JUJU Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello, and welcome to the TA walkthrough for JUJU.

JUJU is a simple platformer and an easy completion which will take around 8 hours.

In this walkthrough I'll describe where to find the teleports in the levels and the most efficient ways to kill the bosses. I will also give you a short description of each level as JUJU is a pretty straightforward game, where not much else needs to be explained.

There are 5 worlds with a total of 34 levels. World 1 has 9, World 2-4 each have 8 and World 5 has 1.

Each level has 6 coins. 3 coins for collecting X amount of ambers (ambers are everywhere in the level, its the same concept as coins in the Mario games or bananas in Donkey Kong Country) and 3 coins for beating each teleport mini-game in the level.

Each level has a different unknown amount of ambers, so I can't tell you how many ambers you need to get all 3 amber coins in each level. But I can assure you that as long as you explore the level and collect every possible amber you come across you won't have any problem collecting all of those coins.

There are only 5 different types of teleport mini-games. Upon entering a teleport you'll be sent into a mini-game where you'll need to collect all the ambers in a certain amount of time to get the coin.

It might be hard at first but you'll master it soon enough!

Well then, onto the General Tips & Hints!

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