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    *Scroll down a bit if you wish to hear less angry ranting and more facts*

    Infernal: Hell's Vengeance. A game so bad that if Hell actually exists, this is it. On disc form.

    The worst game of all time: a prestigious "honor" that many games throughout the years have been fighting for. Some say it's the infamous ET for the Atari 2600, a game made in a few weeks.
    Some say it's the classic Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the most WINNER game of all time with few actual reviews because the reviewers don't give out zeroes.

    Is it one of those games? Oh lord no. The Xbox 360 has had its share of crap since Perfect Dark Zero at launch, to the more recent Rogue Warrior. But in 2009, a little game called Infernal: Hell's Vengeance was released, and quickly went down in history as "Doominator's WORST GAME ON THE PLANET."

    If you didn't know, this game is actually a port of a game called (what else?) Infernal for the PC... released in 2006 to "meh" reviews (A 60 average on metacritic). In fact, the box arts are exactly the same (if you are looking at the PAL version of the PC game, the NTSC version is slightly different).

    This isn't big news though, in the past, crappy games like Monster Madness and Alone in the Dark got ports (in this case, to the PS3) but:
    A. Those ports turned out pretty damn good.
    B. Those ports were released within a year of the original version.
    C. Many issues in the original were acknowledged and corrected.

    Infernal is a mess. There is NOTHING redeeming about this game. The controls are laughable, voice acting horrendous, dumb plot, dumber AI, and so many other problems that actually make me sick thinking of. It's literally unchanged from the original, except for the subtitle and the Xbox 360 controller setup.

    How painful is it? Well, let's create some imagery:
    Punch yourself in the groin. Now, get your girlfriend, wife, and/or mother to punch you in the groin too. Now, put a rabid raccoon in your pants. And lastly, take the raccoon out of your pants and get your best friend to hit you in the stomach with a golf club to offset the pain in your lower body. That's what Infernal feels like: it hurts. A LOT.
    Story. 1/10
    As I've said in my other reviews, unless a plot is really, really good, I tend not to care, but Infernal's is so bad I interpreted it in the funniest way possible:

    You are average joe Ryan Lennox, who recently got fired from his job... at Heaven. I'm not making this up. When your average guy gets fired, he just moves on with his life and gets new employment, or at most, tells his former boss to piss off. Our pal Lennox however must have REALLY pissed off his employers, since they try to gun him down when he's just chilling at the bar, presumably drinking away the pain of unemployment.

    What does he do after he slaughters the guys he used to celebrate "casual fridays" with, you ask? Gets a job from his new boss: Satan, (Naturally, "Satan" in this game is just a dude in a suit and shades, no horns... but he looks evil enough) who employs him to go postal on his former co-workers, and instead of cash, he's paid in generic special abilities we've NEVER SEEN IN GAMES BEFORE, like a shitty teleportation move (that doesn't work too well), and super damage. Unless Hell has one 'hell' of a dental plan, Lennox would just be better off giving his two weeks’ notice, and go work at Burger King instead.

    Graphics 1/10
    As I mentioned, this is a game from 2006, and it sure looks like it. For its time, it's not horrible, but at the same time it's nothing special. In 2009 however, it's an embarrassment. Environments look flat and boring, enemies all look the same, and most textures are non-existent. Some of the effects (like the "super damage" power) actually bog down the framerate as well.

    Clearly, Infernal is far too AWESOME to run efficiently on the Xbox 360. Maybe we'll see it again as "Infernal: Payback" on the Nintendo Wii in 2013 with motion controls.

    Sound and Music 2/10
    Most of the time the game is quiet, with the exception of laughable dialogue from Lennox and his boss. When the bullets start flying, generic rock music that wouldn't feel out of place in Painkiller (A FPS released in 2004), but as you'd expect, Painkiller was awesome, since (among other things) each level had its own bitchin music. Infernal just uses the same 3 tracks in the game.

    There are a few REALLY bad jokes you hear from time to time, sadly none that immediately come to mind. The enemies all sound the same as well, but who DIDN'T see that coming?

    *Minor fact* Painkiller was about a guy fighting the forces of Hell in order to get into Heaven. Infernal is about a guy fighting the forces of Heaven to (presumably) get into Hell. What plot makes sense, and which one is just stupid?

    Controls 1/10
    I can describe the controls in one word: horrible. Simple conventions like melee attacks (I have done them, but they are borderline useless), aiming down sights, sprinting, and a cover system are either completely broken or non-existent. (Though there is a cover system in this game, but it functions so poorly it makes the original Kane and Lynch look phenomenal)

    Shooting the guns feels really awkward too, unless you're right in front of someone’s face. The recoil on the smg particularly is so bad it's absurd. It's not realistic, it's idiotic.

    Gameplay 1/10
    I feel like I covered everything already in terms of gameplay, but here is a quick summary:

    - It's a third person shooter
    - Controls are sluggish
    - Many typical features in a shooter are absent
    - All the AI characters in the game have a combined IQ of about 40

    But there is one thing that is so bad it needs to be mentioned. How do you get ammo in your average game? That's easy, pick the ammo off the guys you shoot. But does Infernal do this? Of course not, you have to go to their corpses and frisk them (using the X button) for about 6 seconds until you get ammo. Not too much later you can absorb their bodies to get health (well, at least there's no health regeneration...), but doing this CONSTANTLY and IN FIREFIGHTS is tedious, frustrating, and possibly one of the dumbest design choices of any game in recent history.

    Difficulty 1/10
    The only difficulty from this game comes from how bad the design is. The game is linear as it gets, yet without a waypoint system or radar of any kind, it's easy to get lost in the game, since many levels look the same.

    Another problem comes with the respawning enemies, at several parts I didn't know what to do, until a bit of research taught me to attack a different (boss) enemy, and the enemies stop spawning when I do so. There are three difficulty settings, but none are really different from one another.

    Oh, and no autosave function. It has a save anywhere feature, which is nice in console games... but no autosave, or even checkpoints. This means if you play for a bit, turn the bastard off (thinking it checkpointed your progress), and decide to play the next day, you have to START ALL OVER. Hell, if you didn't save in a level and you die, you have to start from YOUR LAST SAVE. Which idiot programmer came up with that?

    Achievements 1/10
    The only reason you are playing this game. You'll likely get everything in one playthrough, the remaining ones you'll do for beating the game on other difficulties (yep. NO STACKING). There are some collectables, but they are pretty hard to miss... and even if you do miss em, you gotta play it three times, so you'll catch em all eventually.

    Oh, and the achievements are actually advertised on the box. I don’t have the game in front of me, but it said something along the lines of "earn over 30 achievements, for story related tasks and other crap." Makes me wonder what if other games had this as a selling point on the box. Go figure.

    I like playing bad games. I like laughing at them, and thinking about what could be done better, IE the "silver lining" on a turd.

    Infernal: Hell's Vengeance has absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities. It takes the basics of a third person shooter, and butchers it with the most minimalistic approach to game design. A bad plot and bad AI only make it worse. How this game did decent when it originally came out is beyond me.

    They say every person's view of Hell is different. Well for me, it's playing this game 24/7, while the developers (along with their friends at Artificial Studios and Playlogic; ironically two companies no longer around) prod me with pitchforks and laugh.

    So in conclusion, my score for Infernal: Hell's Vengeance is a solid
    -3.5/10. However, for reminding me of Painkiller and allowing me to make up new curse words, I'll be generous and give it a solid 1/10.

    I'd still rather recieve open heart surgery from a drunk doctor wearing boxing gloves blasting Slayer in the back of a 4X4 going 140mph through a minefield than play this game.

    EDIT - If you wanted to know, the back of the box actually says:
    "Collect up to 30 Achievements throughout the game including Story and Skill Based Achievements."

    The box also says "Game-content download." WHY didn't I make a joke about that at the time?
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    VxyenSome fun facts I discovered while "speedrunning" this game on easy in my 2nd playthrough:

    -If you skip the enemies on the aircraft carrier level prior to the helicopter fight via rolling (as it makes you invincible), they can still intervene when you deal with the helicopter. Funny enough, the fire that acts as a wall/instant kill doesn't apply to them as they can walk right through it and make the boss fight even more troublesome (perfect accuracy while aiming through fire; GOTY worthy amirite).

    -This is even worse in the last level with the spiraling pathway downwards to the nutjob professor you have to eliminate. Apparently spawning 10 or more baddies on your screen causes absurd framerate lag (happens with the aircraft level too) and the more you roll by, the more that'll spawn which makes it even more worse to the point that when a cut-scene is triggered, it'll crash your game (couldn't even open the dashboard panel/dashboard the game, had to turn my stuff off). Seriously, what engine was used for this game?

    Know what I love even more? This is quoted from PlayLogic's own website about the game:

    "Infernal uses a state-of-the-art Physics engine enabling highly interactive worlds with destroyable walls and objects, while giving the player the ability to use a vast array of weapons. This is supported by using high level graphics and a stunning overall design based on locations throughout Europe and the USA"

    "state of the art"
    "high level graphics"
    "stunning overall design"


    Honestly ambivalent on whether or not to return this game or to smash it to bits so I can spare some poor soul from ever getting infected by this travesty, especially a completionist. Having to complete this game 3 times in a row is truly evil in it's most embodying form.
    Posted by Vxyen on 26 Jul 16 at 05:28
    Posted by SlavenBOSS on 24 Sep 16 at 11:18
    PuritanSoulGreat review. It's always nice to know how shit a game is when it gets the Doominator review!!
    Posted by PuritanSoul on 25 Apr 17 at 19:34
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    This game is a 3rd person shooter in the same mould as The Bourne Conspiracy and Wanted: Weapons of Fate. And is as bad, if not worse than them. But before I delve into the flaws of this game, let me give you the plot details.

    You are a former angel, banished from a Heaven Special Services squad (stay with me). At the start of the game your former angel colleagues attempt to assassinate you, but once you escape the Devil offers you demonic powers if you team up with him to bring down the Heaven squad. You will then go on a multitude of missions, battling angels and their allies in locations all over the world to unravel a plot to control human's free will.

    Now, onto the mechanics and gameplay of the Infernal: Hell's Vengeance. It plays like crap! There is a cover system that barely works. It is rubbish to get in and out of quickly, and most of the time you get a better shot at enemies by staying out of cover and using scenery as a block to shoot past the edges of. The enemies AI is terrible. They run in straight lines to pre-determined spots where they stop and shoot no matter the situation.
    The demonic powers you gain throughout the game are one of the few plus points to this wholly unenjoyable experience. They include the ability to drain a regenerative lifeforce from fallen enemies, a multiple teleport system and a hell-like power up to your weapons.

    Achievements - The majority of the achievements will be completed in a single playthrough with only a few collectible achievements for mana/health boosters and weapon achievements missable. You will however get the chance to find them on other playthroughs as the difficulty achievements (Easy/Normal/Infernal) don't stack and must be completed individually to be gained. Even the Infernal difficulty isn't that hard, so for 100% it's three full completions with collectibles for between 15 and 20 hours of your life.

    You decide if ti's worth it?
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    There's not much to say about this game, if it came our in 2004 on the PS2 it MIGHT have been an okay game.. but that's all I can think of when i play the game: how it would be so much better on the PS2.

    The gunplay is out of date, the melee is almost broken, getting ammo and health is annoying and chops up the combat and action, which I was almost thankful for because the fighting was my least favorite part. Did you hear me? The shooting is my least favorite part in a shooting game.

    The story's okay, and pretty much was the only thing keeping me playing the game besides the easy achievements. The main character is mildly funny, if not annoying at times. The overall story is okay, unique, but not enough to keep the common player from selling the game after a few deaths.

    If you're willing to put up with the broken-ness and annoyances of the game, this should be an easy 1000 as all but like 4 achievements are story-related and the others are unlocked as you progress through the game (I had all misc. achievements by the end of the 3rd level).

    Oh yeah, remember to save constantly. This game has ABSOLUTELY NO AUTOSAVE/CHECKPOINT SYSTEM. You can save anywhere, but if you die you have to restart at the last saved point... which blows pretty harsh..
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    11 Jan 2013
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    Smokin Gamer here with my first ULTRA HYPER MEGA SUPER TURBO QUICK REVIEW HD REMIX. Unlike my (Somewhat) Quick Reviews, these reviews will be very short and cover the bare essentials. I review all my games in six areas: STORY, GAMEPLAY, GRAPHICS, SOUND/MUSIC, REPLAY VALUE, and PRICE VALUE. I grade each area on a 1-10 scale (10=masterpiece, 5=average as average can be, 1=horrendous/unplayable).

    INFERNAL: HELL’S VENGEANCE: Now there are games that are “so bad they’re good” and then they’re games that are just flat out bad! Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance is the latter. It is a port of a sub-par PC game and honestly I don’t have a clue how/why they brought it over to the consoles. *sigh* let’s do this…

    STORY: Ryan Lennox is your everyday screw-up. So the devil shows up one day and says “hey kill people and I’ll give you the blandest powers in the world”. Ryan is a tool so he’s a like “word…let’s cook these turkeys. Story is laughable and although that makes for some unintentionally funny moments, it also makes it totally forgettable.

    (STORY: 1.5/10)

    GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is virtually unplayable. It’s a third person shooter with the blandest of bland power ups. None of your powers work right, the difficulty curve is up and down like a kangaroo on meth, the cover system is broken, collecting souls make it look like you’re grabbing the enemy’s crotch, and NO AUTO SAVE.

    (GAMEPLAY: 1/10)

    GRAPHICS: Dated, bland, unappealing, and downright boring. Next!!!

    (GRAPHICS: 2/10)

    SOUND/MUSIC: Remember what I said about the graphics…ditto.

    (SOUND/MUSIC: 2/10)

    REPLAY VALUE: Well if you’re an achievement junkie and masochist then you have to play the game three times to get all the achievements because the difficulty achievements aren’t stackable. Once was enough for me. Seriously...screw this game.

    (REPLAY VALUE: 0/10)
    [That what you get for having an unplayable game with unstackable difficulty achievements!!!]

    PRICE VALUE: This game is about $10 new and $6-8 used. DON’T BUY IT!!! Yes it may seem like an easy way to get some achievements, but I swear on everything I love…IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!!

    (PRICE VALUE: 0.5/10)

    (OVERALL: 1/10)
    [My lowest scored game ever!!!]

    Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance was a budget game that many people didn’t know about and for good reason. Trust me; I would have loved for it to be that rare gem, but it’s not at all anything worth your time or money. There are tons of better games out there that will cost you $8 or less. There’s no reason to play this unholy abomination. If you liked this review, then check out my other ones: Resident Evil 5, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock 2 (plus DLC), Dante’s Inferno, Mega Man 10, Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Terminator: Salvation, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, Call of Duty 3, and The Walking Dead. Also be sure to look out for more of my ULTRA HYPER MEGA SUPER TURBO QUICK REVIEWS HD REMIX.
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    Not stackable, long, no auto saves. Glitchy. Horrible game. Avoid at all costs.

    It's not even worth it for the achievements as the game is just a drag and requires you to play it three times.

    So take my word for it and just stay away. It's not really hard, but it's just such a waste of a disc it's not worth the 3 plays to get 1000.

    I will curse this game developer until the day that I die.

    Why would you force people to play this crap game three times? It's unreal.

    Why do these budget games seem to go on forever? Do they not realize no one wants to play this crap?
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    No sooner than you start playing your being shot at my enemys which are hard to see in the clubs dark rooms, the controls feel clunky and not nice, reminds me very much of Damnations controls which are horrid to the touch.

    I stuck with this hoping it gets better, it doesnt..... Later in the level you get to use a few more weapons and a fireball type move to kill the enemys, the save points blow too, Got to a boss after maybe 30 minutes of the life (seemed like 30 hours) Wasnt completely concentrating as I was on the phone so died during the fight..

    Expected to respawn at the boss fight again or maybe just before, NOPE, It starts you from the BEGINNING of the level.

    I cant see me going back for another go to be honest, the cheevos are also NOT stackable so you would have to play through 3 times to get the 1000 points..

    Its a painful game to play and theres so much better to play than this.

    Its a thumbs down from me and a 2/10
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