I Expect You To Die (Windows) Reviews

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,390,026
    04 Jul 2018
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    "I Expect you to Die" is a interactive first person puzzle game for the Windows Mixed Reality VR system.

    The game is heavily based on classic secret agent works, especially Ian Fleming's James Bond. In fact, the title of the game can be found in the 007 film "Goldfinger".
    (James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
    Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!)

    From the very start of the game, you are taken on a cinematic 'roller coaster' ride through the opening credits. The sequence feels like you are in one of the opening sequences to a Bond flick. It comes complete with an original music track.

    Once the gameplay begins, you are informed that not only are you an agent, but you have telekinetic powers as well. This is done in order for the game to allow for picking up and moving items while you remain stationary, but the game makes light of the feature adds a bit of a humor to the absurdity of it.

    You play through a series of missions where you must use tools and puzzle solving skills to disarm bombs, open safes, avoid traps and escape certain death. The game is amusing, humorous and a bit challenging on your first playthrough.

    One neat aspect of the game is that you are not limited to a certain strategy. There are puzzles and obstacles in each of the missions that can be accomplished in numerous ways using the tools around you and your razor sharp intellect. (and for those lacking the latter, you can always summon instructional YouTube videos)

    The game makes great use of both the VR headset and the motion controls. Although the game is quite short (and a bit pricey), the experience is very unique and extremely rewarding.

    Difficulty-wise, the game can be quite challenging if you use old fashioned trial and error, but can be a breeze if you use a guide. My recommendation is to give this game one solid runthrough without the aid of any guide. Just enjoy the challenge and let the whimsical dialogue and absurd premises entertain you.