JUJU Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

I don't have many tips, so I'll mainly just go over the controls in this section.

In this game you'll have "abilities" which you will unlock upon beating the first boss in each world, which is usually around the third or fourth level.

This means I will list the abilities in the controls, but I'll put them in italics since they're not available from the start.


Walk - cn_LS

Jump - cn_A

Duck - cn_LSd

Play Music - cn_Y

(This is used to make certain characters in the background dance, so you can progress the level. You can also do this next to enemies to kill them more easily as they'll be dancing. You can do this in front of other things in the level which will usually result in getting ambers. You also need to use this to end the level.)

Headbutt - cn_X while holding cn_LSr or cn_LSl

(I'll call this headbutting (this will unlock halfway through Level 1-1 so I won't write it in italics), you'll get a little boost upon doing this and you can kill enemies with it. Since you can't run in this game you'll probably be using this quite a bit. Headbutting is also available while underwater or in the air.)

Fly - Hold cn_A while in the air

(By the way, you can't fly up. By 'flying' I mean when you're in the air you can get a few extra seconds of air time while falling, like when you're using Diddy Kong's jetpack in the Donkey Kong Country games.)

Ground Pound - While in the air, hold cn_LSd

(You can use this to kill/stun enemies, that's pretty much it. You'll also have to use this in certain boss battles quite often.)

Swim - Just use cn_LS to move while in the water

(The reason why this is in italics is because you'll unlock the ability to swim underwater upon beating a boss, you can swim on the surface of the water from the start.)

Throw - cn_B

(This allows you to throw a ball. It's mainly to break jelly so you can progress further in the level but you can also kill enemies with it.)


Alright, those are the controls. However I still have one tip for those with 2 controllers.

If your second controller is turned on you can join in anytime as Player 2 by pressing cn_A a few times.

This will come in handy when facing certain bosses, if your health is low you can just join in as Player 2 real quick and play further with full health.

While doing the teleports you can have Player 2 afk in the corner so that if you fall you can spawn back and the teleport won't end.

I'll also be referring to the term "damage boost" quite a bit. What this means is that you sacrifice a heart by taking damage so that you can clear a difficult obstacle and continue the level.

Finally, there aren't any difficulty specific achievements so feel free to play on easy mode! You'll have 4 hearts instead of 2!

You can enable easy mode by going down with cn_LSd before starting the level.

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