Latest Iron Brigade (GFWL) News

Iron Brigade's Xbox Game Pass return quietly includes DLC

If you're planning on playing Iron Brigade now Double Fine's game has returned thanks to Xbox Game Pass, you may be interested to know that its Rise of the Martian Bear DLC, which adds three achievements, is also included.

Posted 1 year ago by Luke Albigés

Game Pass adds two more Xbox games today

Game Pass adds another two games to its already expansive library today, including Double Fine's third-person tower defence shooter Iron Brigade.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Xbox 360 delistings: Last call before store removals begin

Loads of Xbox 360 games will be delisted from the 360 Marketplace soon, and while some will still be available to buy through the Xbox Store, others might be gone for good. Here is every game that could be delisted permanently.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Xbox Game Pass: More Games Leaving in July

With all the excitement about new Xbox Game Pass games yesterday, we almost missed the fact that a few more are slinking off the service. We already knew about Aftercharge and Vermintide 2, but there's a few more...

Posted 5 years ago by Sam Quirke

Double Fine Joins Xbox Game Studios

Renowned studio and boutique publisher Double Fine surprised everyone this evening by announcing that they are rolling themselves into Microsoft's grand Xbox Game Studios project. Tim Schaefer himself made the announcement.

Posted 5 years ago by Sam Quirke

Xbox Game Pass Starts Today for Gold Members

Xbox has launched the official trailer showing that GamesPass, giving us access to the final full list of games that are coming, including many Xbox 360 titles.

Posted 7 years ago by Claudio Barata

16 More Backwards Compatible Titles Revealed

Ever since the first 104 titles backwards compatible titles were announced, people have been speculating what would be next. Well, another 16 have been revealed and are available to play today. In al

Posted 9 years ago by Andy Mills

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