2. Jump Stars General hints and tipsUpdate notes


4 controllers are required for 100% completion.

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Control reversal: Self explanatory
Screen flip: Controls reverse again
Super punch: Useless
Block screen: Box falls and blocks the screen for 2 seconds
Slow down: Self explanatory
Speed up: Self explanatory
Box break: No idea it just shows a box exploding/breaking
Jump stopper: Self explanatory
Screen tilt: Minor annoyance that may partially block your vision. Which direction it tilts is random.


cn_A Jump/Select
cn_B Cancel/Back
cn_X Ready up
cn_LS Move


While goings for the jumping achievements, and especially the punching achievements, watch some TV and just mash the button as described. The punches and jumps WILL NOT count if you do them all in one match and then the game crashes. You must complete a game for them all to count, so I suggest periodically starting one match and ending it in order to get the jumps/punches to count.

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