2. Infernal: Hell's Vengeance General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The cover in Infernal is beneficial and detrimental. It can shield you from enemy fire, but leaning out of cover leaves you heavily exposed and forces you back against your cover after scoring a kill. The compromise here is to use cover without manually putting yourself into it. Crouch down, stay behind cover, and peek out to shoot enemies in your line of fire as you see fit. You'll be battling the camera a bit, but this method is much easier and safer than using the game's cover system.

Clear areas, then pick up the scraps. Especially on Hard, rushing out of cover to absorb an enemy body for health and ammo will usually result in you losing more health then you'd gain. Kill off enemies as quickly as you can, and start your absorption process to regain supplies when it's safe to do so.

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Infernal Vision (cn_Y) is incredibly useful. Mana and health boosters/restoration are plentiful in most levels and can certainly save your life during difficult sequences. If you're in trouble, pop into Infernal Vision to try to find resources!

Never reload! Reloading tosses the bullets still in your magazine and replaces them with a fresh clip. Save ammo by taking your gun down to the last shot.


Did I mention save? Save often, save regularly, save when you have full health, save when you have enough health to progress. Save after bosses, before bosses, after big fights, and when you feel like it. Why is it so important to save? Infernal has no checkpoints. None. 0. You die on Mission 5 and you never saved? Back to the Prologue you go. Make it a point to always SAVE

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