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    Jojos bizarre adventure was a terriffic 2d fighter released by capcom in 1999 on the sega dreamcast, and now finds itself gloriously retouched and reintroduced to a whole new generation over a decade later. It also has a fairly hefty price tag ($20 at time of post) for an arcade title, but if you are a fan of 2d fighting in the slightest this is easily worth it.

    Story 7/10
    This is based on the manga and anime series of the same name, but not very much of the story is offered through this game. It really does not matter, because the dialogue is amusing, the characters are vibrant and varied, and who really plays a fighter for the story anyway ?

    Gameplay 10/10.
    Simply put, the controls couldn't be better for a 2d fighter. Similar to all the major titles in the genre, the overall gameplay could best be decribed as a hybrid of sf alpha/mvc2 meets darkstalkers. The air dashing, double jumps, counters, hyper attacks, mid air recovers flow perfectly, allowing for unlimited combos, air juggles, and all the staples of a great fighter. The control scheme is faily simple, with only 6 buttons, but with all the various techniques and the special "stand" summoning system, it is easy to play but offers an intricate and complex system to master.

    Graphics 8/10
    Although very aged by now, this game is gorgeous. It has a very stylized look, beautiful backgrounds, an enormous ammount of character-derfoming animations, wonderful popup effects, combo tallying effects, and devastating, screen covering hyper combos. In short the hyper arcade addicts dream. Every hand drawn animation shines, and there are more than enough sprites to keep things fresh after days of gameplay. Even the character design makes this game feel exciting. This is one case where words simply will not do this games graphics justice, with so much on screen chaos and variety of animations. This game was great looking before, but now it can really shine on your hd television. For the older gamers like me, you can even revert back to the original graphics to get your nostalgia on.

    Sound 10/10
    The soundtrack to this game, like the rest of it, is an absolute masterpiece. Fans of capcom brawlers will instantly recognize the uplifting, arcade style soundtrack (i think it features the same composer as rival schools) so common to ninties arcade titles.The music style fits the graphics, and has an undeniably catchy feel. Every track fits, and helps make this simple game into an fully immersive experience. Playing this, you will forget its not the 90s, and your not japanese !

    Fun Factor 8/10

    Taking into consideration the average gamer, how much time has passed since its intial release, and how simple fighters are by definition, the rerelease of this game still recieves an 8. It really is a blast to pick up and play, and one of the finest examples of why street fighter is only one of capcoms long line of wonderful fighters. Air juggling, aerial combos, hypers have never been more carefree or trippy . The bonus of online gameplay means you will be playing this a long , long time if you want to prove your mastery of the system! If you truly love gameplay, and gaming for the sake of fun itself, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the demo. If you're a fighter fan already, buy this immediately and never look back. This is a shining example of how much care should go into a video game.
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    xCyber DxLet me start this comment by saying that I do like this game... But I once LOVED it. But this IS NOT the version I once loved.

    This game was nice on the Dreamcast. But the PS1 version, while not as good graphically, had a mode for the Story called 'Super Story Mode' that was only on the PS1 version. This mode followed the story from the mangas from the time of Jotaro throwing himself in jail till they met and fought Dio at his castle/tower in Egypt. It was full of many different mini-games for sections of the story like the sole one left against N'doul. It still had many of the traditional vs fighting too of course. As well as FAR more story between each fight and minigame and some quick time events during them too. There was even a Poker Mini-game with one of the enemy Stand users that you had to bet your soul against him. Each stage had a grading system that was depended on how well you did in each and if you 'recreated' a moment from the manga in that stage you unlocked something extra for the bonus extra's in the game. Like that was how you would unlock the characters that are off to either sides of the character select screen. It presented a much greater challenge then this version does. And more incentive to play through and replay through and refine your skills. It was AWESOME! And truly made the game something special compared to the other versions.

    I had assumed this version would be the same as that version. I was SORELY disappointed when I bought this one before trying the trial version first only to find it was completely lacking this mode and the Tarot Card 'reader' extra mode that was in the PS1 version. As well as the 'story book' that you could reply the character endings for each after you beat the game with them in Single player arcade story mode. In this one you have NO idea who any of the characters are and have no real idea what the story is all about or anything. Unless you go into it already having played the PS1 version. Or were lucky enough, like myself, to have been a fan YEARS & YEARS ago and saw the Anime episodes FanSubed on tape way back in the day like 15-20 years ago. Or DVD around 2000ish or on the net nowadays. This game could have been truly worth that $20 they wanted us all to pay for it IF it had had the Super Story Mode and the Tarot Card and Story book modes in it. But as it stands without those... it's barely worth the $10 I payed for it last week at half price. I would have much preferred to pay $5 for this version. It's not worth the $10 and it's SURE AS HELL NOT worth the usual $20 they want you to pay for it without those modes. ESPECIALLY without the Super Story mode. I'll be even more pissed if I find out the PSN version has all that in it.

    And just to farther show you how the PS1 intro was even better, here

    And in addition to that there is a series of videos on YouTube where someone plays through the SUPER Story mode to watch. It's 9 parts and each is about 20-30mins. That should tell you just how much story was really in the 'Super' Story mode :).

    In fact here, let me link you to that too. So you can enjoy what COULD have & SHOULD have been in this game.

    There's NO REASON that they couldn't have included this. I mean it was on PS1 for Gods' sakes!! They can't try to say 'Oh it was just to much for the current gen systems to handle'. They were just lazy. And wanted to milk our sad pockets of money.

    On a side note this series of manga and anime is HUGE in japan. Which is why they half assed it and slapped a $20 price tag on it. SUCH bullshit...

    So to summarize:
    This game is still fun & a good fighter. But could have been SO much more. It's not worth the $20 price tag on it. If you want the true experience of this game that you deserve to pay $20 for. Find it on ebay. Buy it. Play on PS1(or2). Enjoy :)
    Posted by xCyber Dx on 13 Mar 13 at 23:27
    BeyondNecroDomeThough the super story mode was cool, i think they ported this as the dreamcast version was the direct arcade port. The super story mode only existed in ps1 version, so they would have had to do a lot of coding to conjoin the two, and playstation probably still holds the rights for that title, answering why it wasnt that version.... I agree, they could do alot more with almost every modern release (and rerelease), but to be able to face opponents world wide is why i was willing to pay 20$. I also like 2D fighters far more than modern ones. Though i have 2 older copies, I am just glad its being offered again.
    Posted by BeyondNecroDome on 23 Mar 13 at 20:33