4. Indiecalypse Video walkthrough

Missable Achievements-

3:36 - Chapter 1 - When you are back in the hallway after the code hero minigame head to the water fountain just to the left of the first set of lockers, the enter the toilets (WC) just left of it and enter the middle cubicle.

20:08 - Chapter 3 - At the start of chapter 3 you will now be living with your Grandpa (remember what he looks like) he will ask you to bath him make sure you choose the option 'Accept good-naturedly'

23:25 - Chapter 3 - After leaving the apartment Head to the right and a hobo will speak to you after the conversation interact with the cup next to him

38:24 - Chapter 4 - When you go outside speak to guy by the bins and make sure when he asks if you are a cop say 'No'

46:00 - Chapter 5 - After you have spoken to violet at the games fair head right until you see a dead guy hunched over a desk interact with him

55:10 - Chapter 6 - As soon as the chapter starts you will be in a conversation, once this has done interact with the trash bags and choose the option 'kill a few flies'

1:08:10 - Chapter 7 When you are back in your grandpa's apartment there will be a quick conversation and when you are free to move again head into the bathroom

Hopefully this video guide works perfectly for any of you who prefer a visual instead of text.

Enjoy your latest completion

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