2. Jump, Step, Step General hints and tips

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In Jump, Step, Step, you have indirect control of Bob, a robot stranded in a strange land in search of his missing body parts and his spaceship. The game is comprised of 36 sections, each of which requires setting up a sequence of inputs that Bob will follow to reach his objective.


The d-pad allows you to toggle through inputs in the toolbox and through sequences you have constructed.

cn_A adds an input to the current sequence

cn_B removes an input from the current sequence

cn_Y puts Bob in motion through the current sequence

The Toolbox

You start the game with three inputs:

  • move forward
  • turn left
  • turn right

The toolbox grows as you progress to offer many more:

  • jump
  • wait 1 second
  • wait front
  • set A marker
  • go to A
  • set B marker
  • go to B
  • check direction
  • check front
  • punch
  • fix spaceship
  • Alice ram
  • Alice fire

Each section requires constructing a sequence of inputs to lead Bob from his starting position to his objective. The Story Walkthrough is comprised of a list of sequences for each section. Simply input each sequence exactly as shown and you will have no problem progressing through the game.


The Perfect Run achievement description is misleading:

Perfect run

Complete one run of the game without dying

Perfect run
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Not only can you not die, but you also cannot fail to reach an objective once you set Bob in motion. If you build a sequence incorrectly and Bob doesn't reach his objective after being put in motion, even if he doesn't die, you will void the achievement. Be aware of this as you progress and pay close attention to the sequences I've shown so that you input them exactly as I have.

If you die or make a mistake, you will need to start the game over. Do this by choosing "delete save date" from the pause menu.

EDIT: Users have reported an issue when Bob smashes blocks. Per Dr Tinus NL:

When you come to the parts where you have to smash blocks, it says 'A' when he does smash a block. Do NOT do this, it will void the achievement as well, since it will start over the whole section.

So be careful not to press the cn_A button in the middle of sequences, especially those where blocks are smashed and a prompt to do so may show up!

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