2. Indiecalypse General hints and tips

Many of the achievements in this game are earned through normal progression, but there are a few missable ones. I will highlight them in Bold Italic so they stand out.

The basic controls in this game outside of the minigames are cn_LSc to move around and cn_A to interact with things. There is also dialogue with other characters throughout the game. If you want to skip it, you can spam cn_A through the majority of these, though there are a few where you have to select the correct option or you will miss an achievement. The guide will let you know when you need to select a specific answer. Each minigame has its own control scheme and the guide will provide the controls for each one when we get to them in the walkthrough. The guide will also provide a brief explanation of the minigames as each one does have its own instructions beforehand, but just shows pictures of what to do and doesn't actually explain the controls.

Another thing to note is that if you quit the game at any point when you resume, you will start from the beginning of the chapter you left in the middle of. It would be wise to finish off the chapter you are on before quitting the game.

With that, onto the walkthrough!

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