JUJU Walkthrough

5. Story Walkthrough: World 3

Let's start World 3!

Level 3-1

Since World 3 is a water world it will consist of numerous underwater sections in every level. In this level you'll be swinging in the air and bouncing on balls a lot, you'll also platform on rising bubbles and there'll be some dinosaur on rail sections (kind of like the wooden snake in World 2). There will also be new enemies like the red crocodile who is pretty much the same as the crab enemy from World 1. You should also know that if you jump into water with piranhas in it you'll die an instant death.

Teleport #1 - After you have finished your ride through the water with piranhas, you'll come across 3 wooden platforms. Use the beach ball to bounce over to the middle one. Now jump, there's a cloud swing above the platform. Use it to swing to the left, into the teleport.

Teleport #2 - Collect all the ambers on the second big whale ball to reveal the teleport.

Teleport #3 - You'll come across a purple ship. Use the platforms next to it to go all the way up and use the cloud swing at the left to swing yourself into the ship's cannon. The cannon will launch you into the teleport.

Level 3-2

This is the first boss of World 3. What, already?! Yes, it is a little earlier than usual. Anyways, let's jump into it.

I personally found the World 3 boss battles to be the hardest, because of the water and such. Make sure the octopus doesn't slap you off the platforms all the time.

You see the red buttons at the right and left of the screen? Ground pound them!

After the octopus slaps around for a little while, a stream of water will come out. Use it to land on the red buttons in the sky and ground pound those as well.

He'll descend and helps you do so. There'll be a new set of buttons. This time you need to ground pound them 3 times to destroy them. Now start off by destroying the buttons at the far left/right.

You might want to watch out for the piranha waves. You can't jump across them if you're in the water!

After a little bit he'll let the water descend which allows you to destroy the buttons which were underwater. Be sure to do so before the water rises again.

After destroying all the buttons he'll descend again for the final stage! You're on land now though.

He'll slap his arms on the ground while the sides are coming closer to crush you. Ground pound his arms! After 4 ground pounds he'll call it a day.

Upon collecting the thing floating in the middle of the arena you'll unlock the ability to swim underwater.

Level 3-3

The reason why the boss was so early was that this is an underwater world. Now that you can swim underwater, the real fun begins! In this level you'll mainly encounter new underwater enemies like seahorses, starfishs, red spiky octopusses, fishes, swordfishes and sea urchins.

Teleport #1 - There will be 3 clouds that you can swing yourself up with and progress the level. On the final cloud swing to the platform on the left instead of going to the right. Use your headbutt to reach the platform, from there you have to make one more jump to the left and the teleport will be there.

Teleport #2 - There will be a section with cloud swings and wooden platforms. One platform has a red button on it. Ground pound it and quickly headbutt to the platform that'll come down from the left. The platform will lead you to the teleport.

Teleport #3 - Underwater there will be 3 red octopuses swimming in a circle. Go to the bottom left, you can already see the teleport. Swim into the ball so it'll go away and then swim into the teleport.

Level 3-4

This level will be switching between land and underwater sections a lot. You'll also encounter a few new enemies such as sea spikes and the long spiky red guys who swim in a circle.

Teleport #1 - You can enter the water right after a checkpoint. The teleport will be in the bottom right.

Teleport #2 - In the second underwater section you'll get the choice to swim up and then right to progress the level or to swim all the way up. Swim all the way up to find the teleport. This is to the left of a checkpoint with an anchor to the right of it.

Teleport #3 - You'll come across a section with rubber ducks and waterfalls. The teleport will be hidden behind a ball which is in the wall at the middle right.

Level 3-5

This will be another dark level where you'll have a small light around yourself. Only this time it's underwater for the most part, where you'll encounter small red spiky octopusses which are very annoying as they follow you around.

Teleport #1 - After rising from the water, use the platforms above the water to go to the left. From the final platform you can jump into the teleport.

Teleport #2 - A bit further, where there'll be two beach balls above the water, instead of going to the right to progress the level swim down and follow the path to the right until you find the teleport.

Teleport #3 - Back up from the water, use the wooden platforms next to the second checkpoint to go up. From the top platform you can jump into the teleport.

Level 3-6

Like Level 3-4 this level will switch between land and underwater sections quite a bit, but it will mainly be on land though. You'll also have to hit quite a few red buttons to progress the level and you'll come across numerous rubber ducky sections.

Teleport #1 - At the very beginning of the level, go into the water and headbutt the red buttons. Make your way down and then swim into the balls at the bottom left. The teleport is under them.

Teleport #2 - When you're at the rubber ducks section, go into the water and swim into the ball at the right side. The teleport is next to it.

Teleport #3 - You'll come across a checkpoint with a flipping platform next to it. The checkpoint is in between two rubber ducky sections. Go through the platform with cn_LSd and collect all the ambers around the big starfish with the little starfish swimming around it to reveal the teleport.

Level 3-7

In this level you'll have to escape a crocodile in a wheel a few times, hitting it will cause an instant death. The level will switch between land and underwater sections again and you'll encounter anchor enemies underwater.

Teleport #1 - After escaping the crocodile in the wheel at the beginning you'll come across a section with two cloud swings. Stay on the ground and walk into the orange wall at the right. The teleport is hidden in it.

Teleport #2 - After going underwater and swimming to the right you can choose to go up or down. Go up to find the teleport.

Teleport #3 - After escaping the crocodile in the wheel a second time you'll come across an orange flipping platform. Go through it and descend all the way down and the teleport will be to the right.

Level 3-8

Yay! Boss level!

After swimming up, dodge the octopus' arms and the piranha waves. You'll have to ground pound the red buttons on the left/right platforms.

He'll drop mines from time to time. After destroying the buttons swim up again, watch out for the mines. He'll be sending torpedoes now. They'll follow you so swim next to the octopus' arms at the side of the screen and dodge the torpedo in time so that it hits the octopus' arms.

Swim up again and ground pound the red buttons at the right/left. A background character will appear on the middle platform. Stand on the platform and make it dance with cn_Y so the octopus will dance and drop what he is carrying. It'll fall on top of him and he will die.

Upon collecting the thing floating in the middle of the arena you'll unlock World 4 and an unlockable level (if you collected all coins in World 3) along with the following achievement:

Twenty Thousand Leagues

Defeat Octobos and collect his key part.

Twenty Thousand Leagues
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Host Only - These achievements are only earned by the host or primary player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

If you need any help with the third unlockable level, I have listed a YouTube video walkthrough below. All video credit goes to Dark Adonis on YouTube.

The unlockable level starts at 9:15 in the video.

That's it for World 3! Let's move on to World 4!

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