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  • Grimslinger19Grimslinger19236,652
    08 May 2010 08 May 2010
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    So, right off the bat I feel I should say this is not like the previous Iron Man game. I think some of the mechanics have made a return, but as far as the controls and ease this game makes a significant improvement.

    Flying consists of a single button press to initiate and then other buttons allow for more control over both speed and direction, same as movement. You can fight just as well in the air as you can on the ground, though your shields and weapons recharge and reload faster while you are on the ground.

    I like that the story does not follow the movie at all, and the fact that you have some boss fights that you don't normally see in games, barring The Crimson Dynamo of course. Those who have played Marvel Ultimate Alliance will have fought him, but this is a slightly different fight than that was. The next two boss fights require you to think about how you attack them, though I will say the last boss fight, part of it anyway cause me a lot of frustration. But once you get the hang of it, it is not too terribly difficult.

    You are allowed to keep your field data from one playthrough as you can change the difficulty by pressing start once you are in the main menu of the campaign mode. You can change the loadouts of your suits as well, and upgrade your weaponry and add more melee combos and all that.

    All of this is a neat addition and is easy to use.

    Now, on to the criticisms. I do not like that there are no defensive upgrades at all that I noticed. And secondly, occasionally in air combat it is very easy to lose track of what you are fighting if you are using melee moves. Add to that the fact that you may be targeting the bigger threat and the game decides you need to take out the annoyances. Other than those two issues I did enjoy the game.

    However, I feel this is a rental. Unless you are a die hard Iron Man fan this is only a rental in my opinion. There is little to no replayabillity as you can snag the achievements in two runs if you are really good. Three at the most. And really, you don't even have to do full runs, you can do all missions on Normal to get the hang of the game and upgrade all your tech and then do Formidable and just do whatever mission specific achievements you didn't mop up.
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    Pedle ZelnipSolid review. In fact, this review sold me on the game. Was at EB Games & they had the game for $10, so I pulled out my phone, went to TA to look the game up and saw this review. Walked out of the store with the game in hand. So thanks. :)

    Now that I've played it I'd agree with most everything you said. I'd add a few more criticisms like the incredibly confusing and convoluted menus, or the rather horrid looking cutscenes, but I think you pretty much covered it all.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 12 Jun 11 at 15:49
    a Fi1thy CasualGreat review. Going through this game now, and I agree: this game is a solid improvement over the last one.

    Also, I believe you have to fight Ultimo in MUA.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 31 Dec 12 at 18:46
    Grimslinger19Yeah, you do. He's just not as much as a pain in the ass, :-p
    Posted by Grimslinger19 on 31 Dec 12 at 22:16
  • Yort9Yort9384,853
    14 Dec 2010 14 Dec 2010
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    This game sat for almost a year in my gaming cabinet - I had picked it up for $20 back when it had an a price drop and had planned to play it with my son for awhile and we finally got to it this weekend.

    The game itself is actually a fun game and I think in many ways better than the first game. The hide and pop out shoot aspect has been taken away and there is much more of a feeling of strength in this game. Flying has been made much more simple basically a single bumper button to fly and then the Y and A are used to hover up and down.

    On easy and normal you will feel pretty powerful but honestly for my son who is 5 it was perfect since some of the controls take time to get used to and it allowed him to play without much of a problem. On the hard level basically the only thing you need to be good at is dodging because once you upgrade your weapons you will be in good shape taking things out fast.

    Overall the upgrades can be a bit confusing as to what they do for you exactly and you don't need them really at all unless you are playing on hard. Controls for fighting are also fairly simple when you remember to lock on - for some reason though it does seem the lock doesn't always work as well as it should or you lock on to things in the distance you don't want to on occasion.

    The biggest problem with the game is it is extremely short. You can play through the entire game in a couple hours. I am not kidding, I played through on hard in about 2 hours to while watching a football game and only 1 part was actually what I would consider to be difficult. It was not challenging difficult more just annoying because it was easy to make a single mistake that resulted in starting over again on that part.

    So if you pick this up for $10-20 it is a fun time for a day or two but there isn't much replay value unless you have a 5 year old boy who loves Iron Man in the family.