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Blue Toaster
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Blue Toaster
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Posted on 02 January 10 at 15:15
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For anyone that doesn't know, this is an update of the old Jetpac game released on the ZX Spectrum. The original Jetpac game used only 16K (16,384 bytes) of memory, so don't expect superb gameplay. What you do get is the same old Jetpac game with snazzy new graphics, nice music / sound effects and lots more levels.

The gameplay hasn't changed much, it's still a case of build a rocket and then collect 6 bundles of fuel to transport yourself onto the next level. The level screens are now much bigger compared to the original ZX Spectrum version. Your weaponry is now upgradeable, this helps when the level gets a bit frantic with lots and lots of enemies appearing and you also have an EMP device that destroys all of the enemies on the screen ... the charges for this are limited and you'll need to collect more to use it again. Some of the levels are easily finished while others begin to test you with the sheer number of enemies appearing on-screen.

If, like me, you can remember playing the original on a B&W TV then this update will bring happy memories back. The original Spectrum version is available to play within the game (called Retro mode) and has it's own achievement when you finish it - only 16 levels but I've haven't reached the end yet.

So, to summarise, this is a nice update for fans of Jetpac but for many people they won't see or understand why Rare even bothered to release this. I rated it 4 stars (I'm a big fan of Jetpac and the ZX Spectrum) ... for others it would probably be 3 stars.
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Posted on 12 August 19 at 22:58, Edited on 15 August 19 at 23:25
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Jetpac Refuelled Review

"Jetpac Refuelled" is a new version of the 1983 classic made by Ultimate Play the Game, which is known today as the famous company “Rare”. The original game is quite simple, and as always in a case like this, there is the question: is it possible to make a new version of it, which is at the same time similar to the original but more modern and fun to play? In this case, Rare seems to have found a good balanced answer to this question.

The gameplay is similar to the original, perhaps even too similar for some players. You basically fly around a relatively small screen, and you must collect and return 6 packs of fuel to your ship to progress. Once each four levels, you need to collect two pieces of your ship as well first. The fuel packs drops down from above, so their position is random. You have enemies on the screen, each one with a different moving pattern, and a gun to help you clear the way. If an enemy touch you while you are carrying a ship part or a fuel pack, you drop it. If you get touched again or without an item, you lose one life. Pretty simple. You also have the “left-right” teleport effect when you reach the end of the screen, and some powerups fall down as well: weapon upgrade, a “kill all enemies in screen” item which you can save and use when you want, and two score items. But you only have one powerup available at a time, so you can't simply stay still and wait for them to accumulate. If you want it, you have to make your way to it. If not, well, no more power ups for you.
Altogether, a pretty simple, but fun game. The change in enemy spawn patterns, as well as enemies’ type combinations in each level make the game quite simple, yet enjoyable. The levels aren’t too hard, and you get a checkpoint each four levels. However, having 128 levels is a bit extreme, and even though the game succeeds in having small changes and making levels different, the number is a little too high and it may get a little boring at the end.
The luck effect sometimes can also make things a little frustrating, for example when a bad power-up falls in an area full of enemies, or when lots of enemies decide to spawn close to the fuel pack. Strategy plays a great role in the game, which is a new thing if we compare this new version with the original. It helps making it a little more entertaining, and this may be the reason why 128 levels feel a little too much, but not like a completely tedious experience.

Graphic and Sound
Both graphic and sound do really fit the game’s atmosphere and help set a good playing mood. Sometimes it may get hard to see what is going on in the screen, especially when you have a fully upgraded gun which lights everything up with multicolored lasers. The graphics are also not top quality, but for a game like this, they get the job done. The music and sound are really cool, although they may start to sound repetitive if you play all the 128 levels in a short period of time.

Other game modes
There are also two other game modes: one is the original Jetpac. Playing it is kind of fun for those who played the original game or who wants to see how the game was. However, it is not a long game nor provide as much challenge as the new one, and it can get repetitive soon.
The online mode doesn’t add anything different. It may be cool playing with someone else, including over XBOX LIVE, but you won’t get anything special out of it. It may make the game easier, because one person can go for the aliens while other collects the fuel, and could be a good game to play with someone who is not so keen on videogames. Besides that, it is not an essential mode nor will it give you a different experience.

Since this is an achievement site, let’s talk about achievements. This game has only 200 gamescore and 12 achievements. Some of them are quite easy to get, like the one for launching your ship, but some can be quite challenging. None of them are especially fun or different, although many are not story or progression related, which may force you out your normal way in order to unlock them.
The one for finishing 16 levels in the original game requires some time and effort to unlock, and may be the hardest one. Finishing the 128 requires mostly time, and perhaps a little patience, which perhaps make it the second hardest. The online achievements are easy, as long as you find someone to give you the viral one and someone to play with you for the other one. This can sometimes be difficult, as the game community is close to zero by the time this review was written. The achievement for surviving levels one to ten should also be mentioned as a possibly irritating one, because every time you die you need to restart.
Having these factors in consideration, this is not a game I would recommend for the achievements. They are not easy to complete, are not related to doing anything funny or out of ordinary and require more time than it looks. Oddly enough, they may give you a satisfaction feeling once completed, especially if you underestimated them.

“Jetpac Refuelled” is a good game to play if you played the original, or if you have some time to kill and needs a simple game, with quick to reach checkpoints. A well balanced and well-made game, it doesn’t stand out for anything in particular, but is still able to give the players a good time.
For that, I give it a 3,5 stars
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