Ikenfell Reviews

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    25 Oct 2020
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    This is a really great turn-based RPG. It has a "Timing System" that forces players to hit a button with specific timing when attacking and defending to hit harder or to lower damage taken. The game is very disability friendly with options to partially or fully disable the timing system. Personally, I did not like the "Instant Victory" option. The game's difficulty scales really well so you don't need to go back and grind for more money or XP, though that is an option. The final boss and the three optional/secret bosses were very intense and drawn out fights which require character/team optimization.
    The 6 playable characters were mostly well balanced, though (Pertisia) definitely feels under-powered by the end of the game.
    The Story
    The plot feels decently long and has emotional depth. The game is very LGTBQ+
    and minority conscious/ inclusive. The story focuses on the relationships between characters, but character backstories are extremely thin though. For example, you understand how each character feels, but not where they are from or even their ages.
    The game has an excellent soundtrack and great variety of sounds.
    The world is both brilliantly colored and wondrously dull in an 8-bit style. The skill effects all look great. I don't think it could be done any better.