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Posted on 16 August 17 at 22:20, Edited on 16 August 17 at 22:31
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This is one of those games that I want to like a lot more than I do. The ability to create your own courses is fantastic and easy to use, and the atmospheric elements add a lot of variety to the game. If you're looking for a fun game of minigolf that allows you to customize courses and play with your friends, this is for you.


The game has some technical issues that are hard to overlook. It has a tendency to kick you to dashboard when you try certain online modes. It's virtually impossible to find particular holes you're looking for. Top Rated games have not changed in the past week, since before launch. Almost none of my friends show up in that feed. Loading times are...atrocious, and I don't really understand why. It borders on game-breaking at times.

On the achievement front (which I have consider, seeing how this is TrueAchievements), whole new, more interesting problems crop up. "Have your hole rated 100 times" really means 20 or so. I think. I don't even know. The leveling system requires you to play at least 2000 holes. (At least.) The game seems to want you to go through the user-created content, which is a great idea in principle, but in reality trying to play through those holes can be a nightmare (especially in competitions).

The reality is that if you're going for the complete 1k, you're going to probably be playing the first easy hole 500 times... or that super easy custom course you made another 500 times. A lot of the basic game holes don't even fulfill the requirements for some of the level challenges. (I haven't found seen a hole I can score 17,000 on; I had to make my own, which is fine if you want to do that.) It's also confusing what online games count in "Online Multiplayer" mode, since all of the online multiplayer modes don't seem to work.

It can be frustrating, but there's definitely a good game in there. I just wish a lot of the user-interface issues weren't there, and the repetition that the developers added to encourage you to play... the same holes. I spent around 10+ hours (at least) just leveling from 40 to 50. The same hole. Over and over (and over and over...)
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