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    07 May 2011 27 May 2011
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    Have you ever played a NASCAR, MotoGP, or F1 game on the Xbox 360? If you have, then this game will be perfect for you. Indianapolis 500 Evolution takes you through a full decade (1961 through 1971) of IndyCar racing, the years in which it began to evolve into a popular sport. There are four different game modes, and a total of 50 achievements where you have to do various tasks in order to earn them.

    Game Mode #1: Quick Race

    This is where you can choose any track and any car from any season from 1961 to 1971. Most of the real drivers from that time are included in this game. There are several real tracks to race at, including Trenton, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis. You can choose many different race lengths at each track, from 10 laps to a full distance race.

    Game Mode #2: XBox LIVE
    This mode is usually dead, but it can be a fun mode to play when you can actually find someone on here (Which I haven't had much luck doing). This is the same as quick race, in which you can choose any driver and track to race at.

    Game Mode #3: Yearbook
    Consider this as the "Situation" mode in the game. In this mode, you can choose through 21 historic racing moments from 1961 through 1971, and repeat history. The Yearbook missions in this game are generally easy for the most part, but others will want to make you scream.

    Game Mode #4: Career
    Career is the "important" mode in this game. This takes you through all 11 years through the decade, with YOU being the driver of car #71. You will go through qualifying and every race through all these years, and upgrade you car visiting the "Workshop" as the years progress. You will earn credits in career mode races to spend on these items: A chassis, gearbox, and an engine. If you are an achievement hunter, you can get a good 35 of them (at least) in this mode alone.


    Overall, this is a very good game and is worth getting. You can get a good game like this at a good price. I got mine for just $13 at GameStop. Gameplay, graphics, and audio all deserve a 5/5.

    ***EDIT: PRICE DROP***
    GameStop has dropped the pre-owned version of this game to just $8 as of May 2011, once again, you can get a great game for an even better deal.
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    Foxfire49Good review...Indianapolis 500 is coming up in a few weeks, defiantly gonna be there ^_^ lol
    Posted by Foxfire49 on 08 May 11 at 16:52
    SmedsGood little review! But I will disagree with comparing it to NASCAR or MotoGP (Specifically NASCAR The Game 2011 and MotoGP 06); this game seems to be different handling wise. NASCAR The Game 2011 is easier to drive while MotoGP 06 is much tougher in my opinion.
    Posted by Smeds on 08 May 11 at 19:46