INSIDE Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Inside is a pretty straight forward puzzle platformer, the platforming is kept simple and the puzzles are mostly not that hard. Inside has no combat in it. If you get caught by an enemy you're promptly dead, but reload is fast and checkpoints are fair. The game can easily be completed in just around 4-5 hours without any help and the only things you have to watch out for are the secrets tied to the achievements, the last achievement is for reaching a certain point with all secrets collected, meaning that you don't even have to fully beat the game for all achievements. But do yourself a favor and complete the rest of the game. The game has two endings, one standard and one true ending that is triggerd when you get the final achievement, but the endings are not really relevant for the achievements.

In this guide I'll explain all the puzzles so that you don't have to solve them yourself or with trial and error. I'll also point out all the secrets. But even if you miss one or want to beat the game on your own and than go back for the secrets, the game has a very good chapter select option. Every checkpoint reached can be loaded from the game menu, no need to start a new game or something like this.

The game doesn't give any instructions, doesn't have a tutorial and doesn't explain anything to you but the controls are extremely simple and there's no HUD to annoy you.


cn_LSc: Movement

cn_A: Jump

cn_B: Interacting - you have to hold cn_B near objects to interact with and than push cn_LSc in a direction to move something, and that's the main way of interacting. Most objects you can interact with are colored in a light red.

Again I can't stress enough how great this game is and you should play it and enjoy. For this reason I'll, of course, try my best to keep the walkthrough absolutely spoiler free.

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