1. Jeopardy! Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

"This is Jeopardy!" Welcome to the walkthrough for the Xbox One version of Jeopardy! If you're looking for the Xbox 360 version, please go Jeopardy! (2012) Achievements, or Jeopardy! PlayShow Achievements for the Windows 10 version. The achievements for this game can mostly be earned in any order and none of them are missable as you can simply play another match. For those looking for a quick gamerscore boost, you can earn nine of the achievements in your first 30-60 minutes of gameplay and the rest of them are cumulative achievements that will take about 15-20 additional full matches to complete for a full 1000 GS.

On your first play session, make sure to complete the Daily Challenge as you want to start your 7-day consecutive streak as soon as possible to finish quickly. The bulk of the achievements will be earned in the "Play Jeopardy" mode which is local only, but you can earn most of them through the "Online" mode as well if that is your preference. Most of the achievements can be earned with local multiplayer, but it is not necessary to use multiple players/controllers locally to speed up the process, and the achievement for online matches can only be attempted by one local player at a time.

This walkthrough will not cover the Ubisoft UPlay achievements, but they are fairly straightforward to figure out and earn if you so desire.

And now, let's play!

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