INSIDE Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

When you start a new game it goes directly into the game, no introduction cutscene or anything like that.

From the start of the game you just run to the right until you get to a small edge. Drop down the mentioned ledge and move a bit forward but stop behind the large crate. You'll see two people with flashlights wandering through the dark. When both are on your height on the other side of the crate and turned to the left, start running to the right and continue until you reach a wall and a broken fridge. Push the fridge over and use it jump up the wall. Then jump down to cross the road.

In the next section push the box all the way to the right until it falls down. Push it forward down the hole to jump up on the other side. Afterwards you'll tumble down a hill into a river, start to move quickly through the water as a dog starts to chase you. After leaving the water run as fast as you can and jump across the gap. You'll grab onto some roots and can climb up.

After running further to the right you'll recognize a street in the background. Keep running as a car will show up on said street. After a moment, a man will shine a flashlight in your direction. Keep running and after jumping down a small cliff don't continue to the right, instead go quickly to the left to hide behind the rocks until the car is gone. Continue to the right and you'll see the car now parked between trees in the background. When you pass it a man will start to chase you. Run as fast as you can and jump over the root. When you reach a broken car hide behind it for a moment. A car with more men will arrive. When it's on the same height as you're hiding, start running again.

Jump down two times and another man will chase after you with three dogs. Keep running and there will be another root to jump over. Afterwards you can jump down a cliff into the water. This will bring you to momentary safety. Swim up to take a breath and then head to the left. Dive down and through the short cave until you reach the other side. Climb up and and push the big wooden pillar to the right to form a bridge. On the other side is Secret 1/13. You have to interact with them and rip them apart. Hold cn_B and move cn_LSc away from it. This will net you:

Murky Waters in INSIDE
Something’s not right down here
  • Unlocked by 29,396 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 43,485

Backtrack the way you came and swim on to the right. Continue on until you reach a cornfield. About halfway into the corn field is a hatch on the ground. It's very well hidden and you can't really see it. Just make sure to press and hold cn_B while moving through the cornfield. When you grab something, you've found it. Open it and climb down the ladder, enter the small vent to the left, here you'll find Secret 2/13, netting you:

Field Research in INSIDE
Unearthing secrets
  • Unlocked by 26,090 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.28) 43,485

Backtrack to the cornfield and continue to the right until you reach a locked door and a rope above it. Climb up the rope, swing a few times and jump through the window into the building. Start the huge engine by interacting with the pullable device more to the right--not the lever. Go left and pry the plank from the door to open it and go outside. There are some small chicks and that will start to follow you. Wait a moment until all of them have gathered around you, then go back inside the building, slowly to not lose any of them. Move to the right until you can't go further and wait until all the chickens are around you there. Quickly run to the left and pull the lever and keep it pulled. This will start the engine and the chicks will be sucked in and shot against the box above, which pushes it down in the process. Push the box to the right, climb up and continue up the ladder. On the edge of the roof you have to jump far to the right, so that you land in the cart with the dead pigs and not die. Push the cart to the left and climb on it, pry a wooden plank from the wall of the barn and enter it. In the middle is a rope. Climb it up and swing jump to the left and jump again to find Secret 3/13, earning you:

Wee Wee Wee in INSIDE
They never made it to market
  • Unlocked by 25,626 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.30) 43,485

Leave the barn the way you came in and push the cart to the right to jump up. Continue to the right, climb over the fence and move on. You'll pass some dead pigs and one will rise as you pass it. It'll start to charge at you and you have to jump over it every time it comes at you while still moving to the right. When it hits the wall of the building to the right it'll crash through but won't stop charging you. Keep moving to the right while dodging it. When it slams against the right wall inside the building, it'll be stunned. Pull the tentacle thing from it's back to calm it down.

You can now push the pig. Do so and move it under the lamp that hangs from the ceiling. Jump on the pig and at the device. Your head will get stuck and now your movements control the people in the background. There are four of them. First walk them to the left until the two that are outside the cage are directly in front of the gate. Hold cn_B to let them grab the gate, then move the two inside to the gate and let them also grab it. Together the four can open the gate and you can walk them to the wooden structure to the the right. Use all four to pull it back and open up the way for you. Hold cn_B and use cn_LSd to leave the device.

Continue up the wooden ramp and open the gate in front of you, continue to the right until you reach another barn. To the right is a cart. Move it further to the right to lower a rope that you can use to climb up and swing jump to the right. Continue until you reach a new building. Enter it and climb the ladder. On the upper floor there are some wooden planks hanging from a crane. Pull the planks nearly all the way to the right. Jump over and use the switch to activate the crane. You want the wooden planks on a heights between the lower right and the upper left edge, so that it forms a sort of three step staircase. Now climb the ladder and jump from one step to the next. Move to the left and you'll see a safe on a small plank. Push the safe down and quickly move to the right. Be careful, as you'll die if you're still on the plank as the safe drops. Backtrack down the ladder and outside the building to the left. Follow the safe into the hole it ripped into the ground. Down to the right is a small vent you can pry open. Inside is Secret 4/13, and you'll earn:

Left Behind in INSIDE
Safe falling and hard landings
  • Unlocked by 41,885 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 1.01) 43,485

Leave the small room and continue right. The next room has another mind control device and a lever. Push the lever to open a gate, jump to the mind control device and move the two guys so that none of them stands behind the gate. Drop out of the device and push the lever again to close the door. Enter the device again and move both guys so that they're stand right up against a wall. Now move them back to the middle of the room. Each one should be standing on a plate, which opens the door for you. Drop out of the device and move on. Go right up a ladder and you'll reach a roof. After moving forward a bit, behind the broken letters, you'll slide down. Jump to grab on to the pipe on the other side. Instead of going up, climb down and jump to the left, where you'll grab onto a ladder. Climb it down and you'll find the next Secret 5/14, and your next achievement:

Obscure Foundations in INSIDE
Lies beneath the city
  • Unlocked by 30,929 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 43,485

Climb back up and up to the roof. Continue over the roof and climb over a fence, jump on and just continue right until you reach a pipe to slide down. Right next to it are some wooden planks blocking a doorway. Pry them off to continue. Go down and push the ladder to the right to climb up. Don't interact with the switch up here. Run to the right and open the elevator, then return to the left and activate the switch. This activates the two turrets with searchlights. You have to move to the first pillar in the room when the left turret looks to the right and move on from there when it looks to the left. Do the same for the second turret.

Continue to the right and you'll fall through the floor eventually, landing in a line of people with a camera monitoring you. You have to move in the line whenever the other people move forward and stop when they stop. When moving forward you'll see yellow outlined areas on the floor and the people stepping inside them perform certain actions. When you enter them you have to perform the same actions. You'll move only a couple of steps forward each time. That means you have to perform every activity two times. In the first area you have to jump. In the second area you have to turn left and right. After leaving the second area a man will shine a flashlight in your direction and a dog will start to chase you. Start to run when you see the flashlight. Run right and jump through the window.

Quickly move forward but don't climb up, instead wait until the dog starts to run down the first ramp in the background. When you see it there, climb up and quickly continue right, at the edge jump to land in a mind controlling device. Use the guy above to push the cart with you to the right. Stop when you're above a metal case with pipes connected. It's the edge of the building after crossing the the large gap, a bit higher than the ground more to the right. Drop out of the device, climb down and move right, push the crate onto the floor plate to the right. Return to the mind control device and continue with the guy above pushing you to the right.

In the next room, move the cart to right as far as it goes. Use the controlled guy to jump up and into a mind control device. A new guy will appear. Use him to push the cart with you so that you're hanging above the ledge underneath you. Use the guy to jump on the cart and up to the right, where he'll stand on a plate. Drop out of the device and back in. Continue to use the first guy to push the cart on to the right. In the next room place the cart so that it stands above the leftmost, big hatch in the floor. Walk the guy to the right and hold the switch until the hatch is fully open, now quickly get rid of the device to fall through the hatch.

Swim up and to the left; dive down and you'll see a lightly red glowing object under water, pull it out to free a floating piece of wood. Push it to the right and use it to climb out of the water. Move right, jump up and through the vent. Press the button to open the door in front of you. Go in the open area and press the next red button, causing the water level to rise. When it's risen to the highest point, dive down and press the button again and quickly swim right to land on the higher up platform with another door. Enter and move to the end, push the big luggage out of the room in to the larger open room. Press the button again to rise the water level and climb onto the luggage. From here you can jump to a chain and climb it up.

Move forward and you'll see a roof you can slide down and a searchlight moving left and right. When it's right slide down and move under the pipe, using the shadow it casts to hide from the light. When the light is left use the the wind on the right a couple of times. Don't be greedy, as you won't make it in one go. After a couple of rounds move back in the shadow and wait until the light is left again. Continue doing this until the cage is low enough to reach it with a jump when the light is left. Wait in the cage until the next searchlight starts moving right, then quickly move in the same direction and take the next pipes shadow as cover again. Now move until you see the next searchlight. As soon as it starts moving right do the same. You'll see a hatch and you've to be quick, open it and drop down.

Go right, climb down the chain and continue right. The dogs in the background won't attack you yet. Make your way until you can jump in the water. In the water stay at the back side until you see the dog coming from the side where there is no railing. Quickly swim right as you see it coming, leave the water and slide down on. Continue quickly as more dogs will chase you. Jump on the fence and climb up it but stay on the side where the dogs are for a moment. Switch sides and jump right, pry a wooden plank from the doorway and jump on the fence again. Switch to the other side and touch the floor. That'll make the dogs come around again. Wait until they're on your side, then switch again and pry another plank. Repeat this until the way is clear to go through. Continue on, climb down the ladder and wait in the shadow until a small submarine appears down the next ladder. Wait until both men have their backs to you and quickly go right, down the ladder and enter the submarine.

The submarine controls are like the boy but it can't really jump. It has a charge that you use with holding and releasing cn_A. Sink as low as you can and you'll see an opening to the right. Charge through it and charge down in the next room to burst through some planks blocking the way. Continue right and down until you see light coming through the wall. Charge through this wall to continue. A little bit further you can charge through another door. In the following room you'll see a wall with cracks in it. Charge it at the highest point of the cracks. You won't bust through but create an opening. Maneuver the submarine up and once you get to the surface, you can leave the submarine.

Swim through the opening created a few seconds ago and swim to the surface. Leave the water to the right, climb on the locker, jump to the rope and climb up. There's a button. It'll open the door to the right but it'll sends three large rolling things in your direction. After pressing it you'll have to run left quickly and jump down in the water. Move left a bit in the water to dodge the objects. Go right again and move up to the room where you pressed the button. Leave the room to the right and move on a bit. You'll see a metal post with a yellow box. Climb the box and activate it by interacting with it. It'll move up after a short delay and you can use this to jump left.

Continue this way and swing jump on to the left. You'll reach another switch. This will open the door to the room, where you left the submarine. Use it, jump down to reach the submarine again and re-enter it. Position it in front of the now open way, but not directly touching the wall, just a little bit more left. Now use the charge and aim it high up, this will send the submarine flying through the opening. Continue right and charge ram open the door. After the door move on a little bit and sink low. You'll see a large box, ram it to open a way downwards. Go around and up again, leave the submarine and climb the ladder. Use the mind control device to move the first guy on top of your submarine, but don't let him enter. He must stand on top, at best in the middle of it. Leave the device and enter your submarine. Place it under the device to the right and charge up high, this will place the first guy in the device. Return to the first device, now you can move the second guy in the background to reach and tear apart the Secret 6/13, and earn you:

Friends in Low Places in INSIDE
Dislodging derelict in the depths
  • Unlocked by 27,837 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 43,485

Backtrack with the submarine and outside the tunnel go right, crash through a red door and place the submarine right, there is a big door with a window in it, next to some pipes, the submarine must be on the right of the pipes. Leave the submarine and swim back to the left, dive down to find a red button, press it and backtrack to the submarine. Jump through the opened door like last time. You'll have to crash through another red gate. In the following section you'll see a monster. It appears and seems harmless but it'll chase you after a short moment. It doesn't like light, so use the light of your submarine to keep it at bay at all times. If it catches you or keeps up with you're dead. Move right and then always turn left to keep it away. Hold the light for a moment onto it, that'll give you some more time to move right. If you make it to the next room, you must keep the monster on the other side of the door, then ram the wooden plank above the door to close it and lock the monster outside. Above is another way you can crash through. You'll end up outside, move left and when you reach the wall, jump-ram the structure and it'll crumble down. Climb out of the submarine and jump up to the fallen down structure, then use the ladder to go up. There you'll find Secret 7/13, earning you another achievement in the process:

A Tableau in INSIDE
A Tableau92 (70)
Skipping stones at the beach
  • Unlocked by 24,950 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 43,485

Jump into the water and climb back into the submarine, now go right. Leave the submarine when you reach the shore and follow it to the right and go through the door, you'll slide down and end up in a huge room. What follows now is the largest puzzle in the game. Where you land is a caged guy, remember him for later. First, go right until you reach a big elevator. From here go a bit further right to find a switch; activate it to bring power to the elevator. Now ride the elevator down. Go right until you find a switch. Use it to lower the platform you're standing on to continue on to the right. You'll see some guys standing around underneath a high up hanging mind control device; this is your goal now. Jump into the water behind those guys and dive/swim around through a cave. Take a breath in between to not drown. Climb out and up to the right, swing jump two times over. Move on left and jump into the device when you reach it. It'll break and you fall down but the guys underneath catch you.

They follow you around now. If you stand still they'll help you up to reach higher places. Do so when you reach the higher up ladder to the left. Continue left and lower the platform you've lowered already before and take your guys up. Continue all the way to the left and use the guys and yourself to roll back the big cart, until it is underneath the opening in the ceiling. Now move a bit backwards and let the guys help you to climb up to the rope. Climb up and go left, so that you can fall through the hole onto the cart. With some help of the guys the cart can be moved back left. Continue in this direction, climb up and go on until you reach a metal post with a box and a cage high up. Push the box to the left and you'll see that you can activate a yellow box underneath it. Do so and while it is in the air push the other box underneath it.

Now climb the yellow box and activate it, when it's at the highest point, jump to the cage to rip it down and get some new friends. Backtrack right and when you reach the wooden part where you had to climb up on your way to the cage, interact and you'll see that with the help of the controlled guys you can rip a wooden plank off. Enter the cave and take the ladder down. You'll pass a torch that you can take--do so. When you continue on, wolves will appear. Two from the left and one from the right. You have to keep on going and hold the torch in the direction from where the wolves are the closest to you. Continue to keep them away and make your way to the left. Switch directions when the wolf behind you is closing in and then push forward. Far to the left you'll reach Secret 8/13 and the next achievement. The wolves will run off when you rip it apart:

Pack Mentality in INSIDE
Pull together
  • Unlocked by 25,919 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 43,485

Backtrack all the way to the elevator with all your friends gathered around you and go up one story and right. You'll see some guys standing on and around a ground plate. Collect the guys and take a look higher up, where you'll see a glowing number. The number indicates how many people more you've to place on the plate, and you'll need twenty in total. Return to the elevator and go up. To the right, jump to the higher ledge with some help. Go right and you'll find a dead body. Drag it to the left and throw it down. It'll land where the ground plate is. Now go left and push the cage down with the help of your friends. Take the elevator down again to the middle, collect the guys from the cage and go all the way left to open the cage where the guy from the start is. Go on behind him and cross the gap with some help. When you pull the lever it'll move the ramp in the background. You'll have to move it down and leave the lever when the cart in the background has enough momentum. This will crash the cart and net you some more friends. Now take everyone back to the ground plate and drag the body onto it and stand on it yourself. With everyone gathered around you, the number should go to zero and the door will open. If it does not, check for your friends at the ends of each of the floors. You can also retry the last two or three paragraphs. Continue right with one last help from your friends.

The following section has a new mechanic. There are sound/wind blast rushing through the area from the background in your direction. When you don't stand behind cover while one rushes through you're dead. I can't say when to hide and when to run, you have to look out on your own and look/listen for the indication of the next wave. It's always be best to run from cover to cover after the last wave hits. First push the big box right until it's fully in the open. When a wave hits, it'll breaks and you can run directly afterwards to the next cover. Wait for the next wave and run to the lever afterwards. Pull it to raise a new cover.

Wait for the next wave and quickly pull the lever again and run to the next cover. Continue right after the next wave, you'll come to a lever in front of you. The lever stops the rotating shield as long as it's pulled. Stop the shield when it's nearly downward, in the four-o'clock position. It may be takes some tries to get it down. Hold it stopped and leave the lever right after another wave. Quickly go up the ladder and if you did it right, the shield should protect you from the inevitable wave that would kill you on the ladder otherwise. When you're up wait until the shield is back up and follow it down between to waves. You'll have to time it right, so that it protects you again when you drop down. Go on right.

You'll see a metal post and a yellow box in front of you. Wait for a wave and then activate the box. Jump left and hide until the next wave. Now climb on the box and go up and jump right. Push the lever and push the hanging shield. It'll protect you for a bit. Push it to the end of the railing, wait for the next wave and push on until you can't push further. Wait for a wave and jump down when the big robotic arm in front of you moves straight down. This should protect you from the next wave. Quickly continue right and wait for another wave behind the structure, then slide down. You have to time it so that you step on the slide right as the wave hits to find protection behind the structure while sliding.

Continue right and use the elevator to go down. The elevator will break and drop into the water. Once you can move, open it on the right side and swim up to the right and climb out. Use the box by the metal post to swing/jump left and push the lever until the gate to the right is fully open. Now quickly swing to the right and through the closing gate. Swim right and dive down and around. Climb through the hatch to reach the next room. Activate the right box first then the left one. Stand on the right one and jump up to the right. When the left one is up in the air, quickly press the button and the left box will land on the ledge. Use the right box again to jump on the left one and use this to go up and jump right to a higher up ledge.

You'll end up in the water again and see the monster from before. Ignore it for now as it won't attack right away. After passing it, quickly make your way to the surface and grab on a rope. The monster is now awake. Climb the rope and it won't be able to reach you. Swing and jump as far to the right as you can. Quickly swim further and climb the next rope to avoid the monster again. Climb up and jump as far right as you can, quickly dive down and through the open door. Then go up and leave the water. The monster will continue to chase you. Jump into the water and swim to the next platform--you have to be fast--the monster is also here.

Climb the chain up and press the button. This will move the chain to the left. On the way climb down and when you're completely left, hang from the chain and dip your feet into the water to bait the monster. Then quickly climb back up as the chain moves back right. Drop down onto the platform and into the water. Quickly swim right and press the button. This will start closing the door. You have to get through it before the monster can reach it and before it closes. If done right, the monster is locked out and you can swim to the surface. Continue right, jump and swing jump to move on. Open the round door and you'll fall into the water. Quickly leave it as you'll be chased by the monster again. Walk to the right and open the hatch, jump in the water but don't move. Wait for the monster to come near you and quickly climb out the water. Run left and jump into the water, quickly dive on to the left until you can leave the water. Here is Secret 9/13 and you get:

Respite in INSIDE
Respite95 (70)
Dive back in
  • Unlocked by 23,613 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 43,485

From here backtrack, die or reload the last checkpoint. Jump down the hatch you used to bait the monster and quickly swim down. Press the button and swim back up and climb out. Go left and jump into the water. Bait the monster here until it's near and quickly climb out. Now go through the hatch again swim down. Press the button again and quickly swim through the closing door. Take a breath and continue on to the right. When you reach a chain climb up it and you'll fall back into the water. You'll lose control for a around a minute as you sink and when you regain control you can't drown anymore. Swim right and up through the building. When you leave on the other side, swim down on the left side of the big area you just entered. Down on the left side is a big door with two red colored pieces to pull out. Doing this opens the door. Swim up through the tunnel to reach Secret 10/13 and the next achievement:

Unfathomable in INSIDE
Take a deep breath
  • Unlocked by 25,262 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 43,485

Leave the tunnel and swim over to the other side and through the hatch on the right. You'll see two big turbines and a red railing on the ceiling. Grab onto the railing and wait until the turbines stop. Swim past the first one and grab onto the next railing. When the turbine starts again, it'll blow you back a bit and open a hatch in the process. When the turbines stop again swim through it and up. Go right after leaving the water. What comes next can be a bit annoying. You'll see a wandering searchlight, a wind and a huge turbine in the background. The wind moves the turbine and with it the piece that can block the searchlight. Firstly, you always have to use the turbine piece to hide from the searchlight. Your first task is to move it in the position straight above the wind. Move the wind when the light is going right and run back early enough. Don't be greedy. When it reaches the desired position move back to the left. When you hit the water again you can swim down and through a open door to the right. Behind it you see a platform you can climb on with Secret 11/13 and you'll get the next achievement:

Clockwork in INSIDE
Clockwork95 (70)
Shadows at noon
  • Unlocked by 23,692 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.35) 43,485

Backtrack and wind the turbine down to the lowest right, so that you can jump on the piece from the ladder and then on to the right to continue. When you reach the end of the next ledge, jump to the right. You will fall through the small open hatch, then climb out of the water. Continue right and down a hatch, then down a ladder. When you reach the wall you'll see a yellow box above you and a red button. Press the button and the box falls down. Now activate the box. Then use the button again when the box is high up to kick the box off the metal pole. Drag the box on the ramp to the left and activate it again to catapult it up. Then climb back up yourself.

Drag the box underneath the open hatch, activate it and when it's high up close the hatch with the red button. Go left, into the water, open the door and go around back to the big room that now has two yellow boxes next to each other. Push the loose box to the right side and you'll see a red button higher above. Place the box underneath it. Climb on it and activate it, this time stand on it to reach the button and press it. Wait until the platform is lowered completely and use the button again the same way as before. Then quickly jump from the box on the rising platform to move up. Here you'll find Secret 12/13 and you get the next achievement:

Room for Reflection in INSIDE
Hanging up
  • Unlocked by 26,114 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.28) 43,485

Backtrack and drag the box left again until you reach the yellow box on the metal pole. Activate it and quickly push the loose box onto it. Climb up and activate it too. You should end up in the creepy, upside down water above. Here you'll see a big machine in the middle with two red handles on each side. Pull both out to open it and swim up then leave right and up the ladder. Now go all the way left until you find a big crate that you can move. Start dragging it right. About halfway through the room the big gate in the background starts to open. Stop dragging immediately when you see this. Wait until everyone leaves and the gate closes again. Hide behind the crate in the mean time. Then continue dragging it on to the right, into the room with the red switch in the middle and upside down water above.

Use the crate to jump up and then down to the switch. Use it to lower the water enough to let the crate float. When you climb up the ladder now you should be in the water. Swim up to the crate and push it a bit forward, until it's right over the ladder. Go down and use the switch again. Let the water rise up until it's right above the door on the right side. The door should be open. Climb up the ladder and then on the crate to jump into the water. Swim to the right and leave through the door. In the next room swim all the way down. Look for the people in the room and when they have left, jump out of the water. Go left and push the big switch up. This will let the water rise and some bodies fall down. Move a bit to the right to earn some new friends. Take them left again and let them help you pull the switch down again. Go right. After going up the first stairs, use your friends to jump up into the water. Swim right and position yourself right above the red button. Now drop down to push the button in mid-air with the guys below to catch you.

Go on right and gather some more guys on the way. You'll reach an elevator shaft, jump over with the help of your friends. They'll all drop down and you can jump down too; they'll catch you. Use the help of the guys to jump up to the vent on the right. Go on, down the ladder and left. You're now in the elevator. Activate it and go up. Leave left until your friends drop down to you then go right again. Enter the elevator and quickly push the button. This should result in you having some guys in the elevator and some above the elevator. Then move the elevator up again and leave right. Use your guys to jump up to a rope and climb it. When you are above, jump down and get caught by the second group of guys. Continue left until you find Secret 13/13 above you. You can only reach it with the help of your friends. This will earn you the final secret related achievement:

Office Space in INSIDE
Do an elevator pitch
  • Unlocked by 23,828 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 43,485

With only one achievement to go move further left and fall down. Gather all your guys and take the elevator together with them down. They'll help you open the door to the right. Go on and after a short bit they'll help you up one last time. Continue right and when you reach a closed door in front of you, you'll find a switch nearby to open it. Go up the stairs and go right in the big room. Push the rolling desk a bit to the left underneath a ladder. Go up and use the lamp cable to swing jump on the pipe and go up. Then go right through the hatch and continue to the right. When you reach a ladder, climb up it. Go all the way right and you see a big spherical object with lights outside. Enter it and move around inside until you can grab something. Push it to the left until the lights go out. When you leave it, you unlock your final achievement and trigger the true ending when you reach the end of the game:

The Last One in INSIDE
The Last One126 (90)
It comes together
  • Unlocked by 22,271 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 43,485

From here on you won't earn any achievements but the game is not over, it'll take you around 10-20 minutes and there is nothing really hard on the way. Take the time to finish the game. I hope you enjoyed it and congratulations to your newest completion and 1000G!

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