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Posted on 23 April 19 at 11:34
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Jack N' Jill DX is a release from Ratalaika Games, who are notorious around these parts for their easily completable indie games.

It's a basic platformer where each level has our blobby hero Jack navigating through jumps, obstacles and enemies to reach his beloved Jill. There's also an endless runner element to the game as you don't actually control Jack's movement apart from jumping. Once the level starts you hit A and Jack begins running at a predetermined pace. When he hits a wall he bounces off and runs in the opposite direction. All you then need to do is hit A to jump in order to reach your goal and not die along the way. Levels are littered with spikes, mines and enemies that are all one hit kills. Although mechanically the game functions just fine, one button games like this tend to only be okay in short bursts (like many mobile games) but are quite hollow, simplistic and repetitive for anyone looking for a meatier experience.

The game adopts a basic black and white hand drawn aesthetic that is very simplistic but fairly effective and makes a nice change from the vast amount of pixel art indie titles on the marketplace. Sometimes the lack of colour palette makes it difficult to differentiate between things as they appear but the items in the levels are so widely spread apart that it doesn't matter too much because precision isn't hugely important.

Although the game features 140 levels across multiple worlds, most players on TA won't scratch the surface on them. This is because in true Ratalaika fashion, the achievement list only asks that you complete the first world of 20 levels. Almost all the other achievements will come naturally during these levels with the only other requirement to play a minigame which unlocks after finishing the first world, then playing that minigame enough (once) to unlock something in the game's store (different looks for Jack). It can be completed in as little as 10 minutes or as many as 30 if you're struggling a bit (unlikely because it's very easy).

Overall it's functional and fairly fun for the 10-20 minutes you spend with it but very simplistic and will mostly be remembered as a completionist's dream and very little else.
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