3. Infernal: Hell's Vengeance Story walkthroughUpdate notes

This is a walkthrough for the game on Hard, but the difficulties aren't very different at all. The information below can be applied to all 3 difficulties in Infernal. Be sure to grab all the missable achievements this playthrough, so use your Infernal powers, and liberally absorb corpses. My recommended save points are simply there to indicate a difficult part coming up. You should be saving MUCH more frequently than I recommend.


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Start off by following the instructions on how to shoot, and use it to take down the enemies in this area. Unfortunately, there is no option to aim down the sight, so just match up your reticule with your targets head and go for it. Be sure to search the bodies (cn_X) for ammo. Finish up in this room and proceed through the now open doors, heading left and killing off the enemies in this hall. At the end of the hall make a left into another hall, where more enemies will ambush you. Kill them all off and head down the hall, making a right this time. Fight off the enemies here before going through the door. Make a left through the kitchen and kill off the enemies here. Head right into the elevator for a loading screen. One you're loaded in, head to the left and finish the level for:

Mission 1 : The Cloister

Immediately after the cutscene, you will be rewarded with:

Head up the path, and stick to the right side. When you move past some buildings, make a left past the old man. Turn right at the fence and go up the stairs here, making a right at the top and climbing the ladder here. At the top of the ladder, follow the instructions to interact with the terminal to unlock the door. Head back outside, past the man, and make a left. Go inside the Monastery doors for a cutscene and letter. Now turn left to enter the door you had unlocked with the terminal. Open the panel in the ground and climb down the ladder for a cutscene.

Keep progressing, jumping over the broken floor when the game gives you the instructions to do so. Move ahead to find the instructions on activating your Infernal Powers, and then break the boards blocking your path with them for:

Keep moving on, shooting down the camera in the hallway ahead. After this, you'll get a cutscene and an encounter with an enemy using shurikens. Kill him for an introduction on absorption of souls. This is something that you will be doing very often in the game (for achievements and just as a means to heal), so be aware of it. Use the keycard fished from the corpse to unlock the door on the right, and unlock:

The next few rooms contain enemies, so try to line up headshots when they're not aware of you. Use their bodies to heal if need be. After killing these enemies, head left and follow the path here to more enemies. You'll be taking a door to the right next, so clear out everyone around you. After opening yet another door, you'll be given a cutscene.

There are 2 enemies in the immediate courtyard with you, and another 2 firing from up top. Kill the enemies down with you before focusing on killing the 2 above. Another enemy is in the room to your right, along with some ammo. Once that's down, head straight until you come to a locked gate. Behind that gate is another gate, which you can open. This area contains a few enemies with you and some more on a walkway above you to the right. Kill them all and then enter the barn, leaving through the back door and going down the opening here for another scene.

Head back up the stairs and kill the new enemies that have spawned in. Go back to the gate that was locked earlier and move through it. Kill the enemy on the stairs, and go up to where he was for a cutscene and an introduction to cover. Follow the instructions to stick to the wall and move across it, getting off and opening the door once you reach the other side. Open it and take out the enemy here, then begin to make your way right. Use the doors within the rooms to navigate past the bars placed in the middle of the floor for reasons unknown, before coming to the body of an Acolyte leader. Absorb him for a keycard before making your way back to the left, killing the enemies in the rooms here. After entering the last door you can on the left, you'll find a door that can be unlocked with the keycard you just acquired. Go through this door, kill the enemies on the walkway, and head around to the next door. In this next room, you'll get a cutscene and:

Use cn_RB to teleport behind the camera, and then interact with the terminal on the wall before the teleport runs out. It's a bit tricky, but you will be doing this exact scenario a few times throughout the game and you should try to get it down as early as possible. Once the camera is disabled, move down the hall to the door.

Recommended save point

Through the doors is a mini-boss. Start the battle off by rolling right and crouching behind the boxes here. There are 3 lights suspended from the ceiling you need to shoot out. The first is to the left, the 2nd is to the right, and the final is to the right-back of the boss. After you shoot out all the lights, wait until your mana charges up to around 15. Charge up an Infernal shot and hit the boss before ducking back behind the boxes. Repeat this 3 more times to kill the boss. Go up and absorb his body for a keycard, which can be used on the door on the left. Open up the door, interact with the terminal, and now move to the right of the room and pass through the now unlocked gate. Hop on the cable car for:

Go through the door in front of you and teleport behind the camera to interact with the terminal. Move down the hall, and be prepared to fight some enemies in the next room, watching for the one on the walkway above. Once the room is clear, climb the ladder and shoot the box in your way until it breaks. Move up until the enemies below you spawn, and then take them out. Climb down the ladder once it's clear, and shoot the camera to the right. Go into the room it was watching, and activate the terminal before going right again, through the door here. Enemies will rush you, with one on the walkway above near an explosive barrel and another hiding in the left corner of the room. Clear this room and continue on to the next room, clearing that one as well. Once the enemies here are dead, go down the right hallway. Use your Infernal Powers to shoot out the wall here, follow the hallway down, and then use them again to break the next wall down.

The next room has enemies on the catwalk above and in the room to your left, so dispatch them before climbing the ladder. Jump across to the other platform here, and then shoot the camera through the grating to your left. Jump back and climb down again, entering the room the cameras were in for a cutscene. Proceed into the next area, a large courtyard, for a tough fight.

Recommended save point

Acolytes will spawn here in unlimited numbers until you kill the shielded leader. Unload your Infernal Power charged SMG until you're out of mana. Run down the stairs on either side of the courtyard and wait for Acolytes to follow. Kill them for health and mana until you're recharged, and then rush and attack the leader again. Keep this up until he dies. Clear out and absorb the other enemies that remain, and then use Infernal Vision to grab some of the health and mana pickups scattered around the area if you still need them. Now go through the opened gate on the left and down the passage for:

In this room, after a cutscene, gas traps will activate. Turn around to disable Lock 1, turn left for Lock 2, left again for Lock 3, and left once more for Lock 4. After disabling the locks, 2 Acolytes will spawn in. Kill them both, then enter one of the doors on the sides of this room. Inside, you'll find a terminal to disable the door lock. Disable this lock, then turn around, and run straight across the gas room to the other door and the terminal inside. Once both locks are released, head through the newly opened door and go up the stairs for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

Start rolling left immediately and don't stop until you hit the back left corner. Fire a shot into the explosive stockpile here, blowing up half the cathedral. Turn around and start rolling again, the long way by avoiding the steps, until you reach the opposite side of the church. Fire another shot into the explosive pile on the right, unlocking the door. Once you can, jump up and over the wall slightly to your left, and roll to the door. Run straight down the corridor here for a cutscene.

Turn right and go through the room here, avoiding the lasers. When you reach the end of the hall, roll through the lasers and activate the terminal. Roll back through the lasers and go through the newly opened door. To the left is a camera. Wait for it to move towards you before rolling through it and to the end of the hall. From here, shoot the explosives blocking the way ahead, and roll through the other camera's path. Crouch down and go through the panel here. Unlock the door, absorb the corpse, and then turn around and activate the switch here. Go left through the panel and use the keycard gained from the corpse on the door here. Use Infernal Vision to spot the door code on the whiteboard, then use the code on the terminal to the right to open the door behind you. Move through these rooms for another cutscene. Run to the end of the hall, and shoot the white parts of the red coming out of the panels to break them. Keep this up until you have a clear passage to roll through and finally end this level to unlock:

Mission 2 : Grey Rock Refinery

After the cutscene, you have some enemies to kill. Shoot the guard on patrol, then go under the walkway, and shoot up at the other 2 enemies here. Move through the doors on the right for another cutscene in a courtyard. Take cover and kill the guards rushing you, then peek out and use Infernal Power shots to kill the enemy on the turret. Once this area is free of enemies, take the door to the left, and climb the stairs up one flight. Go across the walkway that has the spotlights that you first saw at the beginning of the level. Go down the stairs at this end, and open the locker on the wall for another pistol and:

Head back the way you came and take the staircase going up to the right. At the top, go through the door on the left. The room below contains a few enemies, so carefully work your way down and clear it out. Once they're dead, go through the door. Head left and go through the gate for a scene of an enemy turning a valve. Go right and down into this small area to kill him. Turn on your Infernal Vision and check the far right corner of this small area for Mana Booster 1/3. Now turn the valve and shut off the gas.

Go to the left of this area where the gas was just shut off, and teleport past the gate to the terminal on the first landing up the stairs. Interact with it to open the door. Move up these stairs to come to a landing with an enemy below to kill. Take him out and move to the huge metal doors here for a cutscene and a large battle. Kill the jetpack enemies first, then focus on the turret, before turning your attention to the ground troops. Press forward until a group of enemies burst through the wall in front of you. Go left and stay low between the 2 containers here, controlling the amount of enemies on you at once. Pop out of cover to kill them off one by one. Once they're all dead, go into the room they came from, and mop up the stragglers. Now leave this room and take the staircase up to the left, entering the unlocked door at the top. Kill the guard in here and use the terminal.

Exit this room and get on the turret. Enemies will swarm from all sides, as well as 2 rocket launcher enemies on the catwalk across from you. Kill them as they spawn, and take out the enemies below you as they rush in. Once this space is cleared out, rush down to the rocket launcher enemies and absorb them. You're going to want to use the rockets as much as possible this level. Go to the staircase on the right, kill the 3 enemies coming down from it, and go into the room at the top of the stairs. An enemy here will throw a grenade, so take him out quickly. Go into the door behind him and watch for jetpack enemies that break through the ceiling. Go into the gated area and turn around to deal with the next 2 jetpack enemies. Now go into Infernal Vision, get the code off the wall, and activate the terminal.

Exit this room the way you came, and cross the catwalk to the right, killing the new enemies here. Once across, go into Infernal Vision for Mana Booster 2/3. Go down the stairs here and look to the left for Mana Booster 3/3 and:

Go back upstairs and take the door on the right. Follow the walkway right to a small rooftop full of enemies. Once they're dead, take the left catwalk around to another door and descending staircase. Open the door here and kill the jetpacker who decided to drop in. Activate the terminal and go back the way you came, wary of the broken roof because that fall will kill you, then head right and kill the enemy across the way. Jump across the broken section of catwalk here, and enter the door, killing the other enemy around. Make your way down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Go right through the opened blast door and prepare for a fight. Kill the enemies around here, being aware of the turret on the left and rocket enemies on the right. This is where I got:

If you haven't yet, don't worry! Just pick up the ammo from the corpses of the rocket enemies here and keep using the rockets. Once you're done here, you'll be introduced to teleporting items. Stack up the crates around here to create a platform to jump onto the container and then drop down and climb down the ladder on the right for:

Start off by following the path to a gate with a terminal on the opposite side. Teleport over to the terminal to unlock one of the blast doors around the corner. Here, you'll encounter the laser cutter enemy, who is easy to deal with. Roll behind him while he's reloading, and use an Infernal shot on the canister on his back. Repeat this until he dies. 2 more enemies will come from the door in here. Kill them and the next laser guy before activating the switch to open another door for another laser. After killing that one, make your way down the new hallway until you get to a pipe which you can shimmy across. Around here is when I unlocked:

If you haven't yet, no worries. Just keep absorbing bodies, and you certainly will soon enough.

Drop down and go through the next door, killing the jetpack enemies in here. Go through the right tunnel and climb the ladder for another jetpacker. Go to the end of the tunnel here and kill the enemy on the right before jumping up on the pipe and shimmying across. Drop down and go through the door, activating the switch on the left as you do so. Go into the next room and activate the switch here as well, then move up to trigger a laser spawn behind you. Kill him and reactivate the switch to get another laser enemy rushing at you. Take care of him, collect the ammo here, and travel down the hall for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

Elena is a tricky boss. Pull out the laser, and run to the opposite side of the arena she's taking cover in. When she's there, use an Infernal laser blast until she moves. Relocate when she does, rolling to avoid the shurikens. If you run low on health, use your Infernal Vision to grab some from the sides of the arena. Halfway through the fight, a cutscene will bring the battle downstairs. Elena now has rockets, which are easier to dodge. Use your own rockets here, firing from the opposite side of the room while Elena is reloading. If you use up your rockets, switch to the laser till she dies. Hop on the pipe to the right and shimmy across to the other side for a cutscene and

During this fight, I also unlocked

Head through the gate, and kill the enemy on the catwalk above. Climb over the fence with no barrier on top of it, then drop down. Go through the plastic and clear the enemies here. Go right and interact with the valve to turn off the steam around the corner. Move past this area and through the barrels to start climbing the stairs. Kill the snipers that spawn on the tower across the way and continue to climb. One more foe will pop up from the right. Go through the door at the top of the stairs for a cutscene and:

Start off by killing the 3 enemies on the elevator. Make your way right and kill everything on your level and below you. Keep making your way around, killing everything. At the end of this area will be a jetpacker, so take him out. Teleport down to the elevator controls and activate them, then get onto the elevator and activate the controls again. Kill the jetpack enemies that spawn, then step off the elevator. Make your way around to the right, and blow up the barrels blocking the door, then pass through. Around the corner is a staircase and enemies, so kill the enemies and then head down. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, and fight through these enemies as well, being sure to kill the few across the platform before jumping on the pipe. Around the corner from the pipe is another enemy behind the gate. Kill him, then teleport through the gate and activate the terminal to unlock a door.

Go back around the corner and kill the 2 new enemies here, and then go up the stairs. Head through the door on the right and watch for the elevator. Kill the 2 enemies on it, then get on and activate the switch. Go through the opened gate and go down the stairs here, moving into the area underneath the elevator. 2 enemies will be shooting from behind the gate, with another above it. Kill them, then work on the few jetpack enemies in the area. Another will spawn above the gate, with another 2 (including a rocket launcher) on the right above you. Once you cleared them out, move into the next room for a boss.

Recommended save point

The first stage of this fight is the easiest. Use Infernal pistol shots to break the yellow canisters around the circular machine. Kill the zombie things in the area for health and mana. Once all the canisters are destroyed, the 2nd stage initiates. In this one, try to get as far away from the zombies as possible and activate your teleporter device. Drag the balls inside the machine out as quickly as possible, before they regenerate. Once they're all out, the last stage begins. Once you have lots of mana, switch to your rocket or laser. Teleport behind Dr. Wolf, and use an Infernal shot on the canisters on his back. Do this until you just have to roll around to recharge your mana. Eventually, Wolf dies, this horribly long level ends, and you unlock:

Mission 3 - Malovia Steelworks

Turn right as soon as the mission begins to come to a gate. Lennox will mention that he requires multiple teleportions to open the gate, and just like that it shall be done, unlocking:

Now use your new power to unlock both locks simultaneously. Once you do, move through the gate for a cutscene and a fight. Use your Infernal shots on the teleporting sniper, rolling if you get sighted. Only 2 shots should put him down. When he dies, enemies will rush from the gate. Try to hide behind some cover, and peek out for potshots at the enemies. There are quite a few here. Move ahead once they're dead, being wary of the straggler that runs at you from the right. Move to the left and out into the ocean for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

You can roll through this whole section, avoiding combat entirely. Roll right and up the catwalk. Once the crane destroys it, jump over it. Roll some more across the next catwalk, turning right and waiting for a piece of the platform to be taken out. Jump over it and roll right until you get to the containers. Carefully jump onto each container before hitting the ground. Go up the stairs here, cautiously going down in anticipation of 2 enemies here. Kill them and head left, looking for the security shack with 3 more enemies. Kill them and take the keycard from inside the wall locker on the left.

After grabbing the keycard, make your way back. 3 enemies will pop out from behind the containers, so kill them and advance. Make a left at the next corner, and use your newly acquired keycard on the gate here. Move into the next area and take out the 2 guards here. Move right past the small security room and jump onto the metal panel here. Jump from this panel over the gate, then up the catwalk. Follow the catwalk until the descending stairs, make a left, and come to a cutscene that introduces the mines.

Recommended save point

Start off by using Infernal powers or pistol sniping to take out the 2 enemies on the walkway above you. Once you drop them both, pop on your Infernal Vision. You can now see the mines, so do your best to avoid them. Make your way down the middle past the cowering enemy here, then disengage Infernal Vision and kill the 3 guards on your right who popped out to say hello. Make your way right through the mine field, being wary of the Acolyte behind the container on the left. Once he's dead, head right again. One more enemy will rush from the front, so kill him before rolling ahead over the last 2 mines and absorbing his body. Head into the door for a cutscene before going upstairs, across the walkway, and into the door for:

Inside the mill, run left, then up the stairs to your right. Take out the enemy firing from your right, then turn your attention to the one coming up the stairs on the left. Get down to the ground floor and meet the newest enemy, the Flamehrower. Luckily they have very little health, so score a few headshots on him to put him down. Go up the walkway he just came from and confront the next thrower of flames. The crates here contain ammo if needed. Up the walkway to the right is another flamethrower and 3 enemies firing from the right. Take them all down and proceed on. Kill the enemy sniping from across the platform, jump onto the pipe, shimmy over to the walkway, and drop down.

Head right, killing the enemy across the way as you come up the stairs. There will be fire coming at you from all the other platforms, so take out these enemies as you progress. Eventually you will come to a walkway blocked by the cauldron below you. Teleport across the way to hit the switch to move the cauldron, and then jump over when it's cleared. Look up and to the left, shooting the yellow chains to lower the next walkway for you to access. Go up this new walkway and get treated to some wonderful voice acting. After that short scene, kill the enemies in front of you and to the left. Once it's clear, jump across the hole in the walkway and go down the stairs to the left. A new group of enemies will have popped up in front and to the left of you, so be sure to pick them off. Jump back across this hole, and take the way out to the right. Move through the next area for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

Turn around and follow the catwalk to a ladder. Climb it and pilot the crane. The crane is easy to control, with cn_RS to move and cn_RT to shoot. Stay low and in the corner, moving diagonally and popping off a shot when your reticule is over the crane. Its tricky to pin down at first, but keep up this tactic and guerrilla crane warfare, and you will eventually be victorious. Descend the ladder, careful to not walk backwards over the ledge, and through the door for another flamethrower encounter. Kill him and move on. The next 2 rooms have some more enemies, so kill them and go right after opening the door. Another flamer will be in here to kill. Proceed on for a cutscene. After that scene, turn around, and head out the newly opened door for a new scene.

You now have a time limit to escape the collapsing factory. Move up and kill the flamer before following the catwalk to the right. Kill the enemy above you before shooting the walkway down. Kill the enemy on the platform to the right at the top of this walkway, and follow the path until you come to a drop. Teleport across and hit the switch to raise your way across. Move ahead and kill the enemies across the way before jumping on the next set of platforms. Follow the walkway down and right, taking out the enemy on your left. Follow the walkways left, killing enemies and flamers as they pop up. Once you reach a suspended platform, shoot the chains on the sides. You'll be dropped right in front of an enemy. Kill him and go back to the ground floor, taking the stairs to the left. After going up some steps, you'll find a bunch of flammable containers and an enemy. Make 2 lefts and go up the ladder here. Keep following the path until you get to a pipe. Jump up and shimmy, dropping down at the end. Move left and JUMP across the platform here to end this section and unlock:

Recommended save point

You're now in a staple of modern gaming: the stationary turret sequence. Kill the first 3 enemies on the walkway above you. The next 2 will be coming up the stairs on the left. Next 2 will jump over a wall to the right. Next set of 2 will be on the walkway above you to the front, immediately followed by 2 on the ground to the left under the stairs. The next 2 will hop over the right wall, and the final 2 will also be on the right before the fence. After this section, you'll get a cutscene and 1 health.

Luckily, this area gives us an easy way to combat that. Turn on your Infernal Vision and move right, checking between the containers here until you walk into Health Booster 1/3. Go to the top left corner of this area and follow the catwalk around, moving down to ground level. With your Infernal Vision still active, walk into the crevice behind the stairs for Health Booster 2/3. Eventually, as you make your way around, you'll come to a train car with a few boxes in it. Switch to your teleporter, and move these boxes to the left. Go inside the car and open the box for a keycard. Leave the train and check down the narrow alley to the right near the corner you came from for a cowering enemy and Health Booster 3/3 and:

Now go back to the train and use your keycard for a cutscene.

The new enemies in this area can now become invincible for a short time for additional fun. Wait for them to manifest themselves normally again before taking headshots to kill them. A few will rush from the front, with more running down the stairs from the right as you fight your way ahead. Absorb their bodies to get ammo for their assault rifles, and then make your way across the catwalk. Drop down and kill the next 2 enemies here. For this next area, I just rolled through, even on Hard. Roll until you get a cutscene, then after the scene, just keep rolling until you get another cutscene and:

Now, for this part, you must make a separate save in a different slot. Our goal is to get through the plane without activating the gas traps. If you activate the gas, dashboard, reload the save, and try again from the beginning. Start off by taking the ladder ahead of you and making your way to the boxes blocking the hall. Use your teleportation device to move the top box off the bottom one so you can jump by. To the right, roll through the lasers and activate the panel here to unlock the door. Once that's done, roll back through the lasers.

Go through the newly opened door and look into the room on the left. Activate your Infernal Vision to spot the tiles that will activate the gas. Roll to the back right corner to avoid the tiles and to unlock the door. Once you do, roll back to the door you came from. Look to the left and roll into that corner. From here, roll to the back right tile next to the door. Open the door and carefully pass through it. Turn right down the hall and roll through these lasers, then unlock the door from the terminal here. Roll back out and go through this newly unlocked door. Look right in this hall and shoot the security camera before proceeding. Open the left door, and use your Infernal Vision to spot the tiles again. Roll to the back right corner and unlock the door, then roll behind you to the opened door. Move down the hall and find yourself in the cargo hold. In here, hit the switch next to the door you came from to open up the release locks. Head to the one closest to Lennox for a cutscene. Activate the one next to it for another scene. Head to the opposite side of the machine and activate these 2 switches for 2 cutscenes, as well as:

NOTE: Precision tends to be buggy. If it didn't unlock, dashboard and reload your save from the beginning of the plane.

Mission 4 - HMS Liberty

Try to absorb the body in the chair to initiate a bit of dialogue. Once the door is opened, go through that and the next door. Head right to the end of the hall, and take a right into the next room. You have no weapons, so go up and punch the enemy to death here. Search his body for a gun and keycard. Go into the next room and check the wall lockers for health and ammo. Once you're done, go back the way you came. Shoot the camera at the other end of the hall and use the keycard on the door just past it.

Watch for the enemy on the right and go up the stairs. Beyond the door is another enemy to the right, with your destination to the left. Go through the left door and take out another enemy before heading left again. Follow the path until you get to an enemy and 2 cameras. Take them all out and head past where the cameras were, going through the door directly left of the TV screen. Kill the enemy here before he hits the alarm, move down the hallway to the right, unlock the door here, kill one more enemy, and then go left into the Magazine. Check the lockers here for health kits and proximity mines before activating the wall switch in the back left corner of the room for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

You're now facing off against a mech that shoots lasers. This fight is pretty easy. Coax the mech into walking near the barrels, then shoot the barrels. If you put down a proximity mine and get them to walk over that as well, even better. After the first mech is destroyed, 2 more will appear. Deal with them in a similar manner. The back left lockers have mines, and the walls have lockers will health kits if needed. After the 3rd mech is destroyed, an enemy will burst through the door. Kill him and follow this newly opened path.

Kill the enemies at the top of the stairs and open the door on the right. Shoot the cameras here, and proceed on, killing the enemy to the right. Go down to the end of the hall and go right into the door marked Laboratory Magazine. Here, you'll get a cutscene and your equipment back, so use it to kill the enemies that come into this room after you. Check the wall lockers for some ammo, then head back the way you came.

Kill the enemies along the ay as you head back down the stairs, making sure you take out the 5 guards in the hangar. Once it's clear, get on the lift and use the switch to raise yourself up. Go through the door and up the stairs, opening the door at the top and immediately opening another door to the right. Destroy the cameras here, and make your way back to the Magazine, similar to where you got the proximity mines. Kill the enemy in the blue room once you reach it, then head down the stairs to the red magazine room before using the switch next to the lift for a cutscene and:

Recommended save point

The way around the carrier is very linear but filled with enemies. You can lose a lot of health very quickly from concentrated assault rifle fire, so be sure to save after clearing out groups of enemies and restoring health. Make your way forward until fire blocks your path, then turn left and fight off the next few waves of enemies. Keep moving until you reach containers blocking the path, and then go right onto the walkway. Follow the walkway back the way you came until you're back on the main deck. Clear out the cluster of enemies here, and make sure you're at full health and mana for the next part. Roll to the edge of the deck for a cutscene.

Recommended save point

Open the containers next to you for a rocket launcher and ammo. Line up the helicopter with your reticule and when it's stationary, put an Infernal rocket shot into it You aren't able to use that many, so once your mana is depleted start using the standard rocket shots. Roll to avoid machine gun and rocket fire from the chopper, and keep lining up shots until it's destroyed for a cutscene and:

Mission 5 - Etherlight Satellites Center

Start off by following the main path forward until you reach a gate. Take out the enemies behind it and pass through once Barbara opens it. The path will lead to a small compound full of enemies, so be sure to take them all out. In the building to the left is 2 more enemies and a terminal used to unlock the door to the right building. Once you have it open, go into the right building. Go up the ladder and stand at the top. Teleport one copy of yourself to the switch at the bottom of the ladder and another across the room to the switch there. Activate them both to open the gate. Once the gate opens up, 2 jetpack enemies with large blasters will fly at you. Take them both down and fight your way to the newly opened gate.

Head up the path, and kill the enemies here, fighting to the building on the right. Once everything is dead, the door in the back left of the building will be opened. Proceed on until you come to a turret firing at you. Roll right behind a rock to shield you from fire, but giving you a clear line of shots at the turret. Once it's destroyed, kill the enemies behind the gate, and then teleport to the switches on the left and right behind the gate to open it. Continue on to the top of the hill, killing the enemies here and the ones on the building to the left. Once it's cleared out, move back until you see all 3 switches in view. Two are on top, and one is next to the door. Place a teleportation destination near each switch and hit it. Once the door opens, move through the building and go up the stairs, until you come out on the balcony. Go right and down the stairs here.

Past the fire below, you can pretty easily just roll through the next area. Keep rolling up the stairs, past all the enemies here, until you reach the door. Open it to receive:

The path here is very straightforward but filled with enemies. Head down the stairs to the left and fight through here, being wary of jetpack enemies from the side. Enemies may pop out of doors on the left. These crevices tend to contain paths around the area as well as ammo crates, so investigate them. When the floor collapses, teleport to the switch on the other side to unlock the door on the left. Progress through until the floor collapses again. Kill the enemy here, and Barbara will go around to unlock the door for you. Head left then right, through the medical office (health is on the walls), and out the other side of the collapse. Head down and to the left, killing off the remaining enemies until you reach a cutscene at the bottom.

Recommended save point

This is the first of 3 final bosses in this area. This first part has unlimited jetpack enemies coming in, so make use of your time. Use infernal shots to destroy the generators in the room, killing and absorbing the enemies that spawn in for health and mana. It takes a few minutes, but a cutscene will play after all generators are destroyed to initiate the next stage of the fight.

Now you have a large angel creature to deal with. You can recharge health and mana from the flames in the ground. Keep your distance from the beast, firing off Infernal shots whenever you can. Spend most of your time rolling away from its light daggers. It will occasionally send out a pulse that clears all fire pools and takes your mana down to 0, but it is less likely to use this irritating power if you're on the other side of the arena. Keep up this tactic of long distance Infernal fire, and it will eventually fall and go into the next stage of the fight.

You now have no mana but can still roll. Take out your best weapon (probably the light blaster), and lay into the devil with it. Once he falls to his knees, run over to the yellow terminal ahead of you. Use it to activate the first platform. Roll up the ramp you originally descended from and out to the machine, and then interact with it to activate the first stage. Run back down the ramp and repeat the process, attacking the devil until it falls and activating the platform via the yellow terminal. Once the platform is out, roll up the ramp and over the platform to activate the machine. Repeat the process once more to finish the game. Health and ammo pickups are scattered along the outside of the room, and the pillars that conceal them are great for hiding behind as Lucifer lobs fireballs at the wall in front of you. Upon completing the game, you shall earn:

Normal and Hard Playthroughs

The above wakthrough is written for Hard mode but can also certainly be applied to all other difficulties. Whether you started on Easy (recommended), Normal, or Hard, you can follow what is written above to claim the rest of the achievements in the game. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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