Kinect Fun Labs: I Am Super! Reviews

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    I Am Super is a great short game offered by Kinect Fun Labs! As well as it being an easy 50G and completed game, it is also moderatly fun which is more than I can say for most of the other Kinect Fun Lab games. You can download the game from either the game marketplace or directly from the Kinect Fun Labs app on the Xbox Dashboard.

    If you didn't already know then this game is 100% free to download, however, you are only able to play it if you have an Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.

    The menus are easy enough to navigate once in the game, it offers colourful and exciting pictures and has a more upbeat feel to it than most other Kinect Fun Labs games out there. Once you're into the game you have a choice of four super powers you're able to choose from: Lightning, Toxic, Ice and Flame.

    Each power you choose has different movements and body controls that are all very simple and easy to use, the Kinect Senser will easily pick your movements up assuming you have a good Kinect playable environment and lighting. There are two movement for each power, the top one will engulf your entire room with whatever power you have chosen, for example if you have chosen flame then the room bursts into flames for a short period of time! The other power generates a projectile that can be fired from your hands, this includes lightning strikes, acid balls, frost balls and an awesome laser beam that comes firing out of your eyes!

    The replay value of this game is very little, however it isn't a pain if you're in it just for the achievements. The game offers 7 easy and quick achievement which require you to do very little in order for that extra completed game. 6 of them require you to play along for a couple of minutes doing basic things such as changing your superhero's name (I changed mine to Mega Sneeze Poop because my kitten likes to sneeze and poop). Others require you to do some very quick uploading, and unlike some other Kinect Fun Lab games you will only need to do this once which takes a big weight off any achievement hunters out there. Finally, there is one co-op achievement which you can get a family member or friend to quickly get with you, all in all this game will take around 15 minutes to get all the achievements!

    All in all this is a good Kinect Fun Labs app which I'm still playing a couple of hours after getting 50G.

    4/5 - Considering it's a Kinect Fun Lab game it deserves at least a 4!
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    28 Mar 2012
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    This is another easy 50 free gamerscore from Kinetic Fun Labs. It's cool to try out the different super powers! You and a friend have a choice between 4 super powers: Electric, Atomic, Ice, and Fire. My favorite super power is Fire, you can create a laser beam like Cyclops from X-Men and virtually light your living room on fire! The power charge up ability is a lot of fun!

    Be warned, if you played this on release day the achievements you earned didn't show up in your games list. You'll have to recover your gamertag and earn them again. It's nothing terrible, just an odd glitch.