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Xbox 360 delistings: Last call before store removals begin

Loads of Xbox 360 games will be delisted from the 360 Marketplace soon, and while some will still be available to buy through the Xbox Store, others might be gone for good. Here is every game that could be delisted permanently.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Ten Titles Added To Backwards Compatibility

It was a big day for Xbox One's backwards compatibility today as ten more titles were announced as backwards compatible, as well as a change as to how new titles will be revealed going forward. Inste

Posted 8 years ago by Andy Mills

XBLA Wednesday: June 20th, 2012 [UPDATE]

I'll admit, I know nothing about Magic: The Gathering. On the nerd spectrum, I'm more of a sci-fi nerd than a fantasy nerd, so the whole D & D, Lord of the Rings, Magic scene never caught my eye. For

Posted 12 years ago by Mark Delaney

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Is Now Priced and Dated

Did you forget about Jeremy McGrath's Offroad? It's the amazing looking XBLA racing game that allows for 8 player online races through a rough and untamed wilderness. Didn't you watch the launch trai

Posted 12 years ago by Dog of Thunder

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Launch Trailer

2XL Games and Reverb Publishing have released a new launch trailer for their upcoming XBLA racing title, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad. We previously covered the release of a set of screenshots for the ga

Posted 12 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Screens Released

E3 seems like it was a long time ago, doesn't it? Well, it kind of was, as nine months can be an eternity in the gaming world. One thing we certainly can't be expected to remember is all the details

Posted 12 years ago by Michelle Balsan

First Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Trailer Released

Back in May, we brought you the news that 2XL Games, the developers behind, were developing a new game, titled Jeremy McGrath's Offroad.

Posted 13 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Details

Last week, D3Publisher announced that Jeremy McGrath's Offroad would be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade, with gameplay details due to follow at a later date. However, instead of revealing the details at a

Posted 13 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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