Joy Ride Turbo Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Hints and tips... Ummm, what to put here...

First thing I would like to say that a lot of the achievements in this game are buggy, so make sure that you get the achievements when you are meant to. I never had any issues with achievements not unlocking and I did it the way I have written the guide, so I am making the assumption that you should have no issues doing it this way too.

When grinding the money for all the cars, there is a method that does not need you to get all the money for the cars, you just need the exact money for the price of the car, as the game does not take the coins off you. I have not put this in here, because I am not sure if it will ever be patched and it can be a hassle to get the exact amount.

Once again, when grinding money on the 300 HP tournament I used the last sports car on the list, as this was the quickest one and has really good handling.

On certain parts of the guide I have recommended a car to use and the HP class. I suggest you use the cars I recommended, as I found it easier with those, but if you do find a better car for yourself then use that one.

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