Imperia Online (Win 8)


Imperia Online (Win 8) Achievements

Most Earned

Candidate for quest follower5 (5)Complete 5 quests
Population growth begins5 (5)Research Medicine 1
Noble beginning5 (5)Have 6 great people in your empire
First step towards festivals6 (5)Build level 1 of Town square

Least Earned

Trade post founder59 (35)Found a trading post
Experienced sovereign65 (40)Reach 100 000 net points
Small depositor24 (15)Research Banking 5 and take a deposit with small interest
Fortress constructor32 (20)Build Fortress 5
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Imperia Online Update Detailed

A new update has been announced for Imperia Online, with a variety of new features on the way. Of utmost importance for this site, of course, is the Windows 8 version of the game will be getting some achievements. The 407 of you that have completed the Windows Phone version of the game - a

Posted 1 year ago by Andy Mills, 19 comments