon as possible, and Shoot him. Then you can deal with the other two. If you want, you can push one of them in the hole on the right side. Otherwise, just Shoot one and Struggle-Kill the other one.
Go past this point, and there'll be a hole in the ground with red light coming from it; climb down to reach the lower level.
Five gangsters will attack you as soon as you land: two have a gun, three have a machete. Surprise-Kill the first with the gun, Shoot the second one; then locate the fat one (he has a black headband) who is leader of the other two, and take him down with another Shot. The other two will surrender afterward.
Once they're dealt with, backtrack from where you came, and you'll find Painkillers on the ground.
Then proceed all the way North. When you receive a "Map Updated" notification (you're near the North end of the gallery), check right (East) to find a passage to another gallery.
In this final gallery there's a visible Soda Can if you jump past a small fence, and, Northwest, the third Victim of the area.

Victim # 11/20
This Victim is found in the last subway-area of Episode VIII, before the stairs leading to the garage upstairs. She's asking for 2x Food Can, which could be found in this Episode or just saved from earlier journeys.

Find another passage to the East side, and there you will find metal staircases leading back to surface, in a garage.
In the garage there's, Northwest, a Fruit Cocktail on the ground. Then you can end this Episode by going in the spot marked on the screen with the usual light.


Episode Nine - Henry's

Go to the Northeastern room to find Oral Rehydration Salts (as usual, keep them for Victim-related purposes). Then follow the events by earning the Bow weapon. This is a great weapon, since you can take back the Arrow you shoot. Make sure you don't fire at places you can't access though, otherwise you lose your only arrow in the game.
Make a couple of test shots if you want, then exit the building from where you came.


Episode Ten - Radio Haventon

Map of the area

The yellow line on the map represents the path you should take. There's nothing interesting to pick up, except for dealing with a Victim, so let's make a quick run for our destination (which will ultimately be the building North of the Victim who was requesting a Battery, in Episode Six).

From where you start, go outside the gate. Then proceed West, and turn left (South) when you can. Follow Crockett Street all the way South, going on a pipe to cross the road when necessary (on the way, either use Stamina-recovering items, or climb up some safe areas to breathe before going back on the street). Stay on the right (West) side as you go, and you should spot the wooden ramp which leads to the Victim you probably met back in Episode Six.

Victim # 12/20
This Victim is found on a lower level of the same building on which Victim # 8 was. Give him the Cigarettes obtained in Episode Eight to satisfy his request.

After dealing with him, go back on the street and proceed North on the street with the railway. When possible, climb up the railway itself, and follow it North (so you can walk safely without worrying about Stamina). When you reach its Northern end, where it's bent down on the street, a cutscene will change your current target, anticipating it.
From there, go East and look for a pipe on the South side of the building North of where the Victim requesting a Battery was. Climb it up to enter an empty house, and find the light of the point you have to reach to end this Episode.


Episode Eleven - Radio Haventon - Part 2

Episode Eleven Video

This Episode takes place on a ship which can be confusing because of its rooms and three levels (+ basement). A map wouldn't work very well for all the things we have to do here, so this time it's important to stick with the video or with the text description, which will be broken in single steps to avoid any confusion. Also be aware that some enemies, especially one with a gun on the middle level, will often walk around instead of standing in a specific spot.

Victims notes: you will need 2x Painkillers (there are three in this Episode), and an Oral Rehydration Salts (must have been spared from earlier; note that you will still need another of these items for a future Victim too) to rescue the two Victims of this Episode.

- On the first level, as soon as you land, start firing an Arrow at either of the three enemies which will attack you. Switch immediately to the pistol then, because they won't be intimidated by the Bow. Afterward, Shoot one of them, and Struggle-Kill the other one. If you want, you can also retrieve the Arrow (while pointing the gun at the other two), gain some distance from your opponents, and quickly switch back to the Bow to fire another Arrow instead of Shooting. Then switch again to the gun to intimidate the last one alive, and Struggle Kill him. This technique (retrieving the Arrow to save bullets, and switching between Bow and gun to intimidate them after firing the Arrow) can be largely used in other, more complex situations, where sparing bullets can be important. So, take this as a generical note
- After the fight, grab the Painkillers dropped by the enemy with glasses, and then enter the room from where two of the gangsters broke out (center of the ship, from the South side)
- In here, enter the first cabin on the left to find Painkillers and then proceed down the hallway, North. Prepare an arrow, and fire it at a gangster waiting in the cabin North, on the left side (or prepare the gun and Struggle Kill him; he has just a machete). In this same room, you will find (on the right side) First Aid Kit. It'll be a Victim-related item later, so save it. Return to the bridge of the ship

- Now you can go either West or East; go West
- You will see some stairs leading down: take them
- You'll be in a very dark cabin; other than where you come from, there are two possible paths you can take. One of them is a door near a white small sign saying "Crew Cabin"; the other door is opposite this one. Start by going to the "Crew Cabin"
- In the hallway, prepare your arrow shot, and enter the first room on the left. Release the arrow as soon as you see the enemy in this room (he has a gun, which turns to be empty when you get it, but would have been loaded if you let this guy shoot...facepalm). After clearing the area, get Painkillers in this room, on the left and return to the hallway
- Ignore the two rooms on the right side (they communicate with each other, but they're empty), and proceed forward. Before continuing left towards an area with red lights, turn left into another room; walk around it to reach Adrenaline Syringe
- Return to the hallway again, and now follow the red light. You will reach a room where an enemy is bothering a Victim: kill the enemy (a Surprise Kill works fine behind his back; otherwise, an Arrow is ok too).

Victim # 13/20
After killing the enemy, you have to give the guy on the chair 2x Painkillers. Note that sometimes, for a glitchy reason, the "X - Provide Victim with 2 Painkillers" message will not appear on the screen. If that's the case, press X near this Victim anyway, and you'll give him the Painkillers this way. It's the only time a Victim requires them, so feel free to use all the other ones you have for yourself.

- After this rescue, return in the room where you were before taking the right path to the Crew Cabins (the room at the bottom of the stairs you took from the West side of the main bridge)
- Now proceed forward (the left path you ignored earlier) down another hallway; if you turn right, you can see another hallway, but it leads to a dead end. Instead, go left to proceed downstairs towards a red light
- You'll enter a room with three enemies: fire an Arrow at the one with the pistol before they can see you, and then take care of the other two with a machete. You can either Shoot/Struggle Kill them, or use the fire nearby to save a bullet (recommended, although not shown in the video)
- Then proceed forward in another dark hallway. Go to its far end, and on the left you will notice a ladder taking you back up to the bridge. Prepare your Arrow.
- As you climb up, on the right side there will be an enemy covered with armor. His weak spot is the head, so manually aim for it (press RS) while firing your Arrow. A bullet would work anyway, but since he's alone and you have all the time you want, save them and use the Arrow instead. Be aware that these new enemies will not be intimidated by your guns. Also, rather than trying to aim for his head while he's walking, try to aim at a specific spot where you think his head will pass by, sooner or later. When he enters the area you're targeting, release the shot. This is particularly helpful if you consider that while walking he will constantly move the head left/right a bit
- After dealing with him, you can grab his Body Armor for extra cover for your health. Turn back, and go left (he came from right when you climbed up; go the opposite way) to find a Retry
- Now start paying attention to the audio, and try to hear if somebody is talking. The guy on the upper level, who has a gun, might be wandering around these parts on the upper floor, and he may see the corpse of the enemy you just killed, thus coming downstairs. Be ready with an arrow charged, just in case
- From where you killed the armored enemy, go upstairs
- As you're on this middle level, on your left there are two rooms which communicate with each other. In the larger of these rooms (the one South) there is a guy with a gun and another one with a machete; they are the type who may wander around instead of staying there. Be careful about them, and try to locate them both: deal with the one with the gun first, and then defeat the other one
- Enter the room where they should have been. You will find Bullets inside (should be a couple of them). Then enter the other room, North of this one, and grab a Fruit Cocktail. You may exit on the left (West) of this last item, but you would just return on the West side of the middle level, that is where you were after climbing up the stairs after killing the armored guy
- Also, in the middle of the room where the Bullets were, you may notice that the ceiling is missing. There's a pillar in the middle, and you can climb it to reach the upper level. Don't: there's another, more conventional, way

- Now reach the East side of the middle level where you are. On the North side you can spot some stairs leading upwards, while if you proceed South you will come to what now looks like a dead end (later there will be stairs leading down)
- In any case, you want to head North on this middle bridge. Just before taking the stairs which would lead upwards, jump on the edge on your left. From the edge, move right towards the hand-written sign (with candles nearby) which reads "Quarantine Keep Out", and go past the boxes behind it; you will reach a smaller portion of the deck, where a "secret" room is located. A Victim lies there

Victim # 14/20
This Victim is located on the middle deck of this ship, far Northeast, past the stairs which lead to the upper deck. To reach him, you need to go right on the Eastern edge, as described some lines ago. He asks for Oral Rehydration Salts. There's still another Victim who will require this item later, so keep saving these items.

- Just left of this Victim, you should see a "help" sign. Nothing important, but since you may notice this sign from the opposite side (we'll go in the room West of where the Victim is soon), now you know that you've already been here
- You might have noticed also a room on the left, past the stairs which lead to the upper level; ignore it, since its second door is currently locked, so there's nothing to see or get
- Back to the middle bridge (go left from the usual edge), now go upstairs and reach the upper deck

- On your left as you're on it there will be a huge blue pillar (colored white and red too in its upper parts). Climb up the ladder on its East side, and get the Bullet on the platform which you'll reach (should be only one, this time)
- Finally continue Northeast, up more stairs, to reach (on the left, in the middle of the upper part of the ship) the cabin where your target item is, so grab it
- The door where you entered gets locked, so you have to proceed downstairs. Do so, but prepare an Arrow as you go down
- As soon as you're downstairs, on the right side two enemies will attack: they have machetes, so quickly release the Arrow you prepared to kill one of them; then equip the gun, intimidate the other one, and Struggle Kill him
- From this room, you can either go North, to drop from an edge, or take some stairs which lead to the room below. The edge itself leads you North of the room below, so they actually lead about in the same place. However, the former solution is better. Drop from the edge North of the room where you just fought.
- Charge another Arrow, and slowly approach the room (the one below the one where you've just been), and an enemy will spawn in front of you; release the arrow, switch to the gun. Another enemy will come right after, and you can intimidate and then Struggle Kill him (just like the previous fight). They both had machetes
- The room where you are now leads you to the Northeastern part of the deck (you exit on the middle deck, North of the stairs which, in the Northeastern part, led to the upper level; it's the room I told you to ignore because there was nothing to see). Before continuing there though, there's something interesting North of the ship
- From the room where you fought the second couple of enemies, return North and look for a giant anchor-chain. Climb down it and reach the lower "secret" area. Here you can grab 2x Rat Meat, Bottle of Wine, Bottle of Water. Now proceed through the rooms I described a moment ago, but don't return to the Northeastern deck just yet (on the way you may also notice the "Help" sign of the former Victim you already helped)

- Charge an arrow before returning to the deck, because two enemies are waiting outside. In particular, one on the left (East-most) will have a gun, and on his right there will be another one with a machete. Be quick and take out (with your Arrow) the one with the gun; then switch to your own gun to intimdate and Struggle-Kill the second guy
- Recharge your arrow again, and proceed South on this East side. As you approach the stairs which were not available earlier (those Southeast, which lead from the first level to the middle one, and viceversa), three enemies will come out. They are two enemies with a machete, and one armored. Release your arrow on the first one coming out, and then equip your gun to headshot the armored guy. Struggle Kill the last one
- Go back to the stairs Southeast (from where they came); you're almost out. Before exiting though, five more enemies will attack you. They all have a machete, and at first there's four of them; the fifth one is another armored guy, who will come from the house which you reached before entering the ship in this Episode. It doesn't matter how you defeat them, but you can try your best to use the arrow-gun switch trick and save bullets (fire an Arrow to kill one, switch to the gun to intimidate the others, retrieve the Arrow, fire the Arrow again for another kill, and so on). The large area here allows you to do so rather easily, but don't get caught off guard by the armored guy

At last, you can return from where you came and leave this assaulted place to end this Episode.


Episode Twelve - Below

In this short Episode you have to backtrack to you-know-where. Instead of following the route you took to come here, take the shortcut suggested by the game (the one on the long back-sliding platform/building North of the rooftop where the Victims demanding a Bottle of Wine were), which will even be indicated with white arrows on your in-game map.


Episode Thirteen - Henry's - Part 2

Turn around and exit the building using the elevator.


Episode Fourteen - Strangers

Map of the area

This Episode features just a quick trip West of the building where you entered at the end of Episode Four (the one where you first came across the dust). To go there, you can follow the route indicated on the map. In any case, you have to reach the Southern half of the broken main street (the one where the railway is), either via Hook from the Northern railway, or via climb-down West of the building on the rooftop of which the Victim demanding Tomatoes is. This time you also have company though.

As soon as you exit the dust-free area, a gang will assault you. It's very dark out there, so do what you can to locate the two guys with guns first, and then deal with the one with a machete (Arrow-ize and Shoot the first two, Struggle-Kill the last one). Note that if you're quick enough, the second one with a gun may not join the first two; in this case, he'll be somewhere on the Eastern side of the fenced area (so basically just East of the other two). It's important to kill this one too, because after defeating him your endurance in the dusty/foggy areas is increased, reducing the need of breaks to recover Stamina as you run around.

Other than this, you know the route by now. On a side note, shortly before reaching your destination there will be a giant sign which reads "Water's Edgehotel" on the street. On its South (left as you come from East) side there will be a Fruit Cocktail (it used to be the item "K" in Episode Four's map, which wasn't recommended back then); on the North side is the passage where you need to head in order to proceed farther West and reach your destination. That will end this Episode.


Episode Fifteen - Blue Hotel

Episode Fifteen

Map of the area

Victims notes: there are two Victims to rescue in this place. One requires a First Aid Kit, available in this Episode too. One requires a bullet or an Arrow (recommended). The third one requires a Bullet (which can be acquired near her).

This place is smaller than it seems at first, but it's populated by the toughest groups of enemies of the entire game. Sure, "toughest" is with regards to the other ones you've met so far, which weren't exactly challenging. Make sure you use your arrow-gun switch trick as many times as possible to save your bullets.

You start on the First Floor. Go immediately right (West), behind a small courtain, and you will find the first Victim of this Episode.

Victim # 15/20
These Victims are in the Northwest side of the First Floor of the Hotel. They need a First Aid Kit, which can also be found on the First Floor.

This isn't the last First Aid Kit required for Victims, but you will find another one (and even more than one) by the time you'll need to give them away again. So, feel free to use them from now on, if you want (though the Painkillers are usually more than enough and should be your first choice usually).

Anyway, after helping them, check around and behind the counter in this same area of the First Floor, and you'll find Rat Meat and Painkillers (the latter is not available on Survivor difficulty).
Return to the entrance, and now go South (right, as you exit the room with this first Victim). Check on the right side (West) and you will find a door leading to the bathrooms. In the Southwestern one there's a Painkillers item to grab. Return to the main corridor once again.
Now locate the large curtain on the East side, and go through it to reach a room with some light. In this room there are two guys with a machete, an armored guy, and one with a gun. Equip your gun before reaching them. Start with a Surprise Kill as usual on the guy with a gun, and then immediately start intimidating the other two. After doing so, headshot the armored guy. Finally take care of the other two, either with the arrow-gun switch, or by pushing one of them in the fire. Actually, one of the two with the machete (the usual one with the hood) may even surrender at this point, making your task easier.
In this same large area, on the North side you can find a First Aid Kit. On the left (South) of the three stairs which lead to the second floor you can find more Painkillers. Painkillers are also dropped by one of these guys you just killed.
Go up either of the three stairs next to each other, on the West side, and you'll be before a gate. Raise it up to continue on the Second Floor.

In the next room there's another group of enemies like the former: do what you did earlier.
To proceed, you have to locate a quite hidden plastic curtain (open your in-game map to locate it more easily; it's the only passage from West to East, in the Southwest part of the area). Go through it, and then check on the right to find another gate to raise.
You'll enter a larger room. Soon enough, on the left you'll find Rat Meat (ignore the stairs nearby for now).
Charge your Arrow, and continue East; when you're almost as East as you can go, on your right there will be a guy with a machete. Fire the Arrow at him.
North of where he was standing (he was just before the door which leads to the stairs which can take you to the third floor), there will be Bullets on the ground (not available on Survivor difficulty).
On the Northeast part of this floor, there's also a room which leads to a secondary room. The secondary room has some goodies, but there's a lock to shoot with a Bullet first. The goodies are: Adrenaline Syringe, Water Bottle, Painkillers, Oral Rehydration Salts. None of them are important (unless you have 0 Oral Rehydration Salts; if that's the case, make absolutely sure you get these, since it's the last one available before the next Victim demanding it), so you might save your Bullet instead.

Now, on this second floor there are two sets of stairs. Those Southeast lead to the third floor, as already anticipated; the other ones (those just on the left when you entered this area after raising a gate) lead to a portion of the first floor which you couldn't reach earlier. This portion also leads to the Basement, but since we'll go there later for other reasons, it's a good idea to avoid them, and proceed up on the third floor first. So, take the stairs Southeast and proceed up.

The Third Floor is only virtual: keep going upstairs, and reach the Fourth Floor.

The Fourth Floor is a bit messy, so try not to get lost. First of all, after a tunnel where you can only proceed forward, take a right turn to reach the Northeastern-most portion of the area.
Here, you will hear some voices (a girl and a guy): that's the next Victim.

Victim # 16/20
From behind the curtains Northeast on the Fourth Floor of the Hotel, you'll see the silhouette figures moving behind. Now, the door to the room where these two are is locked. Therefore, you want to have one of them coming out for you. Your task is to catch the attention of the guy (he has a pistol) by firing an Arrow through the curtains. A shot of your gun would work too, but the Arrow is cheaper of course (you'll get it later). After catching his attention, he'll come out of the room, and he will be standing before the door, pointing his back to you. Thanks to his position, you can perform a silent and quick Surprise Kill behind him. Otherwise, just Shoot him down.

In the bathroom of the room where they were, there might be a Bullet to pick up (just on the right, as you enter, on the sink). If it's not there, it's probably because you're not too low on ammo; if it's there, you will clearly see it. So, don't look for it if you can't see it (in the video, it wasn't there).
Back on the corridors of the Fourth Floor, now reach the West side. A group of five enemies with a machete each will attack you on the way: Surprise-Kill the first one, and then deal with the rest as cheaply as you can with the arrow-gun switches. You can also force some of them to fall down in the elevator's empty shaft (for instance the one on the left can receive this treatment easily).

After this, go right (North) and enter the rooms in this region. One of them (more East than the next one) has Food Can available. This wasn't included in the video, but it's there; the other side room has Painkillers.
Anyway, head for your target, which is Southwest. You'll have to deal with two gangsters with a gun and another one with a machete before doing what you have to do; an Arrow will take care of the first one, and a bullet of the second one; the machete will deal with the last one (who will probably surrender by then).
Just South of your target, there will be (separated by a wall from your target) 2x Food Can.

- Save Point -

Now you have to head to the Basement: from the fourth floor, go downstairs back to the second floor.
Here the "hardest" fight of the game will trigger. It consists of two armored guys, two with a machete, and one with a gun. The ones with a machete and one of the armored guys will come from the Western end (where the stairs you have to take are), and you can fire an Arrow from far to take down one of those with a machete before they can see you. The one with the gun, and the other armored guy, will come immediately from the right side (from the room which led to the locked-up side-room). So, after firing your Arrow, you should immediately Shoot the guy with the gun as soon as he comes out. Then headshot the armored guy near him. Finally take care of the other armored guy (if he has reached you) or the other guy with a machete. If the second armored guy hasn't spawned yet, he's waiting for you in the stairs where you have to go: don't let him surprise you!

Once you reach the new portion of the First Floor, you'll easily spot Painkillers on your right as you go.
In the Basement, go right and check the map: there's a small squared room (in our map, it's the one with a Victim inside) with a door which is apparently locked. It'll get opened if you stay before the door for a few seconds. Do so, and charge your arrow while you wait: an enemy with a gun will open it for you, and you can release the Arrow right after. There's also a Water Bottle in the room.

Victim # 17/20
This Victim is found in the Basement of the Hotel, but only when you reach this place for story-related reasons. The door where she's being held will automatically open, and you can fire an Arrow at the enemy inside to kill him. Retrieving his gun will give you a Bullet to shoot the handcuffs of the Victim, thus rescuing her.

When it's all done, you can also get Cigarettes from the floor of the parking lot in this basement. You don't need them if you already gave the other Cigarettes to a Victim, anyway.

The end of the Episode will be reached from the Basement itself (look for the usual light).


Episode Sixteen - Line 2

Episode Sixteen

This is another straight-forward Episode in the subways. From the beginning, go straight forward, and jump past a couple of turnstiles to reach Soda Can.
Then head left to lift a gate, and continue downstairs.
You will reach a tunnel with a gang of three enemies: two have a machete, one has a gun. Old style: Surprise the one with the gun first, then Arrow-shot one of the two, and Surprise the last one. You can also use the nearby fire to defeat them if you want, but the Arrow is free anyway.
Then head down the gallery, to the East side, and look on your right to find a small fenced area which you can reach by climbing on the fence. Do so to reach a Fruit Cocktail.
Just before that fenced area, on your right (South) as you come, you might have already noticed a door: it's a passage to the next gallery, so take it (climb out of the fence first of course).
You'll reach another gallery. Go left now (North) and follow it all the way down. You might recognize it, since it's the gallery where you passed by the end of Episode Eight. And indeed it's the same one: on the right side, near its Northern end, there's the passage leading East to another gallery.
This last one is where a Victim (the one requiring two Food Cans) used to stay. You can check where she was if you want...
After that, you should already know that you need to go farther East and then go upstairs to return to your destination.


Episode Seventeen - Reunion

Turn around and reach the elevator behind you to exit the building and finish this Episode.


Episode Eighteen - Morning

Map of the area

To complete this Episode, head about where the Victim below the level of the street, in a dust-free tent (he was asking for a First Aid Kit), was. Just about where the in-game mark is after all. From the street, a bit North of where that Victim was, on the East side there'll be a passage which allows you to reach a pipe you can climb up. A close-up shows you the way when you're about there, anyway. Do so, and you'll complete this Episode.


Episode Nineteen - Fireworks

Episode Nineteen Video

Victims notes: there will be a Victim to rescue with Oral Rehydration Salts (you must have found this item elsewhere, since it's not available in this Episode). You can also get 4x Tomatoes in this Episode (though only one will be required for a later Victim). Moreover, there's one special achievement (Elevator repair service) available at the end of this Episode, as we're going to see.

This is another long climbing Episode, and following a video is recommended. I've fast-forwarded most of the climbing parts, so you shouldn't get too bored watching it wink

From where you start, climb up the borders and pipes to reach the edge of the building you're facing. Climb up inside, and drop from the edge to reach solid ground.
From where you land, enter another room on your right, and crouch (B) behind some pannels. Then perform a run-jump against the front wall when you are just below a piece of broken ceiling: this will allow you to grasp an edge, and then climb up to the next "floor".
Now you have to continue going up. To do so, run-jump from "back" to "forward" (according to the fixed camera angle here), and you'll be on the edge of the next floor; climb up.
To reach the next floor, locate some pipes on the left and use them.
Then you have to make a run-jump to the upper-right corner. The edge you want to grab is not on the front wall, but on the right wall, so make a run-jump from left to right this time.
More pipes will allow you to reach the other end of this floor, once you're on it. Do so, and then proceed past a curtain.
After the curtain, you'll drop down. After dropping down once, do so again through a hole in the metal floor where you're standing.
Once you land again, check to your left to find a curtain leading to a small room which contains a Water Bottle.
Exit this room, and then continue forward to the next room (through a curtain).
Drop from the nearby edge, and go left and then down on some red pipes.
After landing, check on your right to find Fruit Cocktail.
On your left there are two holes in the ground: you can't drop from the first one, so drop from the second one.
You will be "outside". From here, use some red pipes and unstable structures (unstable = they collapse if you stand on them for more than necessary), combined with stamina jumps, to reach the right end. Drop from there.
Now continue onward, and go left to proceed into another "room". In here, walk onwards on a beam, and then make a run-jump to the opposite platform, where (behind a red armchair) you can find a Retry.
Return to the former platform, and now run-jump to the climbing structures (pipes and unstable stuff) which you will use to proceed.
On them, go left, up, and then right; you'll reach a ledge where you can and should stay a bit to recover your Stamina and grab a Food Can (not available on Survivor difficulty). Once that's done, drop from that ledge, and climb up the small pipes on its left; a stamina jump upwards will let you reach the upper level.
When you're here, go all the way right to reach another "open" room, and grab Bullet from there.
Then return where you climbed up, and look for a large curtain. Go past it.
Locate some red pipes just at the top of the curtain (on the opposide side from where you came), and use them to continue going upwards and then left.
At this point, proceed up some ramps, and finally make a run-jump to exit outside.

- Save Point -

Now starts the real climbing. Use some white (sometimes unstable) pipes, and follow them regularly to right/up; then they'll go left (keep following them) to the other side of the building you're climbing.
There they will continue with red pipes; use super stamina jumps when necessary, and then rest on a small solid parquet-ish ledge when possible.
From there, make another stamina jump on the left to reach another long red pipe; climb it down.
After going down on it, follow its continuation on the left to reach more solid ground.
From there, climb up a box. Then make a run-jump to reach the red pipes, one after another, on the "ceiling" above you. Use them to make a hand-climbing to the opposite side.
On the opposite side, use a red pipe in front of you all the way up to reach another Bullet. Then go right from it and reach solid floor.
Locate a Hook on the right side, and use it to swing to short red pipes higher than where you are.
As you reach the upper level, on your left there will be a Piton (not available on Surivor difficulty). Then continue by moving to the edge on the right side, where you can climb up to recover Stamina.
From there, locate a red pipe just in the corner of the building, and go on it. Follow it upwards at first, and then, when it splits and goes left or right, follow it to the right side.
On that side, it continues with some white structures. Use them, along with super stamina jumps, and then follow them downwards to reach a room which contains a First Aid Kit. It's not the last one before the next Victim requiring it, so feel free to use it, if you just have to.
Return where the red pipe split, and this time go left all the way (use Stamina recovering items when necessary) to reach the next solid-floored room.
In this room, check on the left side to find a spot where the windows are missing: drop from the edge, and use the white structures on your left to reach the upper level.

On the upper level, prepare your Arrow. Go forward, and jump past some tables.
At this point, not far ahead of you, there will be three enemies. Two have a gun (a guy and a lady), another has a machete (he's on the right). Aim for the lady (left-most, as you come there) with your Arrow, and mercilessly Shoot the other with a gun (middle one) afterwards. Then Struggle Kill the last one. Note that this fight could have been avoided if you took the trouble of using the metal structures outside the building all the way around (from the edge where you climbed, you could have gone right instead of entering this new floor); you would have ended up past these enemies. I don't think you'll have an hard time sleeping tonight because of the remorse of killing them though, so make your life easier and use the solid floor to continue.
Either way, past these guys, on the left there will be several rooms. One, grey in colour, leads upstairs. It's the only possible way, so once you locate it, take it.

You will be on another large floor with solid ground.
Walk forward a bit, ignore the bathroom on the right side, and enter the main hall. In here, turn right and you will spot the next Victim, demanding Oral Rehydration Salts.

Victim # 18/20
This Victim is located in the main "safe" floor of Episode Nineteen. It's the only place where there are a lot of people, it's very illuminated (there are even some plants, the sun shines, etcetera), so you can't mistaken it with any other floor. They require an Oral Rehydration Salts, which had to be preserved up to now, since it's not to be found in this Episode.

No other Victim requires this item to be rescued, so you can use the remaining ones (if you have any) for yourself, from now on.
In any case, explore the room forward from where you came. Behind some plastic curtains, there will be two women, and some small plants will be on a table. On the left side (facing the windows), you can easily spot two red tomatoes: grab them to get 2x Tomato. In addition to these two, in the nearby corner, inside a small white container, two more are to be found. Get them as well if you want, but make sure you save a Tomato, since it's a Victim-related item (moreover, there's also an achievement for rescuing that particular Victim).
You may also notice a couple of rooms locked behind glass doors. Do nothing for now; we'll see more about them later.
Finally, on the left side of this floor, there will be two guys sitting on the floor, near the elevator shafts. Proceed to the elevator shafts.
As you enter the elevator shaft, from the floor where those folks are, go left and look at the wall you would look at if you were standing before the elevator shaft from where those two guys are. You should spot some red pipes, and then ropes, which you can climb up to reach the upper level. It's very dark in there, so do what you can to locate the path ahead.
Once you reach the upper level of the elevator shaft, check on the left side (opposite wall of the one which you just climbed) to find a red pipe going upwards. Take it to continue on the next level.

On this level, grab a Piton on the right side (not available on Survivor difficulty). There will be a short cutscene; drop from the only possible edge afterwards.
From the edge, go all the way left to reach a small ledge where a Fruit Cocktail is standing. Get it, and drop on the edge again.
From there, go right to backtrack a bit (just a bit), then go up as soon as the white structure allows you to do so. After going upwards, follow it to the right; you should be going parallel of the previous edge, but on a higher level.
In any case, at one point the white structures will go either up or right. Go upwards when you can.
You will come across another "fork". Either left or right this time. The correct path is on the right side, and I suggest you to take it. In the video, and in this text just for record's sake, I show that if you follow the left path you are able to reach (far higher) an Inhaler standing nearby a guy who fell on the same ledge as the Inhaler. Since it's a long detour, it's not worth it. I'm mentioning this mainly because you will spot this fallen guy and the Inhaler easily when you take the "correct" path, so you might have been curious to know what that was. Now that you know it's just an Inhaler, leave it there and go right at the fork.
Going right at the fork leaves you with only one way to follow upwards (other apparent forks will just take you to the same place). On the way you will also get a Soda Can. Use Pitons freely if you have them, since it's the last long climbing section of the game. You will eventually reach the top of the building, hitting another Save Point.

- Save Point -

The description for the Elevator repair service Achievement starts now (9:25 in the video).

To make your way out of this place, back-slide on the opposide side of where you came. You can grab a Soda Can on the right side as you go down, and Painkillers at the center, farther below.
Referring to the edge in the same position as where the Painkillers were, now drop down the white gutter. Ignore the first turn right, go farther down, and then take the second gutter going right (the lower one; in the video I dropped from the first one, but this other path is safer); either way, once you're on the edge of the room, climb up inside.
The room where you are has a Jerrycan.
Drop back on the edge which you grasped when you dropped from the above gutter to reach this room. From there, go back on the gutter and proceed left (there's another room below the one where you've just been; we'll go there soon). When you can, go downwards; this will let you reach the edge of a room, on the right side. You may already recognize the glass of the "plants room" on your left.
Recognized or not, the room where you climb in is one of the two "glass" rooms. Exit from it, and go immediately right inside the other "glass-doored" room. This one has Painkillers on the right side, and it's the room below the one with the Jerrycan, as mentioned few lines ago.
After getting it, head back to the elevator shaft. Now check on the right side (calling "left" the side where you climbed up, earlier) to find a generator. Use the Jerrycan you found, and you'll be going downwards.
Once you arrive on the lower floor, look for a small curtain to exit the elevator shaft.
As you go through it, an enemy will assault you: he has a machete, so you know what to do. Once he's done for, check the right side to find another Jerrycan.
Return to the elevator shaft, and search for another generator. The "old" generator you already activated is on the "right" side and can bring you back up; the "new" one is on the left. Install the second Jerrycan, and you will go down. In the process, you will unlock:

Elevator repair service in I Am Alive
Repair the elevator to rescue the people stuck in the Fireworks episode
  • Unlocked by 6,719 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.69) 48,982

After landing again, enter a dusty (safe though) room (there might be a Piton on the table near the only guy here, probably only if you're low on them), and locate a window on its right side. From there, exit and use the nearby borders to go downwards and end this Episode.

Note that you can reach these borders also in another way: from the previous gutters (the last ones you used), you could have gone all the way down, and then you could have dropped below to back-slide again. You would have landed on a ledge which has a Soda Can, and on the left side of this ledge there are the borders which take you down (the same ones you use if you take the "other" way). For obvious reasons you will take the elevator though.


Episode Twenty - Perilous Streets

Episode Twenty Video

Victims notes: we'll rescue the "Tomatoes Victim" now.

You start about in the area where there were many tents, a Bottle of Wine and a First Aid Kit, back in Episode Six.
Move forward a bit, and four enemies will attack. One comes from the right side, and has a gun; Surprise-Kill him. Then take care of the other three. One is in front of where you emerged, and two more are on the left side. Among these, one of those from the left is an armored guy, while the other two have a machete. As usual, give priority to headshot the former, and then fire an Arrow and Struggle Kill the other two.

Back on the street, turn left and cross the street with the usual light post (use your stamina-recovering items freely by the way, since it's the last time you'll need them), and then follow the street South. Turn right when you can, so you enter the street between the building where the smoker/handcuffed Victims were (North) and the building where the Tomatoes Victim was (South). Climb up the ladder leading to the latter (you should know the way).

Victim # 19/20
These Victims can be found as early as in Episode Six, but can be helped only in Episode Twenty. They are located on the building just East of the Southern half of the railway, South of the building where other two Victims were. They demand a Tomato, obtained in Episode Nineteen. For rescuing this particular Victim, you will unlock:

Some tomatoes for her in I Am Alive
Provide tomatoes to the hungry lady in the foggy streets
  • Unlocked by 5,835 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.89) 48,982

At this point you have to return to the usual safe place (it's not the real destination, but the direction is the same). Go back from where you came, and continue North, then ultimately East as usual. Before reaching the spot, more enemies will spawn. This time there's a guy with a pistol, one with a machete, and two armored guys. Take them out in the usual order: Surprise Kill the gunner, then headshot the armored guys, then shoot down the machete-wielder. Note that for some reason your pistol's bullets will reset to zero in the next Episode, so feel free to use all you have now. In fact, you won't need to fight any enemy in the next Episode (which happens to be the last one), so if you want you can even fire away your Arrow to celebrate the nearby end of the game. Oh well, anyway.

Once they're done for, instead of going North in the fenced safe area, go East to end this Episode.


Episode Twentyone - The Pier

Episode Twenty One Video

There are various items you can pick up in the next Episode, but since there are many enemies around, and the end of the game is near (so they would just get wasted altogether), I'll tell you a quick route instead of the complete (and pointless) description of this area. The video shows it directly if you prefer, so use it instead of the text description if you want.

You also want to know that by ending this Episode, the game will reset your progress, so you can't replay the previous Episodes once you finish the game. Make a backup save if you want to replay them for some reason, or you'll be bound to restart a new playthrough to access them. This is because of the autosave system combined with the game-clear data.

Also, on a side note, the armored guys of this place may have protections on their head, but have their legs uncovered: aim at them if you have to kill them. As already stated though, we'll plan on a safe route to avoid this completely.

From where you begin, climb up the only possible red metal structure ahead, and use it to go drop to the opposite side of a gate.
After landing, check on the left side. You should spot some bullseyes, and an Arrow lies on one of them.
Also on the left side, you may hear a man asking for your help. He's the last Victim, and to reach him you'll need to climb up some piled-up objects to reach the rooftop of a small building on his right, and finally drop from there to reach the man. Before the piled-up objects you can spot the First Aid Kit he wants (there's also another one somewhere in the middle of the park, inside a cabin, but whatever).

Victim # 20/20
This Victim is located on the West side of the area available in this Episode. He demands a First Aid Kit which can be retrieved barely Southeast of his position (there's a fence between him and the kit though). If this is your twentieth rescued Victim, you will unlock:

Ultimate rescuer in I Am Alive
Rescue / help all victims in the game
  • Unlocked by 3,804 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.58) 48,982

Return to the previous rooftop now, and proceed West to another rooftop (there's a wooden platform which you can use as a bridge). There will be an enemy pointing his back to you on this new rooftop: either fire a silent Arrow at him, or Surprise Kill him with the machete.
From this same rooftop, proceed towards the Northern edge. If you do so, the enemies below (North, on the street) will notice you, saying "Something's moving there", but they don't really understand where you are. As a matter of fact, they will start moving towards the West side, unable to clearly spot you because of the fog. Once you've lured them away with this little trick, drop from the East side of this rooftop (a good position is the edge near which the enemy you killed was), and then speedrun North from there.
You will go up some stairs, and reach a gate to smash with your machete. Do so, and you will reach your target.

After this, jump back to the rooftop near the last Victim, and then make an extraordinarily long run-jump to the West side: you will grab some edges which you can use to climb up higher, to the next target (the way to take is really clear). At that point, simply follow the events to clear the game.

After the final scenes, you will unlock:

Do it once in I Am Alive
Do it once44 (20)
Finish the game once(any difficulty mode)
  • Unlocked by 10,181 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.19) 48,982

If you played on Survivor from the beginning to the end, you will also get the "Bravery" bonus score at the end (+ 10%) and unlock:

Survivor in I Am Alive
Survivor130 (40)
Finish game in Survivor mode
  • Unlocked by 4,655 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.24) 48,982

Congratulations on your 200G and thanks for reading!

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