Jet Car Stunts (WP)

Windows Phone

Jet Car Stunts (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Tutorials Completed2 (2)You have completed all the tutorials.
Double Barrel Roll15 (10)You double barrel rolled the car!
Hyper-ballistic25 (14)Drive the car at super high speeds.
720 Spin18 (10)Spin the car 720 degrees or more whilst in mid air.

Least Earned

Bonus: Gold161 (15)Complete all the levels in "Bonus - Impossible" with at least a gold medal.
Bonus: Silver93 (10)Complete all the levels in "Bonus - Hard" with at least a silver medal.
Platforming: Gold129 (15)Completed all the levels in "Original - Platforming - Impossible" with at least a gold medal.
Time Trial: Gold120 (15)Complete all the levels in "Original - Time Trial - Hard" with at least a gold medal.
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