1. Jump, Step, Step Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Jump, Step, Step, a programming puzzle game where you are tasked with helping a stranded robot find and fix his broken spaceship.

There are 10 achievements, none of which require any sort of co-op or online play.

  • 6 are progression related and unmissable
  • 2 require completing sections with minimal inputs (missable)
  • 1 requires you to die to a specific type of hazard (missable)
  • 1 requires playing through the whole game without dying (missable)

Nine achievements can be earned in one playthrough and the last achievement can be earned about two minutes into a second playthrough.

A single playthrough without following a guide could could take hours as you work your way through the puzzles, some of which are difficult. By following this guide, you can complete this game in about 45 minutes.

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