2. JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters General hints and tips

My first tip will be to NOT play Co-op. The first issue is that the more people playing (up to 4 players), the more enemies you will encounter and for some checkpoints there is a lot of enemies to take down. The second issue is that a lot of the achievements will not unlock unless they are story related, for example, my friend unlocked his 50 kill achievement at 100 kills and it actually popped when he had crashed. Other achievements did not unlock at all so save yourself the hassle. Single player is also much easier in comparison.

  • Use your Vectored Thrust (hold RT, then LT and down on the LS). It can save your life on many occasions, although you can only get this opportunity when you unlock a 5th Generation plane like the F22-A Raptor.
  • Know your targets, for example, most ground targets except buildings take only one missile. So because most ground missiles take a while to reload, you will want to make sure you fire one then switch target and then repeat until you need to reload again.
  • When using your counter measures (X), try and turn as well to throw the missile off your back as sometimes they seem to have little effect.
  • The first few levels are the hardest because you will not have access to the best planes, so make sure you can find one that works for you. Personally I used one that was high in armor and carried decent rockets.
  • When unlocking some of the better planes be sure to use planes that carry WYRM & SWARM missiles as these rockets destroy your targets quickly. Be warned, WYRM missiles go up and down so do not fire them when you are close to the ground which will cause them to thump the ground below you.
  • Same as above, to save you self a lot of damage when you do have the WYRM missiles, they can be fired from 20km away so fire as far away as you can to avoid SAM sites firing at you completely.
  • This game is checkpoint to checkpoint and with the exception of the last level they are frequent. So if your objective is to destroy a couple of buildings, you will be rewarded with a checkpoint, and then if you get blown up because you had little health, don't panic, because you will start that said checkpoint with full health again. So just try going for objectives and try not to waste too much time taking out SAM sites unless I state it further into the walkthrough.
  • Be patient. Some checkpoints can be cruel and it's just a case of knowing the patterns and where they spawn from, although on plenty of occasions planes will constantly come at you until you clear the objective. So in that instance, rush the objective.
  • To move faster, double tap RT and you will be in afterburner mode. Another good tip I found, you will notice the speed gauge on the left side of your screen and upon doing your first afterburner the bar will fill up. After a few seconds it will reduce (cooldown) and the moment it hits orange, release RT and then hit it again. You will need to know this for an achievement later on.
  • Last tip is when going to destroy radar stations, stay as low as possible. Sometimes there is a certain route to follow; most likely a river.
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