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    29 Jun 2020 29 Jun 2020
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    With the ever growing number of free games in the store and 90% of them only serving a purpose to rob your wallet, it's an overwhelming surprise as to the quality of this game and I'm still scratching my head as to why it is free. Yes there is an add on but it's not needed to play the main game of which consists of three decent size islands. The add on itself only costs £3.99 and so you get a full game of four fun packed islands that myself would of easily paid £7 - £10 for. There's no in game purchasing either.

    The game itself does steal a lot of elements from such games as Viva piñata and Slime rancher but because of its charm, actually has its own identity. This then for me does at times feel like a watered down version, where as the other games mentioned have a lot of complexity to them and you can feel yourself breezing through these islands quite quickly. That being said it is free. I hope the developers of this game do add extra content as this game is better than a lot of games with higher price tags. I would definitely buy more add ons but extra content to the whole product is needed and no one would mind more achievements.

    The game is easy to pick up and perfect for gamers of all ages. Each island is split into little sections that have objectives for you to do, so you can move onto the next. This ranges from cleaning up rubbish and mess so that animals come to your island, planting seeds to feed them and a lot of money managing and elements of platforming. I highly recommend this game and hope they put more into it as it would definitely be popular.
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    Itchy BahookReally good review, I enjoyed the game & being free is a added bonus but I agree would have bought it no problem as well. clapclaptoast
    Posted by Itchy Bahook on 29 Jun at 16:00
    VAN VELDONThankyou for that. With all the rubbish in the marketplace, it is nice to see a true gem. This game is so much better than a £3.99 overall package.
    Posted by VAN VELDON on 30 Jun at 07:05
  • BurnyCubbers77BurnyCubbers7770,907
    22 Jun 2020
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    Island Saver is a fun little educational game created by the UK bank, NatWest, to help kids understand the concept of money saving, paying tax, exchange rates, and even how to avoid scams.

    While the game is fun, bright and colourful, there are some aspects that are not as straightforward as you would expect for a game aimed at kids, so I would recommend that this is played with a parent on hand to help guide the child (and possibly to help read out the text as this is key to the money themes in the game).

    I was very sceptical about this game, as it is commissioned by a bank, and is completely free with no in app purchases (there is an optional DLC that costs £3.99 but this is not required to have a great time with the game), but I was actually really surprised.

    I only downloaded the game so that I could get the 1000G, but ended up enjoying myself more than I thought I would. Especially considering I was playing alone with no kids. hahaha