2. Jeopardy! General hints and tipsUpdate notes

None of the achievements in this game require your AI opponents to be at a certain difficulty level, so if your goal is to fully 100% the game in the shortest amount of time possible, I suggest you set the difficulty level of your AI opponents to Easy. With AI opponents on Easy, this also gives you more time to buzz in before your opponents do. Note: you can only set AI difficulty on Local games (the "Play Jeopardy" mode).

If you want to make it even quicker to earn all of the achievements, the Local mode games can be paused at any time using cn_start. In doing so, you can look up the correct answer before you buzz in or before you select your answer. Pausing while in Online mode does not stop the game, so this tip is for Local mode only.

The game also offers a Classic Mode and Quick Mode to choose from. Classic Mode matches the number of categories and answers as the TV version of the game, while Quick Mode offers just three answers per category and a reduced number of categories per round. When working toward the "Complete 10 Online matches" achievement, Quick Mode is the way to go. The Specialist achievement is also easier within Quick Mode as there are fewer answers in the category that you must get right.

Within the "Play Jeopardy" mode which is local only, you can also select between Classic and Family mode, the latter of which has "special categories and answers" that may be easier for you know or get correct versus the Classic mode.

In this console version of Jeopardy!, you buzz in by pushing cn_A once you are prompted to (this is approximately 7 seconds after the written answer appears on screen). If you buzz in too early, you will be prevented from attempting to buzz in again for a couple of seconds. Playing against the AI opponents on easy, there is no need to jump the gun as it will give you sufficient time to buzz in. Once you have buzzed in, it will display three questions and you must select and hold the correct button for the corresponding question, cn_X, cn_A, or cn_B. You have to hold to lock-in your answer so if you accidentally bump the button for an incorrect question response, you still can hold the correct one.

Finally, here is a general strategy for maximizing your game score. The Daily Doubles are a special type of answer where you can wager between $5 and the amount that you currently have. Only the player who finds the Daily Double can attempt to answer it. In Classic Mode, the Daily Doubles most often occur in the 3rd or 4th row. There will be one Daily Double in the first round and two in the 2nd round (Double Jeopardy). You want to answer as many non-Daily Double questions before finding the Daily Double to maximize the amount that you can wager on the Daily Double. Thus, I suggest you start with all of the bottom row answers first to build up your score, then proceed to the 1st and 2nd rows, and then finally return to the 3rd and 4th rows. If you are correctly providing the questions for each answer and maxing out your Daily Doubles, it is quite likely that you will have well more than $50,000 accrued going into Final Jeopardy where you can once again double up with a correct selection.

A few of the achievements are cumulative and will require you to play around 18 full rounds, so don't expect this to be a super quick 100% completion. But the more you play, the more you will start to see answers repeat which will help you to earn a higher score more often.

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