3. Inferno 2+ Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Start a new game and select warm which is the easy mode in terms of difficulty. Choose spread as your weapon and the first level begins.


LVL 1:

Go around the bend and collect the 4 drones which add to your firepower. Only 2 will be with you but you will have 2 as back up if those should die. Continue right and using the cn_RS shoot the enemies you come across. Go up, destroy one purple mine and collect the key.

Image 3

Watch for the explosion. Open the door which is down and to your right.

Image 4

In the center of that door is an upgrade. Select seeker as your missile unlock. You have limited missiles but you use them by shooting normally with cn_RS and then tapping/holding cn_RT I suggest tapping. Kill the rest of the enemies, grab anything around you before you reach the exit.

Image 5


LVL 2:

This level requires 2 keys to reach the exit. Grab 4 drones to your right. Fight to the right and in a corner you will find the 1st key. Go to the center of this level and move beyond the door, upwards. Kill the first batch of enemies that you have faced before and when they are dead, go to the right. You will see a new enemy that shoots at you. This is a great time to use missiles, but if you don't have any just work your way in there and blast 'em. The key is in the top of this room. Before you exit this level, quickly explore and grab the upgrades available now that there are no enemies left. Pick Vulcan for weapon unlock, you can switch to this longer ranged attack by pressing cn_A at any time and then press pause and go to ship status (likely will automatically take you there). Select Seeker, under missile and it will bring you to another screen. Select it again and pick third missile per shot fired. In the left of the exit will be 2 item containers.


LVL 3:

Above you is a shop

Image 6

This will be used later to buy missiles for the achievement that requires you to max out on all missile ammo. For now, ignore it and go kill some stuff. Note the walls that periodically go up and down. Around the wall, above the shop, is 2 more item containers. Above that will be another missile unlock so select flak. You should level up again so select more splitting pieces for flak. After going around the walls that go up and down you should see a key in the center of this area. Grab it and fight your way to the top to blow up another item container. You should have found 10k gold by now and unlocked:

Don't unlock the door that has a ton of enemies behind it, instead go to the smaller door slightly below it. If you don't, it is no big deal and you'll just earn extra points. Grab the key and other items down there and go unlock the door you just avoided, kill everything, grab everything and hit the exit.


LVL 4:

Go right, beyond the disappearing wall and you will face a new enemy. He moves, he shoots, and he has more health than the others. Still should be fairly easy to kill.

Image 7

As you fight to the top right of this area you will find the key and an item container. Unlock the door and fight your way to the left in the new area you enter. You will find a key and 2 item containers. Then start fighting to the right. You will see 2 walls that disappear at opposite times. Behind this is a power unlockable. Select overdrive and finish the level (don't add any points from level ups until suggested). Unlock the next door and hit cn_LT to give overdrive a try. After 5 uses of overdrive you unlock:

You regain power by killing enemies and collecting purple orbs. Kill everything on your way to the exit which is in the bottom left corner of this level.


LVL 5:

This level has 3 cores that must be destroyed to complete it. Grab drones if you need them and head towards the left to find your 10th item container and unlock:

There are plenty more in the game if you miss any, no biggie. The 3 cores are all found, surrounded by a boat load of enemies - in the top left, top middle and top right of this level.

Image 8

Destroy them, collect everything in the level and leave via the exit in the dead center of this area.


LVL 6:

This is your first enhancement:

Image 9

I suggest drone count but it is up to you. Make sure that whichever you select this time, you then select it for a second time on LVL 16 (which is your next chance to find an enhancement). You need to choose the same enhancement twice for an achievement. Before this level was done I had 1000 kills but you will likely not since you aren't stopping to write and letting enemies build up. Soon you will unlock:

Go left, you will be taken forward by an air current. When you can go up and then right to another current, prepare to face a ton of enemies and lose a few drones. A missile will help here, grab the key and continue around, facing massive amounts of enemies and before you can go left, you will see another unlockable, select swarm. Destroy the purple mine and it will open a path to go back the way you started. This time go down and right and grab another key. Return to the start and go left through both doors. There will be a lot of red to kill and an upgrade to grab - pick creeper and upgrade creeps better + creeping extends life under ship status. Now take the exit!


LVL 7:

45 second video in case you worry about missing the secret, but it's hard to miss. All enemies are dead before the video starts so don't expect to see the same thing. I do a spin where the keys are located but you are pretty much forced to walk passed them.

A secret level is found here so pay attention. There will be 2 keys you have to collect and you will use the first one here.

Image 10

Don't go to the right at all, go left to what appears to be a solid wall...that you can walk through.

Image 11

Use your next key here and likely you will have unlocked:


Not much to say, go grab stuff and when the timer runs out you unlock:


LVL 8:

Slowly kill everything in this level. It is easy to get overwhelmed here which is why I suggest going slow. The first unlockable is easily found but the second requires going through a wall again.

Image 12

The key is found in the center through a wind tunnel of sorts. You will instantly be surrounded by tons of red so fight to the right and get out of there. Unlock the door and go straight for the exit in the bottom left if you are low on health.


LVL 9:

Battle to the bottom left corner and you will find a key and your final missile unlockable. Go to ship status and upgrade Phantom longer range and more powerful which unlocks:

Put 1 point in to each weapons for increased damage per shot.

Quit the level and hit continue. Ship status, enhancements, trade, add 1 point to drones (or w/e you unlocked the first time) to unlock:

Quit the level and hit continue. Ship status, weapon upgrades, 2 points in to spread and when you get 5 more points you can finish that achievement off. Make sure to unlock phantom again in the left corner with the key. There are 2 more keys to grab, 1 in the top left corner and 1 in the top right. Exit the level in the center.


LVL 10:

Survival mission. Select shop and buy missiles until you are maxed out and unlock:

I bought 5 XP packs here but that is your choice. Hit done when you are ready to face wave after wave of enemies for 60 seconds.



LVL 11:

Grab the key to the right and prepare for red to go green. First you gotta destroy walls that block your path and soon you will meet the green team. They are simply an upgraded and faster version of the orange/red enemies you faced before. Open the door and continue past a bunch of greens before finding another key to the south. Near the exit, below the info bubble, will be a wall you can blow up for some gold/xp.


LVL 12:

Again I bought XP. You can see the first key right when you start. Fight your way there and beyond to the bottom right corner to grab another key. You should have leveled enough by now to unlock the final upgrade for spread

Now spend points on whatever you want. Only spend gold on missiles at the shop or drones if you run low. If like me, you don't see a reason to upgrade any more points just spend them on enhancements and get more drones/armor. The exit is beyond 2 doors.


LVL 13:

This is the first time you see shielded enemies. They are red and the shield doesn't stand out much but you need to missile them first then blast them

Image 13

The rest of the level is straight forward. Key in the bottom right, key in the top center and exit is in the top right corner


LVL 14:

1 key is in the center right and 1 key is in the top right. No shielded enemies in this level, so save your missiles and just overdrive cn_LT your way through everything. The exit is to the left of the 1st key and will require 2 keys to reach. You will find an unlockable if you haven't already unlocked them all.


LVL 15:

4 cores to destroy in the bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right and they all go boom. The exit is dead center for this mission


LVL 16:

Start by grabbing the free enhancement and adding it where ever you like if you got the achievement already, if not then add it to the one you did last time. Kill everything in the level, including the shielded enemies that attack in a wide area of effect around them, and make your way to the top left to grab the key. Take the key to the bottom right and you will see a gate next to a portal that will take you to the exit

Image 14


LVL 17:

Fight to the top left, grab a key and go to the bottom left to go through a portal. Continue along the linear path until you find the door that key unlocks. Go through the portal and reach the exit.


LVL 18:

In the center of this circus will be 2 keys with purple mines next to them. Blow them up, grab the keys, and unlock the door in the bottom left. Destroy the purple mine and go open the door in the top left. Blow up the mine and reach the exit.


LVL 19:

Use 200 missiles and then go buy 200 more from the shop. Likely before you've shot 200 you will unlock:

Quit, continue and buy a ton of drones/missiles but don't waste any. Go to the portal and fight your way to other portals until you get the key. Use the key in the middle on the bottom door and you should kill your 25th shielded enemies unlocking:

Go left on the current and you will reach another shielded enemy and the exit



Boss level, if you can even call it that. Use overdrive cn_LT and missiles. He is dead in seconds, reach the exit behind him and unlock:


Now all that is left is to die 5 times. I suggest a new game, on a new save file, with the difficulty set to volcanic because drones make it hard to die and starting a new file will wipe out your drone count. Do this on LVL 1 and just ram everything until you get 5 deaths and unlock:

Congratulations on your latest completion. Thank you for using the WT. I want to thank the folks @ Achievement Land for a great run down on the achievements. Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did. See you in Valhalla

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