I Dig It (WP) Reviews

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    22 Feb 2011
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    I Dig It for the Windows Phone 7.

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    'I Dig It' is all about...well you guessed it. Digging.

    The principle idea behind I Dig It is to dig (Controlled by a mini joystick) underground to collect gems, minerals, bones and jet planes to bring back to the surface and sell. There's a range of levels to undertake in the campaign that all vary in difficulty, for example the very first level which takes place on a farm just has you digging straight through dirt. However later levels have problems to navigate such as gas pockets and unbreakable walls. Unfortunately these little deviations in the underground challenges don't provide enough variation to avoid eventual monotony, but at least they add a bit more challenge to the game.

    You have the option of following the campaign which has...well, really no real story attached to it or you can freeplay. During campaign you're tasked on each level with making a certain amount of money, whereas in freeplay you can just dig with a fully upgraded digger to try and fill out your 'Museum' of gems.
    These aforementioned upgrades are where the strategy for the game comes into play, at the start of every campaign level you begin with a relatively poor digger but by selling the items you collect you can begin to upgrade things such as the strength of your digger, it's hull, the cooling system and more. It's a fine balance between upgrading your digger (Which allows you to dig deeper for more valuable items) and keeping the cash so you can complete the level.

    Usually this wouldn't present much challenge as you could just dig literally every item, fully upgrade and then go for the good stuff...but I Dig It doesn't let you off that easily. Each campaign level doesn't just add more underground obstacles for your to navigate, but a time limit for you to beat as well. These are fairly large, with 2 hours being allocated for the very first level and far more on the later ones and while that may seem like a lengthy amount of time, it goes, fast.

    This leads us to the length of the game. I Dig It, is huge. There's only about 6 maps for you to traverse but between completing them all and filling your museum on free play mode as well as achievement hunting there is some serious hours to be plugged into this game. It's generally all repetitive digging with some tactics thrown in for good measure, but you don't notice the time passing due to your desperation to dig deeper and deeper, to find the one artifact you need to finish off your collection. Replayability is one thing that I Dig It does very well. Graphically speaking it's not bad either, the interface is a bit ugly but it's easy to navigate once you're used to it, and the digger itself is good looking on the turns. It's not going to blow you away but it more than does the job, differentiating the multiple environments you dig through with ease and presenting some good looking items to pick up.

    In terms of sound there's not much to say, some chippy bit-tunes on the menu before the eternal 'Chug-chug' of your driller. They get the job done.
    Finally, since this is True Achievements, I should mention the achievements eh? They're...poor at best. In terms of time put in for GS awarded you're going to be barely rewarded and many of the achievements are currently bugged and not working. However if you fall for the game and put the hours in that follow the addiction then you'll grab a few here and there.

    To sum up... ;
    Gameplay - 3/5
    Graphics - 3/5
    Length - 5/5
    Sound - 2/5

    Total Score - 3/5