JUJU Walkthrough

7. Story Walkthrough: World 5

Let's start World 5!

It consists of one level. The final boss! This is the guy you saw on your death screen this entire time!

This is quite a large battle so I'll explain it shortly.

I have included a YouTube video walkthrough link for you to watch if you're struggling, all video credit goes to Dark Adonis on YouTube.

So basically you'll have to dodge balls of spikes flying across the screen for most of the battle. You'll also have to look out for the ice spikes coming up from time to time below you.

When he bends his head over, jump and headbutt his crown and he'll take damage. After hitting his crown 3 times he'll die.

You'll have to use the gas from the sides to boost yourself up to reach the crown the second and third time. Also, for the third phase he'll lower his hands before he bends over, upon ground pounding one of his hands he'll bend over so you can finish the battle.

Alright, that's it. You should now have unlocked the final achievement:

Happily ever after

Defeat Calypso.

Happily ever after
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Thank you for reading this walkthrough. I hope it was helpful.

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