Jetpack Joyride (Win 8) Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


Jetpack Joyride works on a simple system; collect coins in-game and use them to buy various gadgets, single-use upgrades and skins for your character and jetpack. Collect tokens to use the spinner once you die. With the spinner you can gain the single-use upgrades, more tokens or coins.

There aren't a lot of hints and tips to give. Most explanations are given with each achievement on the next two pages. Two tips which are partially mentioned later on but are very handy and logical:

- If you want to collect coins it is handy to equip the coin magnet and the token magnet in your games.

- For making it to the five kilometers, you should equip gadgets you find the easiest to use. My personal favorite two-combination are the Dezapinator with the turbo boost to have as little ways to die as possible, and the Gravity Belt with the Air Barrys to be able to rise and fall easier. Also bear in mind that you don't want to collect as many coins as possible, instead you'll want to concentrate on going as far as possible. Also, take tokens and vehicles if possible without dying. Finally, use single-use upgrades such as Revive, +1500 metres Head Start and the Final Blast.

- Luck is a major factor. Your scores are mostly affected by the amount of skill you have, but luck plays a great factor as well. Getting the right vehicles can make the difference between 2km and 5km.

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