3. Iron Man 2 Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Start the STORY mode on easy. There is an achievement on beating the game on hard, but I will come to that later. First we start at a tutorial level as Iron Man (aka Tony stark). Use any weapon you want to use but I recommend that you either stick to this one weapon until you unlock the achievement for it (also counts for future levels) or use melee combat, as there is also an achievement for total melee kills. Also make plenty of use of the omega mode of war machine and Iron Man. Try to rack up kills in those modes (with war machine normal kills, with iron man melee kills) so you don't have to grind for too many of these later on. I wont go into detail on the weapon/mode specific achievements now, I will point them out when I come to the perfect grind mode. Go through the tutorial with Iron Man until you change characters with war machine. You should get this achievement right when you start the level:

Now, here is the first level specific achievement you can get! As soon as you start, get to the dropship and destroy it BEFORE it deploys anything. Now do the same to the next two oncoming ones. Use rockets and machine gun to your advantage since one rocket salvo takes out a full carrier quite fast. If done correctly you get your first achievement now.

Finish the level and you should have a top score on the level, therefore unlocking the next achievement. If not, simply replay the level and make sure you destroy the carriers again, since they count as a bonus objective for the point calculation. You also get an achievement for simply finishing the level.

Carry on to the next mission and make sure you equip the right suit with the right weaponry for your weapon specific achievement. You do have to play through this level twice (once with iron man and once with war machine). Choose whoever you feel more comfortable with, but i recommend Iron Man on each first playthrough since his invincibility is quite useful on the most sections. Also the key for a high score on each level is to not take too much health damage, never die, kill a lot and be fast.

Now start the second mission. Simply rush through the canyon and destroy every enemy and keep an eye on the helicopters. There are two level specific achievements on this level and the first one will be to make it through the canyon with no more than one helicopter casualty. The toughest spot is at the end where there are turrets placed in a sickle like formation. As long as you are aware of the danger it shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Now you should enter the docking area and if you chose Iron Man fly down to the normal soldiers and use your uni beam on them. You should get the following achievement:

Destroy every single unit as fast as you can. Go for the objectives only AFTER you have cleared every single enemy. If done correctly you should unlock the following achievement:

Now finish the level as usual and you should get the following for your highscore:

Repeat the same as above for the third mission called Crimson Dynamo. There is an achievement for doing the level with both characters. There are also two level specific ones. Now, head through the first warehouse until you reach a section where there are 4 generators in each corner. Destroy them within 60 seconds and you get the achievement. If you struggle here, come back later when you are fully upgraded, but it's not too hard if you use invincibility of Iron Man here.

As soon as you are outside destroy every enemy you find, but do NOT start the terminal for the search of the hidden agent yet. Simply kill everything you see in the first complex and then head on to destroy every single destructible item you see; fences, rooftops, windows, cars, power cables, etc.

Do the mission normally until you reach the final boss called Crimson Dynamo. This is your first real boss fight and he shouldn't cause too many problems, but if you do struggle I have found a video that should help.

After you've beaten him, you get the achievement. You should also have got the achievement for the unlocked armor.

Level 4 is called "Project Protean" which is also the level where you can grind out the weapon specific achievements. There is only one level specific achievement here. This is right at the start at the point where you have to descend down a lift shaft which is packed with moving detection lasers. Simply avoid all of them to get the achievement. It sounds tough, but as long as you glide next to a wall you should be fine.

  • Entrapment

    Reach the bottom of the elevator shaft without touching a laser tripline.

    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

This is also the point where you can grind each weapon specific achievement. Instead of avoiding the lasers simply descend right into them and you will trigger some flying drones. Dispose of them how you see fit, head on through the corridor and as soon dispose of the 4 MG nests (on each side of the door) you get a checkpoint. Quit out and rinse and repeat until you have the weapon achievement you wanted. This works perfectly and in one run you can get around 20-30 kills.

You should also unlock the following:

We go on in this level as usual, kill everything until we reach the regenerative armor. This guy might prove a hard enemy (especially on your hard playthrough), however I found a good video to help.

After you beat him, you should get the following: (of course again for high score and second character)

  • Extremis

    Unlock the Extremis Iron Man armor.

    Offline Game ModeSingle Player

This mission is straight forward, BUT you have to use a very weak version of your armor so it might prove difficult. This mission just has one level specific achievement. Try to dispose of the enemies attacking the turbines as quickly as possible AND turn the other robots on your side by grabbing and reprogramming them. They don't do a lot of damage, BUT they distract the attackers and stop them from damaging you too much. As soon as you done that you should get the following achievement:

Now finish the level and take your achievements for high score and completion.

The second part of this mission has one level specific achievement. It is for defeating the carrier without using any deflection on missiles. Basically this means to stay away from the B button at any given time. It shouldn't be too hard and afterwards the whole level is finished. No need to replay this level as warmachine, however I advise him for this mission because of his gatling guns. They do by far the best speed/kill/damage ratio.

This mission is rather lengthy and a little bit tougher than the others. You also have to replay it twice and there are two level specific achievements. I found it hard to prevent taking damage, because there are gauss turrets which make life really hard. However, if you use your spider-walker this should make it easier. Sadly your carrier is not allowed to get downed during the whole mission so you have to take care of him and not let him do too much of your work. Use him to destroy the gauss turrets and try to do the rest on your own. If done correctly, you should get the following achievement:

Play the mission until you reach the greengrid power grid where you have to override the power conduits manually. Kill every single enemy in this area and be thorough with your search because we don't want any interruptions. As soon as you shoot at the middle, enemies will spawn infinitely until the timer runs out, BUT there is enough time to activate one generator in that time interval. Make use of this, activate one at a time if needed and don't get interrupted by any of them to get the following:

  • Bipolar

    Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter as both Iron Man and War Machine.


You should now be entering the final battle and after this you should get a lot of achievements. There is one level specific achievement which, I would say, is by far the hardest in the game. It might be confusing, so I will clarify it here. Don't get hit by Ultimo does ONLY apply for the parts with Iron Man. So, as soon as you enter the insides, defeat Ultimo without being hit (his turrets also count as hits, so be careful). As soon as you get hit, restart to the checkpoint. I advise taking up both slots with lasers and at least you can use the armor piercing rounds (ultimate module would be even better). Now chip away at his health, avoiding attacks and wait for his turrets. Evade and destroy them (only vulnerable during shooting) and do this as often as needed to defeat him. This mission is straight forward BUT the war machine part might prove tricky because of the cheesy controls and the attacks from Ultimo are very hard to avoid. The only tip I can give is to aim for the chest generators at the first encounter and do those on the back for the second (but do at least two from the chest as well here) to make it easier. After you've defeated him you will get the following achievement:

If in every mission, you used the correct armor, you will also get this one:

Now you can grind the last mission for the credits to get the following:

As soon as you got that one, go to the start menu, choose difficulty and change it to the highest. Now replay each level again on this setting and as soon as you are done you should get the last achievements:

Congratulations! You have finished the game on a full 1000!

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