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    17 May 2019
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    I am never alone because I have me.

    I and Me Review

    I and Me is a puzzle game with heavy platforming elements. You control two cats, who move identically, and your goal is to reach the frames with both cats simultaneously. The game provides challenges in both platforming skill and problem-solving ability. While Ratalaika Games may have published the game, it's not as quick and easy as their other published titles.

    The art style of I and Me is quite delightful. To me, it was reminiscent of Braid in more ways than one. I enjoyed that game went through the four different seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter. The cats were cute and would fit in with characters from a Studio Ghibli film. The sound design is also pleasant. There are natural sounds like birds, rain, and footsteps, as well as mechanical sounds with the levers and moving platforms. Both are pleasing to the ear. Though this may be a personal preference, I do not like the sheep sounds. It's grating to me. Overall, I thought the game's presentation was excellent in its simplicity.

    The gameplay ranges from fun to frustrating while maintaining creativity and requiring critical thinking. Most puzzles are not too complex yet still provide a decent challenge. Even when using a video guide, one may still struggle to figure out exactly what to do, which is a positive thing to me. Aside from the purely puzzle aspects are the platforming aspects. When controlling two characters at once, it is very easy to get confused, and there are levels where no video guide can truly help you. Those levels are reliant on skill and coordination. While there may be frustration involving these, it is never frustration at the game; it's always frustration at yourself. The game is good at making the player feel that any mistakes are at the hands of the player, not the game.

    The achievements consist of mainly progression-related achievements. There is one collectible throughout the game with a couple of miscellaneous tasks to complete in certain levels as well. It is a very straight-forward achievement list. It is not too difficult, but it's not too easy either. I think it's a pretty good balance for the type of game this is.

    Final Thoughts
    The game is designed very well. Its presentation is pleasing to the eyes and ears. The gameplay is technically great. It may not be a game you want to plow through in one run as it can get a bit "samey" at times, but that can be said of any game. Frustration will stem from player skill rather than the game "cheating you." I think this was a great game overall that possibly could have benefited from more levels and additional mechanics to keep things even more fresh.
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    Angels Kill TooThe music is very moving; I really like classical music/piano/violin; great ost.
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 21 Jun at 05:14