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Posted on 06 October 17 at 09:40
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Jydge Review
Developer: 10Tons Ltd
Publisher: 10Tons Ltd
Release Date: 6th October 2017
Price: £11.99

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As one of the busiest Indie Devs around, it's no surprise that 10Tons once again have yet another game available to purchase. This time, they've revisited the top down, twin stick shooter genre with Jydge. It also seems that it's a part of the Neon Chrome universe with a reference being made in-game. Not a bad thing either, as that game was rather good. Although this time around, they've forgone the randomised level design for preset level builds. You are Judge, jury and executioner. Time to save the city of Edenbyrg.

Upon starting Jydge, you will notice the visual similarities with the asserts that 10Tons use in their other shooter titles. Destructive scenery, and the usual task of eradicating the enemies, collecting data and saving innocent civilians are your mission objectives as Jydge. Your gavel will decide their fate, which is to say that death will be swift.

Missions are now selected from the city map, and unlocking them will only be made available incentives you have met the required amount of medals from the previous missions. Acquiring a medal starts off reasonably easy, from killing all the enemies, saving all civilians to tougher challenges such as not being spotted, to performing a speedrun. I deemed some of these impossible from the get go, as I just couldn't manage any of the harder requirements. But as I progressed and unlocked more levels, in turn I was awarded new Cyberware to install on my Jydge. There is a lot of Cyberware as well. Making my Jydge faster, invisible when still, and even bots to help me made these medals a lot easier to achieve. All you need is the money, which can be found by defeating enemies, and opening loot crates in each level and completing a mission.

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The gameplay is just so addictive, and choosing the right weapon is more down to preference than anything else. Unless you wish to take the enemies down from distance. Upgrades can also be bought to improve damage capabilities, which made me feel a total badass as I wielded my gavel with the shotgun upgraded to the max. Even the toughest bosses were made short work of as I casually strolled into a building blasting all before me. But get too casual about it and you will be the one being made short work of. To make this short, Jydge is incredibly fun.

After I'd played for a while, I unlocked the next difficulty, which meant more gold medals to work towards, and even harder variants of the same levels. Enemies are placed in different locations, as are mission objectives and they become more dangerous to deal with. But if you want the best gear and upgrades, then best get to work on them medals. Naturally with the difficulty increasing, my current upgrades were less effective, and a strategy was needed if I wanted to beat the levels. I was always on the hunt for more cash to splash out on newer upgrades. I couldn't help myself, Jydge had its grasp firmly on me.

Never did I come across a moment where frame rate was an issue, and the game ran smoothly even with a horde of enemies closing down on me, with bullets and explosives filling up the screen. Just make sure you're the last one standing.

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The amount of hours you could potentially lose in Jydge is going to be quite a lot. My first session lasted 5 hours, as I saw an upgrade I desired, and thought that a couple more runs would do it. So off Inwent, dealing justice to the ne'er do wells and claim my bounty. Only to then see yet another piece of gear that caught my eye. Needless to say, with this level of addiction, I'll keep heading back to Jydge until I can do no more.

A soundtrack to a game is always a bonus when it's varied enough that you won't turn the volume down to listen to your own collection. But again, Jydge excels here, with enough tracks to accompany you during each mission.

Graphics: 7
Audio: 9
Gameplay: 10
Longevity: 10
Value for Money: 10

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