3. Jump Stars Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Load up the game and from the menu select the following:

  • My show
  • Turn on the 2nd controller and ready up with both
  • Choose Reactor Room Shuffle x1

You need to run around, back and forth, while hitting the blue/green buttons on the ground and dodging the fire beams that will shoot out of the shaking cannon. Keep your 2 characters side by side as close as they can get. You're aiming to hit 3,000 on your first try and if you don't play again until you get there. I earned 6500 a few times while going for the 1,000,000 point achievement later on, so this should be pretty easy to get on your first run or on a practice run. Assuming you have earned at least 3000 points, you will unlock:

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My best score to show you it is more than possible to get 3,000 points in one round:

Image 1

Back at the menu, set up another game with the following;

  • My show
  • Ready both controllers
  • Choose Sunset and Sand Pies x9 (repeat until unlocked)

You need 1000 pies and you get points for hitting the coloured button that matches the controller you are using. If you don't eat, you die. So focus on your main controller and eat as much as you can before you die. Do this until you unlock 1000 pies and as a bonus you will get points towards the million point achievement. You can press down on the cn_LS to quickly drop levels. At the end of these matches, you will unlock:

Now for the worst achievement in the game. You will need to run this mode many times (possibly 1,000 matches to break 1,000 boards since sometimes you might not get any) and it would be a lot easier if you have friends/family who can help play with you. If not, you have to play both controllers and land on the color that matches your character. The blades start coming down as soon as you've dropped twice so you can't leave your other character up there or it will die before you break a single board. You will have to break boards that match the color of your character by standing on them while death comes from above. 1,000 times may have been a bit much for this mode. Strongly suggest going for the boards even as the screen goes black as it seems to count them. Took roughly 5 hours and I averaged 2 per run. 2 x 9 x 56 = 1008 which means roughly 56 times setting up the following (also, as a side note, guest account board breaking will not count for you):

  • My show
  • Ready both controllers
  • Choose Wood Chipper Chase x9 (Repeat until the following unlocks):

100 points per board. 100 x 1000 = 100,000 so you will also unlock:

For the following you will need 4 controllers. You need to average 1,500 points per game to reach the gauntlet, to get the achievement. This seems harder than it is since you can get an easy map and end up with 2-3k in one game, or bad luck can get you a map where you get 200. After I suggest the mode/game set up I will give advice on each map you may come across. Select the following:

  • Tournament
  • 4 controllers ready up
  • You will know you have reached the gauntlet, between maps there is a vat on the left that must fill up to activate it


Each time you select tournament you will get 4 of the following (random and the poor spelling is part of the game so editing please don't fix it):

  • Medieval Cross Fit / Snow Space Hurdles - Two arms go back and forth, pushing you but not killing you. Eventually the platforms start to drop. Try to suicide two of your people right away and focus on your main. Don't forget you have to have the highest points in the end for these achievements (total from all matches, not just one match). 1500+ here at least.
  • The Fire Pit / Really Mild Winter / Summer on Mercury / Engine Room Meltdown - Whole stage is on fire, you need to find a cool spot when it appears or you die. Try to keep you and one other alive so you can amass at least 1500+ here.
  • Wood Chipper Chase / Lazer Grid Run - These are gonna greatly lower your score, without a good run in another match you may have to play tournament again. These are the same levels that were used for the Here's Johnny achievement.
  • Sunset and Sand Pies / Snow Baked Apple Pie / Xeno-pies / Pies From Outerspace - Great levels for racking up points. Don't just focus on pies and you are going to need to swap between all 4 controllers as best you can to keep the points coming. 1000-1250 points should be your goal, grab the most pies with your main for the extra 200 points to get your main in the lead at the end.
  • Wizard's Peak / No Safety Rails - Stand on the platforms with a light on or it will drop out from under you. Easier than it sounds, just keep your second controller on a platform that gives points at all times and kill 2 off right away. Then just jump back and forth (mostly with your main) and gather some points. 2000+ should be your goal.
  • The Floor is Lava / Lazers From Down Under - The opposite of Wood Chipper Chase / Lazer Grid Run because you start at the bottom and got to run up. This is hard to do with more than one controller so move 2 controllers up a rung until the bottom starts moving and then focus on your main. It won't move until you hit a certain height and this is the key to getting 400-500 points (bout the best I could do). This is a potential run ender.
  • Chain Spin Dungeon / Reactor Room Shuffle - Great for earning points, let 2 die and focus on your main 2. This is the same way you are suggested to earn 1,000,000 points. Go back and forth with both controllers and requires no jumping. 2500-3000 should be your goal, this can almost guarantee you a gauntlet run (the highest I've earned is 10,350 using 2 controllers).
  • One Army Dummy Dodgers / G - Force Astro Jumper - Two arms swing around, first hit bumps you up and the second hit knocks you off. Suicide 2, focus on 2 and make sure your main gets the most points. 1500-2000+ points should be your goal.
  • Sand Dun Barrier Blast / Cracking Cobblestone / Martian Rock Rush / Cargo Hangar Calamity - Hot potato with explosives, kill one of your extras each wave starting with whoever is in 2nd unless this is your first match. Great for earning points, 2000+ should be your goal. You get more points because of having 4 controllers, it is a lot harder with only 2. Punch to pass the dynamite and the carrier runs faster so use that to your advantage.

The Gauntlet - simply win against yourself on the other controllers.

Now repeat the following until you unlock 1,000,000 points (this may be worse than the here's johnny achievement):

  • My show
  • Ready up both controllers
  • Choose Reactor Room Shuffle x9 (repeat until unlocked):

Now all that is left to do is grind the rest of the jumps/punches you need. The beauty is that you don't need to play in a match to get these. Using 2 controllers set up the following but don't start the match

  • My show
  • Select your characters on 2 controllers but don't ready up

Now punch your other controller 10,000 times (won't add on until you ready up and start the match. I suggest you do so and end it quickly every so often to register it) this will not likely be anywhere close to done unless you played with friends and punched each other a lot.

  • My show
  • Select your characters on 2 controllers but don't ready up

Now jump on your main controller 10,000 times (won't add on until you ready up and start the match so occasionally do so and end it quickly) this will likely be close to or fully done already.

Congratulations on your latest 1000G and completion. thanks for using my walkthrough. If you enjoyed the guide then please consider volunteering to write a walkthrough of your own.

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