Jack N' Jill DX Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

You take control of Jack, who is on a constant hunt for this partner Jill (unsurprisingly), however before you load into the first level, you can switch this and play as Jill and you have to reach Jack. You have to navigate different levels and jump over traps in order to reach her.

You'll find that once you start the level, you have no direct control over the movement of Jack, as he'll move forward until he hits a wall, where he'll then bounce off and be sent the opposite direction. You'll have to use this to your advantage as you progress through the levels in order to clear obstacles. It's worth noting that if you do die, all that happens is you start the level from the beginning, there are no lives or anything.

The controls are pretty simple for this game;

When you load up a level, press cn_A and you'll start moving forwards.

While you move forward, press cn_A again to jump.

Also, press cn_A to bounce off an enemy when you jump on their head (you can hit them normally, but the bounce gives you extra height and distance)

That is all you really need to complete the game.

Just another note, achievements will generally unlock when you complete a level.

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