1. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey for Xbox 360. Here I will direct you through the entirety of the game in the most efficient way, unlocking all 50 available achievements in the process. In this section I'll give you a basic rundown of the order and the modes required to be completed.

> Your first step is to complete the campaign on the Arcade setting. This is essential to unlock all of the side achievements specific to each chapter as they will be too difficult on the higher settings. You will unlock 20 of the achievements along the course of your first campaign. Apart from the automatic achievements such as 'Chapter Completions' you will also be looking to complete specific tasks in certain chapters. None of these are missable. If you fail any of these side tasks, you'll have the option to restart the checkpoint or chapter at any time.

> Completing the campaign on any setting will unlock the 'Single Missions'. These will have to be completed on Arcade with one of the three 'Tags' active, one achievement per Tag. Again, these are not missable and can be done at your discretion.

> With the campaign and the single missions complete, you will have all the basics of flight control at your command and the chapter familiarity understood to move onto and complete your second playthrough on the Realistic setting in the campaign. Although the achievements attained in Realistic are stackable (i.e. unlocked through the higher difficulty of Simulator), the transition from Arcade to Simulator is extremely intense and not recommended even to veteran flight simulator players. If you do however decide to move straight to Simulator difficulty you will have to at least complete the 'Master Of Acrobatic Flight' on realistic first. Further details are found in the 'Realistic And Simulator' section of this walkthrough.

The campaign on Simulator difficulty is not to be taken lightly, but if you have completed Realistic you will now have the know-how and confidence to tackle it. There are 4 achievements to be had on Simulator; apart from completing all of the campaign chapters you also have to at some point complete a single successful landing.

> The online multiplayer aspect of this game will consume the greater amount of time required to complete. It can be started at any point during your campaigns but I'd recommend completing the Campaign at least once along with all of the Single Missions as you will unlock the aircraft required for multiplayer. Unfortunately, the lobbies for this game are now all but dead and you will require a boosting partner. Fortunately though, this makes the only Ranked achievement 'Honoured Fighter' much easier. The remaining MP achievements have to be done in 'Player' (private unranked) matches over Xbox Live. All multiplayer achievements can and should be unlocked on your way to the largest achievement in Sturmovik - the extremely extensive 'Weapon Collector'. Your journey towards this will not necessarily unlock all of the other player achievements unless it is completed in the correct manner as described in this walkthrough. So if you follow this guide in chronological order, you will unlock every multiplayer achievement in the fastest and most efficient way on your way to unlocking 'Weapon Collector'.

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