3. Jeopardy! Story walkthroughUpdate notes

I am going to provide a walkthrough in what I believe is the most efficient way to do so. However, most of these achievements can be earned in any order. I will group the achievements as follows:

1) Daily Challenge

2) Play Jeopardy (Local) mode

3) Online mode

4) Cumulative achievements

Main Menu

1) In your first play session, select the Daily Challenge. You may only attempt the Daily Challenge once in a 24-hour period. This period currently resets at 12:00 AM UTC/4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST. You will be prompted to select six categories out of 12 and then you can start the challenge. For each of the six, you will be shown the answer (Jeopardy! provides the answer and you must select the right question for that answer). You must quickly select the correct question out of the three by holding either cn_X, cn_A, or cn_B. If multiple accounts are logged in locally, only the primary player can earn credit for the Daily Challenge.

This is a timed challenge, so you are incentivized to answer as quickly as possible. If you were to answer the question correctly as soon as they appeared, you would earn roughly 1545 points. There is no negative impact on choosing the incorrect response other than you won't earn any points for it.

Upon your first correct response, you will earn the Correct! achievement.

If you can correctly respond to at least four of the answers (ideally, all six) quickly enough, you will earn a score greater than 5,000 which will unlock the Daily Performance achievement. Thus, four super-fast correct responses should be enough to earn you the achievement. My top daily score is 8,927 which puts me in the Top 100 as of the time of writing to give you a sense of what's achievable.

If you don't earn a score greater than 5,000, you can try again once the daily challenge period has reset. Each day, come back and attempt the daily challenge again. After completing the Daily Challenge 7 consecutive days in a row, you will earn the Daily Streak achievement. If you're unsure how many consecutive challenges you have completed, you can select the "Career" option on the Main Menu and navigate to the Daily Challenge tab. There, it will display your current daily challenge streak and your longest streak.

There are additional UPlay achievements for 14 and higher consecutive day streaks that you can earn for UPlay credits, but they are not required for any other achievement.

2) Next, let's turn to the "Play Jeopardy!" mode. If played optimally, you can knock out another seven of the achievements in your first full game, and I will describe how below.

First, select between the Classic or Family mode, whichever you prefer. I strongly suggest Classic mode as it plays much faster than the Family Mode. Next, I suggest you set the AI difficulty levels to Easy (they default to Medium) to give you more time to buzz in first. If you follow the tips I provided on the General Hints and Tips page as to how to maximize your score, this will help your approach to earn several of the achievements. If you do not play in Quick Mode, you can select which of the four meta-category types the game will pull clues from.

Most of the achievements can be earned simultaneously on multiple logged-in accounts with local multiplayer, but it is not necessary to use multiple players/controllers locally to speed up the process.

If you didn't start with the Daily Challenge, you will most likely earn the Correct! achievement here instead while playing naturally.

If you can provide the correct question for all answers in a single category during your match, you will earn the Specialist achievement.

  • Specialist

    Correctly answered all clues within a single category during a match.


If you don't get it, don't worry. Over time, you will see some of the categories repeat so you may naturally learn the correct responses as you play, helping you to earn this. Optionally, if playing in the Play Jeopardy! (local) mode, you can pause the game and look up the correct answer to ensure that you complete this achievement on your first attempt, or the Family Mode which gives you a lot more time to see and read the answers before allowing buzz-ins.

As you play, each answer you will have a chance to earn the Fastest player alive achievement. To do this, you must buzz in by pressing cn_A within the first 200 milliseconds of the buzz in window opening (it displays an icon in the lower right corner of the screen telling you to buzz in). This achievement really is just measuring your response time or your luck in buzzing in at just the right time. Several players have commented that they have struggled to earn this, but once you play enough, you will get a sense for when the buzzer window is about to open.

I find it easier to buzz in on Local mode versus the Online mode as the console's ping time may negatively affect the amount of time you have to buzz in. Some players have also found it easier to obtain after an opponent has first buzzed in with the wrong answer.

By the time you reach Final Jeopardy, you hopefully should have accrued at least $25,000, if not more. As long as you wager more than $25,000 on a Daily Double or Final Jeopardy, you will earn the High Risk achievement.

If you can accrue a total of $75,000 or greater by the end of the Final Jeopardy round, you will earn the Who is Rich? achievement. If you enter the Final Jeopardy round with more than $75,000 already banked, you can guarantee this achievement by making sure that your wager amount would not reduce you under the $75K mark if you got it wrong.

Upon completion of the game, you will earn the Welcome achievement. This achievement can also be earned in the Online mode.

If you finished in 1st place, you will also earn the 1st place achievement.

If you didn't finish in 1st, you will likely earn this achievement on your next match. This achievement can also be earned in the Online mode.

During the course of the game, if you got more than 10 questions correct, you will earn the Good Grades achievement. If you find yourself struggling to get it, play a round of "Play Jeopardy" (local) on Family mode and pause the game to look up the correct response each time.

3) Next, let's turn to the Online mode. The game will prompt you to select between the Classic and Quick modes. I strongly suggest you go for the Quick modes as there are fewer questions to complete in order to finish the game. It will try to connect to you a game in progress and then after 30 seconds, if it can't find one for you to join, it will ask if you want to host your own. You should select Yes to this as it will let you begin gameplay competing against two AI opponents. These AI can be replaced at any time by another online player who attempts to join. But by hosting the game, it helps to ensure that you can finish the match without being disconnected.

However, you may want to simply create your own match instead of connecting to an ongoing session as the game seems to more reliably count matches where you play from the very beginning through the conclusion of the Final Jeopardy round. Additionally, it counts matches where you only open it to friends instead of the general public and thus can just compete against the AI only, and it will still count as an online match.

You are only allowed to have your primary logged-in account compete in Online matches. 2nd or 3rd players who are logged in may not participate (or earn progress towards achievements) in this mode.

If you haven't already completed a match in the Play Jeopardy mode as described above, you may earn the Correct, Welcome, Good Grades, Specialist, High Risk, Who is Rich? or 1st place achievements depending on how you do. You can also earn the Fastest player alive achievement while in an Online match, but I find it easier to get a quick buzzer in the Local mode.

Once you have completed 10 online matches, you will earn the Online Veteran achievement. Please note, the game may not always correctly register online matches where you joined partway through an existing match toward your completed total. As such, it may take you some additional games beyond the 10 to earn the achievement.

4) The last two achievements are cumulative ones. The Jeopardy! Master is earned by ranking up to Level 40 by ranking each category group to Level 10. This can be earned through gameplay in all game modes (Local, Online, and Daily Challenge). There are four category groups, each represented by one of four colors in the game: Academia (Blue), Lifestyle (Teal), Pop Culture (Pink), and Potpourri (Yellow).

While playing, the categories that you select from (in the case of the Daily Challenge) or that are presented to you (in Local and Online modes) will be displayed in the corresponding color. Therefore, if you max out on one of the four categories, you can focus primarily on the colored categories that match the areas you still need to level up further. Local games played in Classic mode (and non-Quick mode) lets you choose which of the four categories the game will draw from, so you can focus on categories you have not yet maxed out. Once you reach Level 40, you will earn the Jeopardy! Master achievement.

The last achievement and the one that will likely take the longest is the Trigger Happy achievement. This is awarded for being the first to buzz in on 1,000 questions. Daily Challenges, Daily Doubles, and Final Jeopardys do not have the chance for you to buzz in, and thus won't help you make progress to the achievement. I suggest that you first earn all other achievements in the game as you will naturally make progress toward this once along the way. Once you have gotten the 12 other achievements, then I suggest you focus on Play Jeopardy (Local) games on Classic (not Quick) mode as this will give you the most attempts to buzz in for the amount of time it takes. Each full match of Jeopardy in Classic mode will give you 57 attempts to be the first to buzz in. Playing with the AI on easy difficulty will give you a longer window in which to buzz in first. If you get all 57 buzz-ins per game, then it should not take you more than 18 games to complete, not counting matches you have previously played. One TA commenter on this achievement said that it was counting their progress even in games that they did not finish, but I recommend you complete a game to make sure that all buzz-ins are counted. A Quick Mode online game gives you 21 opportunities to buzz in. Local multiplayer will make this take longer to earn if two players are actively competing to be the first to buzz in.

And with that achievement earned, you should now have 100% completion! Congratulations!

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